vincent j musi

Vegas, 2018 A name like Vegas invokes curiosity and intrigue. She is a 14 year-old Greyhound that was adopted as a puppy. She was never raced, which is fairly unusual for these graceful dogs. She was a good sport about being photographed, most dogs are, particularly when food is involved. This a personal project on the character and beauty of dogs and you are seeing it develop as I work through this #yearofthedog Thanks for sharing your your dog pictures with me and for your suggestions, I’m touched by your outreach and kind words about this work. I wish I could travel to every place suggested and photograph all of the incredible dogs. Give me time, I’m just getting started - #greyhound

Charleston, South Carolina



Kathy Moran

Vinnie, I love the stories as much as I love the photography. This is fantastic work.

Tair Dar Perl

@ronbaranov חשבתי שתאהב את התמונות כלבים שלו

Tami James

Watta beauty. She looks so happy :)


@leannecarnes this pic reminds me of your pup!

Heather Woolley

Looks like she's smiling!