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Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the Ocean. Over 45,000 pounds removed πŸ’ͺ🏼 🌎 Join the movement


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We hope your weekend is filled with clean beaches and great memories πŸ’™ Learn how you can help make a difference and read tips on how to help keep your local beaches clean at 4ocean.com πŸ‘
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Always remember to take home everything you brought with you to the beach and to leave the beach cleaner than when you found it! Many people do not understand the colossal effect of marine debris on both humans and marine life. The 4Ocean Team always encourages everyone to help do their part and help keep their local beaches and communities clean as often as possible! πŸ‘ #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement


Our mission is to create a sustainable future for our oceans so that future generations can be as fortunate as us and can admire all the wonders the ocean has to offer. πŸ’™ In order to do this, we must work together in the fight against ocean pollution! Find out ways to help and pull your pound today at 4ocean.com πŸ‘ #4ocean #JoinTheMovement #CleanerOceans
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The message in a bottle here is very clear: the oceans need our help! Each day thousands of marine life fall victim to marine debris and ocean pollution. πŸ‘Ž We can help do our part by making sure the trash we produce does not make it’s way into the ocean and for the garbage that already has - we can do our part by removing as much of it as possible! πŸ‘ Remove your pound today at 4ocean.com #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement


#TrashTalkTuesdays the biggest source of pollution in our oceans is directly from land based sources. Thousands of tons of trash and waste are dumped into the ocean on a daily basis. Beach cleanups are an effective way to remove these land based items from entering the ocean before it becomes an even larger problem for marine life. #4Ocean #BeachCleanups



Not all Monday blues are bad πŸ’™ Start your week by helping to make our oceans a cleaner and healthier environment for marine life. Visit 4ocean.com to learn more and help pull your pound of trash today πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound πŸ“Έ: @chloe_coley


Discarded ropes and nets are not only an entanglement problem for marine life but can also easily get caught between rocks and coral reefs. This type of marine debris is removed from both our onshore and offshore cleanups. Help remove your pound of trash today at 4ocean.com πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement


Be the change that you want to see πŸ’™ making everyday choices such as recycling and using reusable bags are some examples of small changes that can make a BIG difference! Check out our blog at 4ocean.com to find out more ways to help make a positive change for our oceans! ♻️ #4Ocean #BeTheChange #JoinTheMovement #ReduceReuseRecycle


End this beautiful day by making a difference ✨ Wear your 4Ocean bracelet as a reminder that because of you our oceans are becoming a cleaner place, one pound at a time. πŸ‘ #4Ocean #JoinTheMovement #1Bracelet1Pound
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The 4Ocean team encourages everyone to do their part to help our oceans! Beach cleanups reduce the amount of trash that makes it into our oceans, decreasing the amount of marine life affected by marine debris. Help pull your pound today at 4ocean.com πŸ‘ #4Ocean #BeachCleanups #JoinTheMovement


What's on your plate for dinner tonight? Unfortunately, unlike us, fish and other marine animals cannot always tell the difference between real food and plastics and do not understand its negative impacts. ☹️ Cleaning up microplastics is a challenging task which is why it is important to remove larger plastics from the ocean before they break down into smaller pieces that are harder to clean. Help the 4Ocean team remove plastics and other trash from the ocean by purchasing a 4Ocean bracelet at 4ocean.com πŸ‘ #4Ocean #TrashTalkTuesdays #CleanerOceans #JoinTheMovement
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The 4Ocean team is dedicated to our mission of creating a sustainable future for our oceans. We do this by actively removing trash from the coastlines and oceans throughout the globe with our onshore and offshore cleanups. The funds raised from the 4Ocean bracelets are what allow our cleanups to be as successful as they are. Join the movement and see how you are helping to make a difference today at 4ocean.com! #4Ocean #4OceanTeam #JoinTheMovement #CleanerOceans


End the week by making a difference. πŸ‘ For every 1 bracelet purchased, the 4Ocean team pledges to pull 1 pound of trash from the ocean. πŸ’™ Help pull your pound today at 4ocean.com #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement


Plastic bags contribute to a lot of the marine debris that is polluting our oceans and can be hazardous to a number of marine life. We encourage everyone to consider using reusable grocery bags to reduce the amount of plastic bags being produced and used 😊 Small changes like this can make a huge difference! Learn more about how 4Ocean is helping to collect this type of trash from the ocean and more at 4ocean.com πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement #UseLessPlastic πŸ“Έ: @marese.secades


Helping clean the beach so that everyone can enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer as well as creating a healthier environment for marine life to live in πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Help pull your pound today at 4Ocean.com #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #OnshoreCleanups


Less than 33% of all waste produced is recycled. The rest ends up in a landfill or finds its way into our oceans. πŸ‘Ž At 4Ocean's cleanups, all of the trash that is collected is rinsed, sorted, and properly recycled πŸ‘ Help pull your pound today at 4ocean.com #4Ocean #BeachCleanups #1Bracelet1Pound #PullYourPound


Are you spending your morning on the beach? Even just picking up the pieces of trash you find around you and properly disposing of it can help eliminate the amount that makes its way into the ocean. πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement #DoYourPart
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Are you actively wanting to make a difference for our oceans? Apply to become a 4Ocean Ambassador at 4Ocean.com/pages/legal 😊 Our Ambassadors are like-minded individuals who are just as passionate about our mission as we are. They help to spread the word about 4Ocean by being a positive influence and help to make a difference in their local communities. If you think you have what it takes, we encourage you to apply! πŸ™‚ Follow @4oceanambassadors to see how our current ambassadors are already making a difference!


Plastic items can take up to 1,000 years to break down, but never truly biodegrade. πŸ‘Ž This means that once they reach the ocean, these items are there forever unless they are directly removed. 4Ocean’s offshore cleanups help to remove this waste before it can break down into microplastics. Help us fund our cleanups today at 4ocean.com πŸ™‚πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement
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4Ocean Ambassador @bunny_shark reminding us that fishing related gear is a major component of ocean pollution. Ghost nets, fishing lines, wires and ropes entangle marine life and cause suffocation. The 4Ocean team will remove 1 pound of trash, including marine debris such as discarded fishing gear, for every bracelet purchased. Join the movement at 4ocean.com πŸ’™ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement
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It’s a beautiful day to help our oceans! β˜€οΈ Beach cleanups greatly reduce the amount of plastics that enter the ocean, helping to minimize the amount that turns into hard-to-clean microplastics. Pull your pound today at 4ocean.com πŸ‘


The 4Ocean Team wants to wish everyone a Happy World Wildlife Day! 🌎 Support a cleaner and healthier marine environment this World Wildlife Day for marine life by helping 4Ocean clean their home. Every bracelet purchased helps fund 4Ocean’s removal of marine debris from our onshore and offshore cleanups, creating a cleaner, happier environment for both us and marine life. 😊 Get your 4Ocean bracelet and make a difference today at 4ocean.com πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement #WorldWildlifeDay
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The 4Ocean team is determined and dedicated to cleaning our world's oceans. If you share in our passion and want to make a difference, we encourage you to help do your part! Pull your pound today at 4Ocean.com πŸ’™#4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement
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How many different items of trash can you see in this pile? Thankfully most items found during our cleanups can be recycled. ♻️ Find out how you can help make a difference today by clicking the link in our bio! πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement


You are never too young to help out and do your part! πŸ™‚ It is important to spread awareness about ocean pollution and make a difference so that our future generations can enjoy a clean and healthy ocean too. πŸ’™ get involved today at 4ocean.com πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement #BeachCleanup
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It looks better on your wrist than it does in the ocean πŸ‘πŸΌ Join the movement and get your 4Ocean bracelet today by clicking the link in our bio!
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4Ocean Ambassador @brodiemoss reminding us that 4Ocean is not just a bracelet, but a movement with a mission to create a sustainable future for our oceans. Join the movement today and show us how you're making a difference! πŸ‘ #4Ocean #1Bracelet1Pound #JoinTheMovement
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