vincent j musi

Stella, 2017 Some dogs are food motivated. Then there is Stella, a local Bulldog that redefines the meaning of “food motivated.” She very quickly learned that the firing of my flash meant a reward wasn’t far behind. If you click the link in my bio - You’ll be taken to a recent interview I did with Hannah and Cailin Loesch @loeschtwins on their site Double Talk where I might have actually talked too much. If you are interested in photography and the arts and pretty much anything interesting - you should follow them. #bulldog





I adore how you captured the emotion of the dog in its eyes. I love when i can capture that in my dogs/models. I was curious if you wouldn’t mind checking out my photography account! I’m a rising photographer with some really big dreams and I would really appreciate a follow or even a shoutout! Thank you! I won’t let you down @vincentjmusi