Anne Curtis

30KM ✅. 2 weeks of NO TRAINING because of work. Started strong but... Pretty much walked my last 5KM. Didn’t want to.... But needed to. 41 days till the @londonmarathon 😳 #LondonMarathANNEventure #LondonMarathon

Metro Manila




I don’t understand how some people call this record “slow” or “not as good”. I bet Anne can kick some y’all bums for just talking smack! Give her soo much credit! Running is NEVER easy and it’s not for everyone either! You rock Ms. Anne! Kudos to you! I’m running a marathon on Sunday, not as good OR fast like you! But I’ll make sure I have a blast! Good luck!


Good job ate @annecurtissmith,love you

Grace Aliello

Er wird ihn nicht so bald zum zweiten Male fangen

Perizan Gann

donde mueren los pajaros Son

Onyal Clevery

Gunthers Ingesinde lies man gesondert legen