SugarBearHair OFFICIAL

Bears on Bears on bears! A fresh new batch of hair-lovin’ deliciousness! 🐻💗 #sugarbearhair




Nokwanda Buthelezi

Hello... I have a serious hair problem, it grows very slowly and it is very thin would this help me? I'm from South Africa. How much would the 3months supply cost?


these look like candy


What do they even do ?!?!

👉{{R}}👈 ݧ MƏ👽

Sugarbear are always perfect for hair ❤️🌷

Fariba Ghanbari

They really looks delicious 😍 I want to try them 😋

Julia Ganje

@itsmeschoeni glaubst du oder nicht:)ich esse die schon seit mehr als einer Woche :) schmecken richtig geil, bin mal gespannt ob das was bringt :)