vincent j musi

Patsy, 2017 Here are two pictures of Patsy a wonderful adopted Greyhound, a former racer named Pat C. Abbie. One of the most elegant and graceful animals I’ve encountered, these dogs are an ancient breed. I go back and forth on which I one I like best and which one you might like. Which one do you like best ?

Charleston, South Carolina



Orion • Retired Greyhound

Patsy is so majestic! Lovvve it! I need some pictures like these! ❤️🐾

Brenda Stafford

I like the first picture as it seems more formal. The second picture is nice too. She is showing a different side of her personality. 🐕

Amy Tellier

First picture scor

Shari Nielsen

Ears down, because it's such a classic greyhound look.