Photo by @_camdavidson At 4:53 pm January 12th, 2010 Southern Haiti was hit with a 7.1 earthquake centered on Léogâne. Most of Port au Prince was flattened with the death toll ranging between hundred-hundred to two-hundred and sixty thousand people. I shot aerials of the city a few weeks after the earthquake struck. This image is of the Presidential Palace. I've shot in Haiti since 1999 and this flight was my second visit to the country after the earthquake struck. To see more of my aerial and location photography, please follow me at @_camdavidson #haiti #earthquake #aerialphotography





So sad and unfortunate 😥

Maggie Steber

That palace even though it was the symbol of so much corruption and Haitian history, was very beautiful. It was like a big wedding cake and when it collapsed it looked like the wedding cake had melted and the wedding that went afoul.💔

Maggie Steber

@skrzypczak agreed. Under the guise of the Clinton foundation, they brought in for an investment that wanted to pay slave wages.

Mark Skrzypczak

Right after that they were whacked and shitholed by Bill and Hillary Clinton