Cara Delevingne

This is too funny!!! It's good to get that ❤️ rate going!!! @margotrobbie @nicholasgrimshaw @itonyamovie 🔥





lmaoo we wanna know what happened damnnn hahahha

Brandon Johnson

Such Grave Danger Part - 2 (Spread The Words) _________________________________________ (Guitar riff ;) Part 2 Such grave danger, if i'm a stranger, we've lost / mental battles, I'm in shackles, at what cost? / Hide the guns, the pills, and all the ropes / got no love, no friends, no way to cope / When my love goes oh dear god please pray / God can't save me now the devils on the way. (guitar riff) @parisjackson


I guess they licked each other up. Because why the fuck would you miss a pussy like Margot. P.s. It s a great fucking shame you re gay


U are the best

Carol Ska

I guess what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas which is why it's a secret what happened there - lol! 😜😆