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ATTENTION NYC! Orson came to the @aspca from an NYPD rescue. He is a friendly guy who loves to say “hello” to new people. Sometimes he gets excited and can’t help but try and give a new friend a hug. This sweet pup has a medium energy level and would love an adventure outdoors, playtime with toys or a game of fetch with his favorite person. Orson already knows “sit” and “down,” and he’s interested in learning more of his basic manners. Orson should be the only pet in a home with teens-and-up. He’s looking for an adopter who has experience with large dogs. If you’re interested in giving Orson his forever home, please contact the @aspca at (212) 876-7700, ext 4120 or find him online!




Redbone Coonhound Don Johnson

You are awesome Orson!

Erin Donnelly

@ec87gti this is the happiest dog I’ve ever seen