#AminaBuddafly & her daughter 😻




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That weird #teamAmina girl blocked me for telling her relax stop fighting w people over someone you don’t know. #brittney__85. Just do better

adia desiree

Damn damn fine AF

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@brittney__85 Now you’re pushing it Britt no1 made a fake account to reply to you. Cut it out. My focus is on the inequality and mistreatment of blacks. Check the page. I don’t know you! I simply tried to uplift you however you’re so defensive and ignorant you went into attack mode. Cursing and carrying on for no reason is ridiculous. Do better


@iloveus4real u making a fake account just to reply to my comment it's my opinion I don't give a fuck if u or anyone else dont like it. I'm team Amina if u can read 😂😂😭😭😭

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@brittney__85 Cursing and carrying on on behalf of someone you don’t even know seems nonsensical. That’s my opinion. Be well sis


She got mini boats as feet but her body is everything!!!