Start your week off Fresh 🥒 Just like the brand’s bestselling Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, @FreshBeauty’s new face mask is formulated with a blend of ingredients that target signs of aging, defend against wrinkles, deliver intense hydration, and boost radiance—all in five minutes ✨




Nicole Primucci

@diacesta I’ve never tried the cream and face mask, just the soy face wash.

Diane Cesta

Is this what you use @nicoleprimucci ??


Can't wait to buy this!! 😍💆🏻


So far I've used Fresh's Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask twice and I love it!

M E R E D I T H ✖ K A T E

LOVE the cream. Have been using it nonstop. And it truly is a fantastic base for flawless makeup application! 😍💖

Lucas Vieira

Mi goodnes los quiero