Maybelline New York

Who caught @desiperkins + @katy’s #mnymasterclass today? If you missed it head over to our Facebook to see the stream! Facebook.com/maybelline. You can also pre-order their #bestiebundle on @amazon now! It comes with their 3 favorite maybelline products, stickers and a makeup bag. 💕 #mnyfashionweek #nyfw





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Orchidée Maria

I want to enter a giveaway 😍😍😍

Vane Diaz 💅

@belucoronel55 abueno hehe gracias esq estoy en busca de una paleta buena y economica

Belu Coronel

@vanne_diaz123 no, los pigmentos son muy polvosos, no se adhieran bien a la piel y no se diferencian mucho los colores claros ni oscuros, son super parecidos

Ahsaan G