Day 22 of #grimdragon - Oddly Sized Books During the summer our library does a readinh program. It's free to sign up and after a certain amount of logged hours/events attended, you can get a free book! It's a great program but the books are usually odd sized and/or movie covers 😕 Oh well, free is free! This book in particular is hard to read, it's huge and long! (Odd sized Peter Pan for scale, he's inbetween a Pocket Pop and a regular sized one) . Do you prefer hardback, paperback, or kindle for comfortable reading? (kindle. I love owning books but darn are they hard to hold!!) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #booknookstagram #bookchachos #funko #funkopop #disney #peterpan #americangods #neilgaiman #oddsizedbooks #paperback





I am camp paperback for sure! Just not THIS size paperback. I don't get it. But I do love this book, a LOT.

🐲 Holly

I can't stand these long, narrow paperbacks!!

Jessi Newell

Yes!! I always feel weird saying it, but books really are hard to hold. Especially if it’s a hardcover, it pokes your hands and you can never get comfortable. 😂 Kindle is my favorite, I can stay lazy & read all at once. 😅


@emma_thebibliophile Hardbacks are great half way through when they lay flat, but yes, so much weight

🌌Emma J.🌌🎉19🎉💐NZ💐📚Ravenclaw📚

eBook but paperbacks are also okay for me. Hardbacks are my weightlifting session lol

Beth | Idaho, USA

I prefer hardbacks if they are a physical copy though having hundreds of books at my disposal on a tablet is so very handy and saves space.