Billie Joe Armstrong

Got to play one of my favorite songs ever “color me impressed” on NYE with my boys Joey @swmrs and Jakob @mt_eddy Also Tommy Stinson @tommystinson @bashnpop ! @thereplacement what an amazing moment..sharing the stage with @jesse_malin @cat_popper




Евгений Самарин

The replacements are awesome

Karen McEneaney

@secretkaren although the point is still relevant about trolls

Karen McEneaney

@greendaypictures I know and I’m sorry – forgive me I am the same age as Billie Joe but I feel much older so I’m catching up! 🤦🏻‍♀️


@secretkaren lol I don’t even remember what I said. Comment was four weeks old. Irrelevant now. 😂

Karen McEneaney

@greendaypictures Well don’t feed the trolls it just makes them happier