Billie Joe Armstrong

Ok now I’m pissed. After winning 12 games last season getting us through a 13 year drought of losing seasons we were promised a killer team. So what does Mark Davis and the NFL DO? Moves the team to Las Vegas. Fucking Las Vegas? You fire your last years offensive coordinator after winning 12 games? Are you out of your mind? Is it Carr’s offense or Lynch’s offense?? The raiders lost their offensive identity.. fuck me! This is supposed to be an awesome team. #lifelongraiderfan #whatthehellhappened #merrychristmas




Asian Fag

Love the band but I'm a jags fan

Gabriel Moreno

Seriously everyone knows that Oakland is the shiiiit

MJ Fecundo :Pearland Tx:🇺🇸🇨🇱🇵🇭

I’m born in Las Vegas but I’m not happy for raiders moving to there


Ayeeeeee dasss mah boiiiii Oof👌👌

Ethan Dominguez🌐

I'm a bills fan sooo

Kamryn Hooper

Billie Joe Armstrong talking about football... now me and my dad can get along in something!