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Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the Ocean. Over 46,000 pounds removed πŸ’ͺ🏼 🌎 Join the movement


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Today is the LAST DAY to purchase our limited edition Earth Day bracelet! 🌎 Let the bracelet be a reminder that we should treat our planet like everyday is Earth Day πŸ’š #4Ocean #4TheEarth #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement



Keep the Earth Day spirit going by removing 1 pound of trash from the ocean today by purchasing the limited edition Earth Day bracelet! πŸ‘ Get yours before they’re gone! 🌎 #4Ocean #4TheEarth #1Bracelet1Pound


The 4Ocean team is hard at work to clean as much trash as possible! πŸ‘ Happy Earth Day! 🌎 #4Ocean #4TheEarth #JoinTheMovement #BeachCleanup


Celebrate Earth Day by going outdoors today and help make a difference! 🌎 Whether it be one of our beach cleanups, planting a tree, or cleaning your local park, we want to see how you’re making a difference! Tag #4TheEarth in your photos to show the 4Ocean team how you are actively helping our environment today! πŸ’š #4Ocean #4TheEarth #EarthDay #JoinTheMovement


Are you ready for Earth Day? 🌎 We encourage everyone to get outdoors tomorrow and help to make a difference for our environment πŸ’™ #4Ocean #4TheEarth #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement


Show your love for the earth AND the ocean with our 4 The Earth bracelet pack! 🌎 The pack features one of our limited edition Earth Day Bracelets along with our signature 4Ocean Bracelet. πŸ’š By purchasing the pack, you will be removing TWO pounds of trash from the ocean! Visit 4Ocean.com to pull your pound today! πŸ‘ #4Ocean #4TheEarth #JoinTheMovement


Lend a helping hand and be a part of something great! πŸ‘ Visit 4ocean.com to learn more. #4Ocean #JoinTheMovement #1Bracelet1Pound


AVAILABLE NOW on our website πŸ’š Pull your pound of trash today by purchasing our limited edition Earth Day Bracelet 🌎 Go to 4ocean.com to learn more and purchase yours today πŸ‘ #4Ocean #EarthDayBracelet #JoinTheMovement


Replace single-use plastic bags with a reusable bag next time you take a trip to the beach to eliminate the amount of unnecessary plastic that is left behind on our beaches. πŸ‘ #4Ocean #EarthDayBracelet #JoinTheMovement


Celebrate Earth Day this weekend by helping to pull your pound of trash from the ocean. πŸ‘ Our limited edition Earth Day Bracelets will be available on our website beginning midnight April 21! 🌎 #4Ocean #EarthDay #LimitedEdition #1Bracelet1Pound


Introducing the LIMITED EDITION 4Ocean Earth Day bracelet! This bracelet featuring our green cord made from recycled plastic water bottles will be available for purchase ONLY this Earth Day weekend (April 21-23). 🌎 Celebrate Earth Day with 4Ocean as we expand our cleanup efforts to two new countries - The Philippines and Montserrat! πŸ’š #4Ocean #EarthDay #JoinTheMovement


Remember to bring home everything you took with you to the beach this weekend to eliminate the growing problem of microplastics. πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #Microplastics


Cleaner oceans for us, and for them. πŸ’™ #4Ocean #NationalDolphinDay #JoinTheMovement
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All of the trash collected from 4Ocean’s cleanups is rinsed, sorted, and brought to a local recycling center to ensure it does not end up where it was found. ♻️ #4Ocean #JoinTheMovement #BeachCleanup


The 4Ocean Bracelet is a small reminder that because of you our oceans are becoming a cleaner place for us and all marine life to live. πŸ’™ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement
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Recenty the 4Ocean team traveled to the Bahamas for a coastal cleanup with the local community. It was a great success with nearly 1,200 pounds of trash removed, stay tuned for upcoming cleanups! #4Ocean #CoastalCleanup #JoinTheMovement


#TrashTalkTuesday Can water bottle caps be recycled? ♻️ While multiple places do accept plastic caps, there are many recycling facilities that require extra steps to recycle these small pieces of plastic. Some recycling places will not accept plastic bottles with caps on them because they can jam equipment when being compacted since they are made from a different plastic than the bottles. However, if turned in separately, the plastic caps can be recycled! 😊 It is always a great idea to recycle when you can to reduce the amount of trash that enters the ocean - make sure to check with your local recycling facilities to know their policies! βœ… #4Ocean #Recycle #JoinTheMovement πŸ“Έ: @searedwine


All smiles this Monday knowing this beach was trash-free after our beach cleanup πŸ‘ #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement


Small bracelet, big difference. πŸ’™ Get yours today at 4ocean.com #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement


As hammerheads continue to migrate, we want to help keep the oceans as clean as possible so they do not have any additional obstacles to overcome! 🦈 As many as 700 sharks die annually due to ocean pollution and entanglement issues with discarded fishing nets. Support our efforts to help keep our oceans clean by purchasing a 4Ocean Bracelet at 4Ocean.com πŸ‘ #4Ocean #JoinTheMovement #1Bracelet1Pound #Sharks
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Cleaning the beach makes us happy! 😊Help make a difference and join the 4Ocean movement today by visiting 4ocean.com. πŸ’™ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #BeachCleanup


Let the 4Ocean Bracelet be a reminder that because of your support, our oceans are becoming cleaner - one pound at a time πŸ’ͺ visit 4ocean.com to learn how you can help today! #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #CleanerOceans


#TrashTalkTuesday did you know that in the United States alone, 500 million single-use plastic straws are used every single day? On average, a plastic straw is used for a mere 20 minutes before being tossed away. Straws, like all plastic, do not break down completely and will never fully biodegrade. πŸ‘Ž Straws can pose a threat for a variety of marine species with sea turtles being one of the most common sea creatures affected. Help by refusing plastic straws when offered or by replacing your single-use plastic straw with a metal, reusable one instead πŸ‘ #4Ocean #PlasticStraws #BeTheChange
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Meet Ollie! 😊 We met Ollie this past weekend at 4Ocean's cleanup in West End on the Bahamian island of Grand Bahama. After Hurricane Matthew Ollie lost everything, including his home, and saw the destruction and debris that came during the lethal storm and knew that even with the devastating aftermath, he was going to help make a difference. Despite losing everything, he has continued to maintain a positive outlook on life. Day in and day out he helps to clean and remove the trash that washes up on the surrounding beaches and coastlines where he resides. Ollie is an inspiration to many and the 4Ocean team encourages everyone to always have a positive outlook on life no matter what - just like Ollie! 😊 He is an example that by working together we can all make a huge difference. πŸ‘ #4Ocean #Ollie #WestEnd #GrandBahama #BeachCleanup


Monday's don't have to be so bad knowing you're helping to make a difference! πŸ‘ Visit 4ocean.com and help support our mission of creating a sustainable future for our oceans. πŸ’™ #4Ocean #BeachCleanups #JoinTheMovement


If you bring it - bin it! πŸ—‘ and if you can recycle it - even better! ♻️ 1.4 billion pounds of trash enter our oceans every year. By properly disposing of your trash and recyclables, we can help to greatly reduce this staggering amount. Learn more about how you can help do your part at 4ocean.com #4Ocean #BringItBinIt #CleanerOceans


It’s no joke that the oceans and all of its inhabitants need our help. With hundreds of thousands of marine mammals and approximately 1 million sea birds dying every year due to ocean pollution, it is time we step in and make a change! The 4Ocean team is constantly traveling and moving from coastline to coastline to help keep as many oceans and beaches clean as possible and would not be able to do it without your support! πŸ‘ visit 4ocean.com to see our efforts so far. #4Ocean #JoinTheMovement