The @Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen reviews are in ✨ “Magical, radiant, bouncy, fresh, even toned, beautiful skin. If any of the above words describe what you are looking for from a skincare product, look no further.” —cboofy84, Beauty Insider Community member





My favorite skincare product💞

Karman-Tammy Buckley

I own this and absolutely LOVE this and will never be without this again. Thank you Algenist xoxo


Love ❤️ the product. I'm almost out

Sabrina Cabbagestalk🍌🍌🍌

@ozland_and_alice I got my product gratis so I didnt get any instructions. I’ve pretty. Much figured out that method on my own but still why should we have to do all that......because the dropper is faulty

Amy Lou

@beenannas the dropper works excellent as long as you follow the instructions included with the formula- take the dropper out of the bottle, press down on the button, finally reinsert the dropper until it’s reaches the formula and then release the button. If you first insert the dropper and press the button, you will get frustrated.


Now tell me the vegan cruelty free one for 100 points. Anyone?!