vincent j musi

Mojo, 2017 By most accounts, Mojo and I got along very well. He’s a snapper of sorts, maybe not a full-fledged biter but a nice dog whose caution toward men is understandable, particularly when said man is firing off cameras and flashes with reckless abandon. Mojo is 14, a #jackrussellbeaglefoxhoundcorgi blend who came from a shelter more than a day’s walking distance from his home. Friends and neighbors refer to this photograph as the Mojo Lisa, which I hope will go along way to easing things over with the old man. #yearofthedogs #muttsofinstagram

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina



Ethan Schalekamp

@kararobertson13 u must follow this account it is beauty incarnate

Bruna Edwards

@chiaraedwards_ look he’s a bit like cookie!! They mention jack,beagle,corgi too!! Look at the # 😍🙌

Mason Keck

@annanorwoodphotography check out this whole photography series

Anna Norwood

@mason_keck omg!!!!! Another mojo babeee 😍