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SugarBearHair x Braids with friends! @emmagraceland 💁💗🐻 #sugarbearhair




Joy van Veen

@sugarbearhair just got back from the doctor and she said not to take this pill everyday because b6 is 100%. Too much for b6 will be bad for your body she said. She told me to take it every other day. Now i am confused.

Krista Moody

Love these vitamins and what they do for my hair and nails! Need to restock!!💙💙

Natalia Jones

@sugarbearhair Hello! Is this product to help the hair grow faster as well? I was thinking of buying it but I would really love it if my hair would grow faster with it and stay healthy!


@sama.metwaly0 😂😂 اوي بقي


لما نركب الاكستينشن سوا 😂😂 @samarelzorkany