M·A·C Cosmetics

All month long, we will show you how to hack your makeup bag with Fix+! Did you know you can use #MACFixPlus to sheer out foundation, clean up eye makeup or even tighten up that perfect winged eye? How do you use your Fix+?





To set my makeup and to hydrate my skin

Fiona McGachen

@spictoria thinking I might get some for wedding ??

Suzie Gabriel

It's amazing

M·A·C Cosmetics

@ayeee.kylee #MACFixPlus is indeed available at Ulta, both online and in-stores! Find your nearest and confirm availability at www.ulta.com/mac-cosmetics-locations/.


Is it available in Ultas in North Carolina?


I’ve got all of the new scents and love them all. I use a different one everyday. I spray an angled eyeliner brush and clean up my winged liner or spray a shadow brush and foil a duochrome shadow. Love it 😍