vincent j musi

Brooklyn, 2017 In case you missed Brooklyn’s appearance on @natgeo a few days ago. She’s a survivor, a rescued “bait dog.” A 13 year-old Pit Bull mix breed that was used in dog fighting. Her teeth were ground down with a file so she couldn’t fight back. This very much loved dog now lives a happy life on the beach in South Carolina. Some folks commented on the @natgeo feed that I was making this story up. Which is pretty incredible to me and Brooklyn.

Charleston, South Carolina



Jessica M

They thought u were making up the story? Unfortunately this story is one of millions just like it. I work with a pitbull rescue. I’m glad that this one was fortunate to find a happy home ❤️

Annie Ferguson

What a sweet sweet girl. Love stories like this 💕

Lisa R.

@sarahmarie_18 *check out this amazing photographer


Nice photo