KLAIRS|클레어스 Simple, but enough

Soothe all the worries with the Rich Moist Soothing Cream! It was featured in Buzzfeed's "10 K-Beauty Product's That'll Make Any Skeptic A Believer" with a staff review stating "It's like a blanket for your skin that deminishes irritation. Bonus: It also leaves your skin feeling super soft" ✨




Syairah Fakhruddin

Is it suitable for oily combination skin?

ashley campbell

Please stop using Essential Oils

rummie🌙 || #ABcommunity

YESSSS such a fave

Sheri Kasch

Can confirm! 🙆

Mari Barretto

Love using this together with Mid Day Blue Sun Lotion and Mochi BB Cushion! 💙💙💙