Charlotte Hornets

OK, Rook! Malik getting it done with the tough finish 💪





@ahmad_monk great job


Tragic y’all waited until garbage season to play him


In defense of MKG his plus/minus is one of the top 3 on the team... Kemba, Howard, and MKG... but there is no reason Monk couldn’t steal minutes from Batum. Go small and let MKG and Howard match up on bigs. Get 3 ball juiced with Monk, Lamb and Kemba.

Nick Gregoire

Too bad you guys are screwing over his development by barely playing him despite him being one of the best rookies out of the draft

Lil Dre

Start him he’s not gettting enough minutes for how useful he’s been. No reason anyone else should be in the Sg slot rn

Cooper Hinel

Suns jerseys look way to much like bulls