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This is how I feel right now! So excited because I will be bringing home a dog on Friday to keep for the weekend to continue training!!! We will be “umbilical cord-ing” meaning that the dog will be attached to me the ENTIRE time we’re together. Apparently this is a bonding technique for you and your dog, they (the facility im training with) recommend doing it for the first week you get your dog. Did anyone else do this when bringing their dog home?!




Harley Anne CGC

I tether trained with Har and still have days that we practice this 👍🏻

Team Yellow Dog

Absolutely. It helps with the bond, but it also helps teach them to stay with you and not go wandering about and getting into things. Successful umbilical training will result in a "velcro" dog.

Crispin: Medical Alert Dog

We tether trained for the first two months together. We have a very strong bond.


Congratulations, it's always great to rescue a new dog.The minute I always bring a dog into my home they never leave my side.It didn't stop in one week .I have three dogs that I rescued and years later they are still with me ,protecting and loving me.Dogs are a blessing