Dorie Schwarz

We ran away to Mexico... 1. Palms, flowers, ruins, etc. 2. It’s a well, actually. 3. Cuando el coco está un poco verde. 4. He may be having a big birthday, but still looks like he works at the beach club snack bar. 5. Hammock situation 6. Too full of arrachera, I impatiently wait for my family’s fruit tourism. 7. I went scuba diving despite my apprehensions. It was beautiful. 8. Ocean 9. Palms 10. Coatí

Tulum, Quintana Roo



Cherie Flora Grzych

Love Tulum! It’s kinda like our second home.


It looks like a magical trip!

Dorie Schwarz

@magwilky Posada Yum Kin on the edge of town. It was super family-friendly and cute. Not “close” to stuff but good if you have a car.

Dorie Schwarz

@jaceynotjc ah, it was great! ☺️


I love that area, thinking of taking the kids this summer. Where did you stay? Looks a lot like the place we stayed many years ago.


I love Tulum! It is so amazing!


It sounds like an amazing trip! I went there, half a life ago. Fun fun!