Cara Delevingne

To celebrate #IWD2018, I’m remembering the powerful women I met while filming and #DoYouStories with @PUMA. We covered bullying, self-defense, and self-expression through the arts. It’s time for season two, what women’s empowerment topics or amazing women do you want us to cover? Let me know in the comments below




Arleen Ecali

Al Criador plega que hayades ende sabor

Gino Litvak

@art.haya freedom to cover face? How about freedom to uncover face? How about freedom to cut the taqiyya?

하야 | Haya

@gino_litvak that's not true , Women have the freedom to cover her face or not , They will also drive the car , Also the study goes to the school to the university stage , They have the freedom to choose a spouse .

• A•Y•U•S•H•M•A•N •

@gino_litvak so you saying about that I said "its good " ?