vincent j musi

Monty, 2017 There’s something about Doodles and me. I’m not very good with rejection, thin-skinned you might say, particularly when it comes from a doodle - whether they be Golden or Labra or even a Cockadoodle for that matter. Monty’s known as “The General” in a household where he commands a small brigade of humans and another dog or two on a good day. At just a little more than 9 years-old Monty was having no part of what I was selling. So the number of photographs from his portrait session can be counted on a few fingers. This can be quite humbling to have an otherwise amiable dog physically turn his nose up at you and your dreams of fame as a dog photographer. So what you see here is what I got, and that’s all I was getting. We have since reached a peaceful accord but the relationship is best described as tenuous. #labradoodle #yearofthedogs

Sullivans Island




The captions on these are just perfect 👌🏽 I love this shot, actually 😆 Such a diva pose.


So funny... they are like toddlers cuddly and loving and then pushing you away!