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Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the Ocean. ♻️ Over 317,000 pounds removed 🌎 #JoinTheMovement


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Marine debris, also known as human trash, can harm or kill coral reefs and the many animals that live around them😢🐠 Marine debris gets into the ocean from land, boats and ships👎. The floating trash is then hooked on reefs which can block the sunlight reefs need for their symbiotic algae to photosynthesize. Help pull a pound and restore & conserve coral reefs by going to 4ocean.com #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #LimitedEdition


What are single-use plastics? 🤔Single-use plastics, or disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items are things like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles and most food packaging.
We can help reduce single-use plastics by:
🔺 Saying no to plastic straws
🔺 Switching to reusable water bottles
🔺 Avoiding microbeads
To find out how you can join the movement go to 4ocean.com #4Ocean #beachcleanup #JointheMovement


Pull your pound with the 4Ocean Signature Blue Bracelet and help support our cleanup crew that is on the water seven days a week, made with post-consumer recycled materials ➡️ Click the link in our bio to get yours! 💙
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4Ocean is working hand in hand with the @coralrestorationfoundation to help reverse the negative effects of rising ocean temperatures and ocean acidification that has killed more than 50% of the coral reefs in our ocean. How so? 🤔 By outplanting coral fragments onto coral reef colonies that need our help 👍 By outplanting these corals, we are helping struggling reefs grow as beautiful as they once were and are helping these vital marine ecosystems to thrive with marine life once again 🐠🐟 To find out more about coral ourplanting and how you can get involved, check out our partner for the month of March, @coralrestorationfoundation 🧡 #4Ocean #CCF #KeyLargo #CoralOutplanting #JoinTheMovement


🌸Happy First Day of Spring 🌸 Did you know oceans have seasons just like us?! It's important to keep our oceans clean because in spring, oceans support new plants and baby animals which rely on clean water to survive 🚮💪🏼 To find out how you can #JointheMovement go to 4ocean.com/pages/volunteer #4Ocean
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✨Subscribers Exclusive✨
EVERY month you can help remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean 🌊 By joining our monthly subscription you can help contribute to keeping the ocean and coastlines clean all year long 💪🏼 Click the link in our bio to join the movement today! ⬆️⬆️ #4Ocean #MonthlySubscription #JoinTheMovement



🌎Attention Subscribers! 🌏
We have started to ship April’s limited edition bracelet! 🎉 By joining the monthly subscription, you will pull 1 pound of trash from the ocean each month and receive next month’s limited edition bracelet before it is available to everyone else 🤙 To subscribe and become a part of the movement, click the link in our bio! ⬆️ #4Ocean #MonthlySubsciption #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement


Catching waves 🤙 while helping remove 1 pound of trash from our oceans and benefiting an amazing cause✨ @coralrestorationfoundation You can help conserve and restore coral reefs by purchasing a bracelet at 4ocean.com #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #JointheMovement 📸: @captured_images2017


Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀We're feeling lucky today thanks to everyone who has helped pull a pound of trash during the month of March 🍀🚮 You can help continue these efforts by going to 4ocean.com #4ocean #Joint#TheMovement



Coral reefs from places contaminated with plastic had an 89% chance of developing a disease😢, but in plastic-free regions, these odds were just 4%! Help conserve and restore coral reefs during March by purchasing the Limited Edition Coral Reef bracelet and help keep these animals around for many more years ♻️🐟 #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #JointheMovement
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Starting the weekend off right by removing trash from our beaches 🚮 80% of the trash that exists in our oceans is from land-based sources such as litter and poor garbage management 👎 Join the movement by doing your part and by going 4ocean.com ✨💙 #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #Jointhemovement


This past weekend we had a large underwater cleanup involving a number of dive shops across the southeast coast of Florida 🌴☀️ Despite some harsh weather, we were able to remove 238 pounds of trash from coral reef habitats 🙌 Much of the trash collected was discarded fishing line which poses a serious threat to both coral reefs and the species who depend on coral reefs for survival 🐠 Thanks to our passionate volunteer @trashy_twinz for joining us at our Fort Lauderdale location with @seaexperience and putting together this video 🧡 #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #DiveAgainstDebris #DiveCleanup #JoinTheMovement



All smiles for being one step closer to cleaner oceans and waterways 😁 Over 300,000 pounds of trash have already been removed from our oceans 💪🏼Find out how you can make a difference at 4ocean.com #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #JointheMovement


The 4Ocean team recently joined the amazing team at the @coralrestorationfoundation (CRF), our partner for the month of March, to outplant Staghorn coral in Key Largo, FL 🌴☀️ The coral fragments are grown in a coral nursery until they are ready to be outplanted to a coral reef colony. Roughly one-fourth of coral reefs are already considered damaged beyond repair, but 4Ocean and CRF are hard at work to reverse these negative effects. 🙌 By helping to outplant coral fragments, it allows a dying or threatened reef to thrive with marine life once again 🐠💙 Learn more about this project and support our efforts by clicking the link in our bio ⬆️ #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #Staghorn #CoralNursery #KeyLargo #JoinTheMovement


♻️Why do we use hemp bags? ♻️Hemp is a plant-based material that is durable, sustainable, and biodegradable. It's also not just used for textiles but can also be used for paper and plastic substitute 🌊 #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement



Coral Reefs could be gone in the next 20-30 years!🤯🤯 For the month of March, we've partnered with @coralrestorationfoundation to help pull a pound of trash from the ocean AND help in the conservation of the Coral Reefs! Support the cause TODAY at 4ocean.com 🌊💪🏼 #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #JointheMovement


Lend a helping hand 🤝 and help pull 1 pound of trash by purchasing the Limited Edition Coral Reef bracelet . This month, you can help support the @coralrestorationfoundation to regenerate coral for devastated reefs. Together we can make a difference ✨♻️ #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #JointheMovement


4Ocean’s two founders recently went to Bali, Indonesia to see firsthand the pollution problem the country is facing. Even after holding daily cleanups and spending a full morning removing trash, the beaches would be filled with marine debris again by the afternoon 😔 Although Indonesia is one of the top contributors to plastic pollution, much of the trash in the ocean that washes ashore in Bali comes from surrounding countries and islands as well 👎 4Ocean is on a mission to change this and reverse the negative effects of ocean pollution on a global level 🌍 Your direct support is what will allow us to continue our cleanup efforts and bring them to the countries that need our help to tackle this issue the most 👍 Join the movement today and see how you can help to make a direct impact for the future of our oceans 🌊💙 #4Ocean #4OceanInternational #Bali #Indonesia #PlasticPollution #JoinTheMovement



Help support coral restoration and pull a pound of trash from the ocean. With our coral bracelet you support the marine conservation efforts of 4Ocean and The Coral Restoration Foundation http://ow.ly/ojNT30iTuCn
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Diver Rich Horner at Manta Point off of Bali, Indonesia encountered something you never wish to see: an ocean full of trash with marine life swimming around in it 😢 Inappropriate waste management is a wide spread issue throughout Bali, and a significant extent of Indonesia, resulting in polluted oceans and beaches 😔 We have had many people ask us how we are going to help with the trash problem in Indonesia and we have some positive and exciting news that we will be sharing later this week in regards to our cleanup efforts in Bali, Indonesia 🇮🇩 Look out for our next post!! 🙌 #4Ocean #PlasticPollution #MarineDebris #Bali #Indonesia
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@coralrestorationfoundation has the methods and capacity to grow and maintain tens of thousands of staghorn and other threatened corals in Coral Tree Nurseries that will be "outplanted" to restore reefs. Not only will 1 bracelet remove 1 pound of trash from our oceans, but it will also restore and conserve our coral reefs with help from @coralrestorationfoundation 🐟♻️ #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement


For every bracelet purchased, 1 pound of trash is removed from the ocean and coastalines 🚮🌊💙 #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement
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Bringing friendships closer one cleanup at a time 💪🏼♻️ #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement


From litter to wasted oil, pollution is damaging coral reefs worldwide. Pollution from human activities inland can damage coral reefs when transported by rivers into coastal waters 😔 When you purchase our Limited Edition Coral Bracelet, not only will you be helping us with our mission of cleaner oceans, you will also be helping @coralrestorationfoundation with their mission of outplanting coral reefs. #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement
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A sad sight to see but thankfully @justinhofman was able to capture the serendipitous beauty of a Sea Horse and a single use cotton swab. This photo has been seen by millions since it was published in 2017 and will hopefully continue to raise awareness of the negative impact of single use plastic.


Huge amounts of consumer plastics enter the marine environment every day, making marine debris one of the most widespread pollution problems that faces the world’s oceans and waterways 👎 Help us in our cleanup efforts today by seeing how you can help at 4Ocean.com 🌊 #4Ocean #MarineDebris #JoinTheMovement


Help save the home of these precious fish and other species by purchasing our Limited Edition Coral Reef Bracelet 🐟 When you purchase the coral bracelet, a portion of your purchase goes towards restoring and conserving coral reef colonies which are home to about 25% of all species in the ocean ✨ Go to 4ocean.com to purchase yours and help make a difference! #4Ocean #4CoralReefs #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement


Birds, mammals, and sea turtles will often times ingest bottle caps and tiny microplastics they encounter in the wild thinking they are food and are injured or die as a result ☹️ With that being said, we can help prevent this from happening by ditching single-use plastic. #4Ocean #OceanCleanup #MicroPlastic #JoinTheMovement