Cleveland Cavaliers

“All it is, it’s playing hard and making the right plays. If you do those two things, you can go to any team in the league and fit right in. That’s what I wanted to focus on – just come in and make sure I’m out there making winning plays. Whether it shows up in the stat book or not, I don’t care.” - @larrydn7 #AllForOne

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Den Andrada

Know your rule - from Rodman

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A. 🥀

@basiclivin what’s scary is ben is already beginning to take mid zones & he’s knocking them down, he made a deep one near the three to beat the shot clock against Miami

Esco Mackie

@kingxlo ben simmons is half way there bro,he just needs to work on his mid range and 3 pointer and its over...he will be a deadly weapon

A. 🥀

@basiclivin i honestly think brons mentoring is turning Ben into an even more dominant monster than he himself has been, he always says ben has next up