Billie Joe Armstrong

My girl 80 l 🇱🇧




Love Bieber Too

My country flag

Raymond Trenton Bruce

“80 please keep taking me awaaaaayyyy...awaaaaayaeeeeeayyyyyyyyy...”❤️. One of my favorite songs from Green Day.


@love.solis what you said isn’t the truth. Your jealousy of how pretty she is shows. Blocking me and trying to send a dm to harass me are all signs that you’re the one that needs to grow the fuck up. Oh and I reported your profile as much as I can’t stand trump there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed and you crossed it with what you said on there about him. It’s sad how hateful you are at such a young age. You’re the second person I’ve seen on here since yesterday that needs to get some serious help for there issues. I do hope you get the help that you need.

Love Solis

@heartsleeve88 u grow the fuck up Asshole I have my opinion and its the truth so fuck u if u dint like it ,I didnt say shes a bad fucking person I just dont think shes hot get that,not hot ugly like ur dumb ass bitch.


@love.solis She’s not ugly. Grow the fuck up and have some respect.

Аня Митенкова

@chaosreignsok fuck yourself dude, you look very stupid right now


@chaosreignsok Billie’s personal life is his own business not yours and not anybody else’s. You wouldn’t know what really goes on in his life unless you were in it. Really in it not what you read on the internet. You’re not so you should keep your fucking mouth shut. I never said I compile lists stop twisting my words around asshole. The fact that you get so offended when I call you a stalker says a lot about you. You get mad at me cause I’m not afraid to call you out. And everything I say about you is the truth. Learn how to spell. You’re the super creepy fucking loser.