L⃣e⃣a⃣h⃣ • B⃣e⃣n⃣i⃣t⃣e⃣z⃣

•••PLEASE READ••• I wanted to address some concerns on my latest update, please take the time to read it! Link in my Bio.




L⃣e⃣a⃣h⃣ • B⃣e⃣n⃣i⃣t⃣e⃣z⃣

@wandering.athos Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. Jehovah knows what need even before we do, but we have to continue to put him first! He will provide the rest, what we need, when we need it. :) I’m not an eloquent speaker by any means but I am happy I could be an encouragement to someone.

Pᴀʀᴏxʏsᴍ “Aᴛʜᴏs” Vᴏɴ Rᴏᴛʜʜᴀᴜs

I know I don’t know you, nor have we really had a chance to speak, but I am keeping you in my prayers. I have so much respect for you, and can only imagine the love Jehovah has for you when He sees all you are willing to do for Him, despite your limitations. I just needed you to know how encouraging your update was. I’ve been struggling for over a year now, but especially the last few months where my service has been greatly affected and been kept to only letter writing, because of how terrified I am of going out without the support of my dog, or even my husband. Your example though is helping me make the goal of getting out even just for an hour next week, so thank you for that! I can’t help donate just yet, because we were in the struggle of bringing my own SD prospect home, but I will definitely do so as soon as I can. Thank you for sharing your story 🖤

Luna the Great Bernese

Praying for you and your journey. ❤️ While Luna is only an emotional support animal, she has come to periodically alert me and calm me during anxiety attacks (both awake and while asleep). Training her has taken a lot of patience and practice - a process that will always be ongoing. I am thankful every day for bringing her into my life. I can only imagine what a support dog can offer you. Don’t give up on your dream. ❤️

Sarah Romero (Simpkins)

Sweet daughter I knew this process was gonna take a toll on you with your chronic fatigue syndrome. I know it’s difficult to get the right balance so that you can stay physically healthy. I’m proud of all that you have been able to accomplish. I love you and hope your needs can be met.

Phantom 🐾

Read your post and praying for you 💓 I hope God will lead you to the right path, and that you will feel confident in whatever decisions you make 💓

Jodi Jolly

Keep praying, supplicating Jehovah. He will provide your answer. I love that you are keeping your spiritual routine a priority. Matt. 6:33,34 🤗💕