Ashley N.

Letting this kid stay up later tonight in hopes that when I do put him down, he actually sleeps for a consecutive amount of time. Very grateful for good girlfriends to sip wine, gossip about the Kardashians, and discuss books and makeup and mom woes with. My lady loves, near and far, pulled me through two very sleep-deprived, grumpy days. . . . . #kidsofig #candidchildhood #momlife #momtogs #Englishbulldog #dogsofInstagram #sotired #alwaystired #StaySexyDontGetMurderedByYourKids 😥




Joni Dillinger Mengert

Love your picture !😊

Ashley N.

@mslaura75 He still had his nap yesterday, but I let him stay up until 11. Our usual bedtime is 8-8:30 ish. He was awake for the first time at 2 and ready to start his day before 8. So staying up late didn't really make a difference. Lol. I am going crazy.

D. Levi

Omg this is adorable! #frameit


we ditched naps around this time too. bed time was then at 730 and it was the best thing we did. You'll get through it! Have some more wine 😚