Happy New Year friends. Thanks for giving our lives such great purpose with all the things we do to make you smile each day and all the wonderful things we accomplish together for so many doggies around the world. We're so grateful to be a part of such a loving community of people and we can't wait to see how brilliant 2018 will be 💫✨




Biggie V DogPound

Bless u bros👍🏼♥️

Kaitlyn Taylor

@satchmanboard follow this page for a smile a day

Nancy Radice

@the_blueboys so sorry but no message from you in my email or here... 🙁

I'm Fiona

Happy New Year @the_blueboys Thanks for always making me smile and giggle with your funny photo and video posts. Jen, you did a tremendous job raising money for those 10 rescue homes. Plus all the effort you put into your calendars, clothing line and collars. You do absolute wonders for all the doggies in this world and its a huge credit to you. You really do deserve some sort of award yourself for all the work you do. I look forward to continuing to watch the adventures of Darren and Philly in 2018. Absolutely love your account. 💕💖💗 Lots of love and hugs to all your beautiful family. xx