Oliver (OliPie)

We posted this in our stories recently and we are curious... what are YOUR nicknames?🤔 comment down below👇




Bartock Moraviec

My brother Boog has: boogaloo, boogalouis, Louis bear, looloo, Louise, loob, gooey Louis, boogie big bum, lord boogington 🙈

Bartock Moraviec

Mine are bart fart, bartholomew, bartini, bartini weenie, weenus, bartasaurus Rex, lord bartington, little lord bartelrort, beanie bum, chubchub, little man, Prince! And many more 🙈🙈

Stephanie Borg

Our pug is called ruby and my fav nickname for him is bubies, pugly, sabih (which means beautiful in maltese)


El bello de la casa 😍


39 nicknames!

👑Lil' Pickles👑

My auntie calls me thickel pickel cus I'm #thicc 🙄😂