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Cleaning our way through the week! 👍 Help to remove a pound of trash from the ocean today by purchasing a 4Ocean bracelet at 4ocean.com ♻️ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement


Saving the ocean, one bracelet at a time 🤙 #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement
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This past weekend 4Ocean sponsored and participated in the largest Keys dive cleanup to date - where we were joined by @adriangrenier 👍
Adrian recently started the #StopSucking campaign through his foundation, @lonelywhale, to encourage people to stop using plastic straws. In America alone, we use 500 million plastic straws every single day. 👎
5 boats went out filled with eager divers ready to make a difference! After hours of cleaning, our team was able to fill multiple trash bins with marine debris and met up with the other participants to celebrate cleaner oceans 💙
Thank you to @rainbowreefdivecenter, @jackfish44, @the_sea_hugger, @noaa, @paditv, @projectaware, and @debrisfreeoceans for making this successful cleanup possible! #4Ocean #KeyLargo #DiveCleanup #MarineDebris


Lend a hand and help to clean our oceans. Make a difference today at 4ocean.com 💙 #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement
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Where in the world are you helping to make a difference for our oceans this weekend? #4Ocean #CleanerOceans #1Bracelet1Pound 📸: @leocavazzana


All smiles for cleaner beaches! 👍 #4Ocean #CleanerOceans #BeachCleanup
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We want all oceans to be this clear 💙 Help remove 1 pound of trash today by purchasing a 4Ocean bracelet on 4ocean.com 👍 #4Ocean #CleanerOceans #1Bracelet1Pound
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Where will your mid-week adventure take you? 🚣🏻‍♀️ #4Ocean #Adventure 📸: @willowm28


Team work makes the dream work! 💙 #4Ocean #BeachCleanup 📸: @dkting


Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Shark Conservation campaign a huge success! 🦈 Because of you, we will be able to donate to the @biminisharklab, @sharkeducation, and SharkSavers - all amazing organizations helping to make a difference for sharks throughout the world. Thank you for helping to save the ocean and the sharks! 🦈💙 #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SaveTheSharks #SharkConservation


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Have you grabbed a limited edition Shark Conservation Bracelet? In addition to 1 pound being removed from the ocean, 10% of the net profits from this bracelet will be donated to @sharkeducation, @biminisharklab, and SharkSavers.org. Hurry to get yours before they’re gone for good! #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SaveTheSharks #LimitedEdition
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Did you know the whale shark is the largest living shark and can grow up to 60 feet?! 😮 No need to fear, these gentle giants swim with their wide mouths open and filter feed! Don't forget to grab your Shark Conservation Bracelet to help save the sharks! 🦈💙 #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SaveTheSharks #JoinTheMovement
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Sharks are apex predators of the ocean and help to balance out the ocean's ecosystems by hunting off dying, injured, or sick animals. Without them, our oceans marine life would be unbalanced. Purchase a Shark Conservation Bracelet today to help save the sharks. 🦈💙 #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SaveTheSharks
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You can help to save the ocean and the sharks anywhere in the world. 🌍Let the grey and white Shark Conservation Bracelet be a reminder that you have helped to do your part. 🖤 Get yours now at 4Ocean.com #4Ocean #SharkConservation #GreyAndWhite #JoinTheMovement


According to the World Conservation Union, 20-30% of sharks are close to extinction. 😔 We chose to donate 10% of our net profits for this limited edition Shark Conservation Bracelet to organizations who are helping to save endangered sharks that are facing extinction. 👍 Help us to help them! Get your bracelet now at 4ocean.com. #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SaveTheSharks #JoinTheMovement


Swimming with some friends 🦈 Make sure to grab your limited edition Shark Conservation Bracelet while you can! 😊 Visit 4ocean.com to shop now. #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SaveTheSharks #SharkConservation
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Every week is #sharkweek when you care about saving the sharks. 🦈 There's still time to get your limited edition Shark Conservation Bracelet! Wear your bracelet proudly knowing that because of your purchase, you're supporting cleaner oceans and the creatures that call the ocean their home 💙 Get yours NOW at 4ocean.com 👍 #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SaveTheSharks #JoinTheMovement


Hi guys! Paddy and Chelle here from @biminisharklab signing off from our 4Ocean take over! Thank you all so much for checking out our posts and we hope that we sparked some interest in the research going on at @biminisharklab! We’re so grateful for companies like 4Ocean who are donating 10% of their net profits from the Shark Awareness bracelet to the @biminisharklab. We’ll leave you with just one more post with a bit of information about one of the coolest sharks around. Read on! —— Each year the island of Bimini gets a visit from our favourite weird-faced sharks: The Great Hammerhead (S. mokarran)! We started a project 3 years ago trying to better understand these endangered animals and here are some of our findings:
Results revealed large-scale return migrations (1883 miles), seasonal residency to local areas (some for 5 months), site fidelity (annual return to Bimini and Florida for many individuals) and numerous international movements. These findings enhance the understanding of movement ecology in great hammerhead sharks and have potential to contribute to improved conservation and management.
Find out more by visiting our website - www.biminisharklab.com ———
Photo: @eugenekitsios
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The @biminisharklab currently has three Principle Investigators (PI) working on their doctoral research. PI @mattsmukall is studying the tiger shark populations around Bimini - from tadpole lookalike newborns (total length; 0.9m) to massive adult females (total length; 4m)! Why are these ocean wanderers in Bimini? To drop their pups? To feed on turtles and other sharks? Further, are they just passing by, or are they staying for a few months and enjoying the abundant marine life Bimini has to offer? Matt hopes to answer some of these questions through tracking tiger sharks of different size classes and sex, and taking various tissue samples (e.g. blood, muscle or skin) to examine their diets (using stable isotope analysis). Here our team is implanting a 10-year Vemco acoustic tag in a juvenile tiger shark. This tag will talk to receivers placed in different habitats around Bimini giving us important local habitat use information. If the shark decides to leave Bimini, our team are part of a collaborative network that shares data (#ITAG and #FACT). Receivers are along the east coast of Florida, as well as the Gulf of Mexico....Where will she go? Please follow @biminisharklab for updates and opportunities to participate in our research or by visiting our website - www.biminisharklab.com ———
Photo: @eugenekitsios
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Our scientists at @biminisharklab LOVE baby sharks! In this photo, Principle Investigator @felicie.dhellemmes with the help of Lab Manager @benleeson21 , is inserting a Sonotronics acoustic transmitter into a juvenile lemon shark! Felicie will use this data to understand how the sharks personality can influence their movements! This project is supported by the @saveourseasfoundation
Find out more by visiting our website - www.biminisharklab.com ——
Photo: @chelleblaisphoto
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Hi 4Ocean world! We’re Patrick (Paddy) and Chelle from @biminisharklab and we’re really excited to be taking over the 4Ocean Instagram today! Stay tuned as we update you with photos of our research going on at the lab, as well as some up to the minute videos on the 4Ocean story this afternoon as we try to catch, tag and collect genetic samples from a bull shark! 4Ocean is donating 10% of their Shark Awareness profits to @biminisharklab and @sharkeducation! ——
Lets start off with some Bimini tiger shark facts! Recently we caught and tagged an enormous female tiger shark which we also had the chance to ultrasound. What did we find out? Well, we learned that this female was definitely pregnant and since we often catch newborns on the flats, we can assume the pregnant females are coming into Bimini to pup! Thankfully, sharks are protected in the Bahamas, so these pups have a higher survival rate. ——
Video: @mattsmukall
Drone: @felicie.dhellemmes
Ultrasound: @eimedical
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Thanks for diving into my world of sharks and for supporting @SharkEducation through the purchase of the 4Ocean Shark Conservation bracelet. We will continue to fight for these animals and teach kids around the world about why they are important and worth saving. Support allows us to visit schools, but also to get kids out on the water, like these students in Bimini, The Bahamas. 🇧🇸 We want to teach all students about sharks, but we run special programs to encourage girls to get on the water and give them a chance to see and work with sharks. Sharks are for girls too, so let's inspire the next generation of female shark divers, shark scientists and ocean advocates. 🦈 - @biminisharkgirl


The great hammerhead is my favorite animal on the planet! There is just something so mesmerizing about watching them move. Their large head, known as the cephalofoil, allows their eyes to be wide set, which increases visual range. It also creates a larger surface area for electroreceptors called the Ampullae of Lorenzini, which can detect faint electrical pulses like heartbeats. This shark got away, but sadly, there is a hook left as a reminder. 👎 Great hammerheads are protected while they are within the Bahamian Shark Sanctuary, but these sharks are highly migratory and much of their journey is spent in unprotected waters. Sharks have been around for over 400 million years, so let's do our part to make sure they continue swimming in our oceans. 🦈#HealthyOceansNeedSharks - @biminisharkgirl


Diving with sharks is an amazing way to learn more about them. Whether freediving or on Scuba, being in their world helps you gain a much better understanding. I always tell people to find their own shark story and to share it. Share you experience, your photos or your videos and help people see these animals in a positive light. You can even inspire others to dive in and see sharks. Images are extremely powerful tools in the world of education and we use them to create content for our free @SharkEducation materials as well as our classroom visits and presentations.


Words & Image by @BiminiSharkGirl
"We've been seeing this nurse shark for over a year and it's healed up nicely, but it has still been left disfigured. The injury to its mouth is most likely from a fishing hook that appears to have been cut out, removing a large chunk of the animal's face. We can all do better for the ocean and sharks, by making more sustainable choices. Use less plastic, get a reusable water bottle and grocery bags, join or start your own beach cleanup and select more eco friendly items when shopping. Simple actions each day can make a difference. Every week is Shark Week in my world, and through education and awareness, we are replacing fear with facts. Sharks are remarkable creatures and are important for healthy oceans. They deserve our respect and support, every week of the year."


It's still #sharkweek and there's still time to get your Shark Conservation Pack! 🦈 The pack includes 1 Signature 4Ocean Bracelet and 1 limited edition Shark Conservation Bracelet. 💙 By purchasing the pack you will not remove one, but TWO pounds of trash from the ocean! 👍 Get your pack now at 4ocean.com. #4Ocean #4TheSharks #SharkConservation