Josh Perrett

"Hallstatt is not a museum!" - 😐😅 After going back to his stunning town earlier this month, I found myself surprised that I actually prefered taking photos her during the summer whilst the trees were still green. I guess it would be different if it had been covered in snow but unfortunately it has melted by the time we arrived. Then it stated snowing again the day after we'd left 😂. Again this is why I love nature and landscape photography as the unpredictability of the weather makes capturing a nice shot a bit more rewarding. Anyway, I hope you're having a great weekend. I've been working all day and now feel like a sleepy slug 😫

Hallstatt, Austria




Perfect picture

L.A. Hamilton

All the houses right in the trees like that looks amazing. Almost like its out of a movie

Harry Norman

Those greens are perfect man 👌