Fit Tea Feedback 👇🏽, "I've been trying to lose some inches for quite some time and I saw on Instagram this product called Fit Tea. I ordered Fit Tea. It really has helped me lose 8 inches and 10 pounds. Plus the tea taste great. I would recommend to a friend." Order today link in bio @fittea





I think u need some @hugthatcat

sisi m'k

Nice. Can it be taken while breastfeeding?

Brodie Collins

That’s literally a different person but ok

Courtney Carl🎀

Did absolutely nothing for me. I workout 6 days a week and eat super healthy! But absolutely loved the taste just disappointed of the outcome!

Silva Demirdjian

How does it work


@i_m_enough it won't let me message them 🤔


I've tried several ways except that one. Thanks. They let me know that they received my email but no response after that 🤔