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Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the Ocean. ♻️ Over 231,000 pounds removed 🌎 Join the movement


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Where will you go with 4Ocean? 🌊 #Adventure #Travel #JoinTheMovement
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There’s a lot to celebrate in this photo - and one of those is cleaner oceans! 🙌 Be a part of the movement now by purchasing a bracelet at 4Ocean.com 💙 #4Ocean #Wedding #JoinTheMovement



This holiday season we have a lot to be thankful for. One thing we are extremely thankful for is a year of cleaner oceans - thanks to YOU! 🎉 We have been able to remove over 229,000 pounds of trash from the ocean so far because of your support. 💚 Let’s continue to make a difference! 💪 #4Ocean #CleanerOceans #JoinTheMovement
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#TrashTalkTuesday There’s a lot of trash found among the treasure at the beach. Each year, approximately 8 million TONS of plastic trash enters the ocean from land-based sources - and that’s just plastic. 👎 Half of the battle is removing the trash that has unfortunately already entered the ocean. The other half is making sure we properly dispose of and recycle our current trash to make sure we are not part of the problem, but instead the solution. ♻️ You can help to make a difference by supporting our cleanup efforts by purchasing any of our 4Ocean bracelets 💙 Get yours now at 4Ocean.com. #4Ocean #PlasticPollution #Recycle #JoinTheMovement


This past weekend 56 dedicated volunteers showed up to Bikini Beach in Bohol ready to make a difference.. and that they did! 💪 In just TWO hours, 1,679.32 pounds of trash was removed - a new record for The Philippines 😱 Thanks to @plasticfree_bohol for making this event possible! 💙 #4Ocean #PlasticFreeBohol #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement



Fall in love with cleaning the ocean 🍂💙 Each bracelet purchased removes 1 pound of trash from the ocean. Help do your part today at 4Ocean.com 👍 #4Ocean #Fall #1Bracelet1Pound
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Have you subscribed to The Clean Ocean Collection yet? Receive the 4Ocean Anniversary Bracelet as your first limited edition bracelet to start your 2018 collection. 🌊
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#TrashTalkTuesday “A stunning creature, swimming and feeding in our waste. These gentle giants feeding in a huge concentration of plastic is sad to see. But if this video encourages even just one person to recycle more frequently, it will be worth the depressing watch. Think twice about plastic.”
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Leave nothing behind on the beach besides your footprints.. and maybe a 4Ocean sign written in the sand 🌊 #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #CleanOceans 📸: @kristin_sargent



Watch as the image of a clean ocean appears as you fill in the collection with a new limited edition bracelet each month of 2018 with The Clean Ocean Collection. 🌊 Start your collection today at 4Ocean.com. #4Ocean #CleanOceanCollection #JoinTheMovement


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Thankful for the incredible team of divers we have at @rainbowreefdivecenter who dedicate many of their dives to removing marine debris in The Keys! ☀️ On their last #DiveAgainstDebris, they collected over 200 pounds in a single dive with trash removed as deep as 100 feet! ♻️ If you are a diver and want to help make a difference, we encourage you to #JoinTheMovement by participating in a @projectaware Dive Against Debris dive. 👍 #4Ocean #ProjectAware #MarineDebris
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Who’s excited to receive their limited edition 4Ocean Anniversary Bracelet? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️ Exclusively available as part of The Clean Ocean Collection. Sign up now to help remove 1 pound of trash from the ocean each month of 2018! 👍 #4Ocean #CleanOceanCollection #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement
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A wrist full of bracelets means more oceans and beaches free of trash. 🙌 Grab your favorite 4Ocean bracelets today at 4Ocean.com. #4Ocean #LimitedEdition #1Bracelet1Pound


This #GivingTuesday, we encourage you to help make a difference 👍 Because of you, 4Ocean has removed over 200,000 pounds of trash from our oceans and coastlines! 💪 Not only that, but we have been able to give back to amazing organizations making a real difference for our world. 💙 Help to continue our movement and give back by supporting your favorite causes again with our 2017 limited edition bracelets.
♻️ - Earth Day
🌊 - World Oceans Day
🦈 - Shark Conservation
🎀 - Breast Cancer Research
Comment what your favorite bracelet is below! ⬇️ #4Ocean #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement



#TrashTalkTuesday Can water bottle caps be recycled? ♻️ There are now many recycling facilities that will accept bottles with the caps on them since newer equipment and methods allow this to be possible. However, there are still facilities that will not because they can jam older equipment when being compacted since they are made from a different plastic than the bottles. However, if turned in separately, all plastic caps can be recycled! 😊 It is always a great idea to recycle when you can to reduce the amount of trash that enters the ocean. 👍 Make sure to check with your local recycling facilities to know their policies! ✅ #4Ocean #Recycle #PlasticPollution #JoinTheMovement
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A dirty ocean is never a pretty sight... but a clean one is! 👍 Subscribe to our Clean Ocean Collection and watch a trash filled ocean turn into a clean, debris-free ocean as your 2018 collection grows. 💙 Get yours now at 4Ocean.com/products/clean-ocean-collection. #4Ocean #CleanOceanCollection #JoinTheMovement


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A journey makes for a great story. Begin your journey by collecting the limited edition 4Ocean Anniversary bracelet in its collectable storybook case and remove your first of 12 pounds for 2018. Exclusively available as part of The Clean Ocean Collection. 🌊 #4Ocean #CleanOceanCollection #JoinTheMovement


This Small Business Saturday, shop with a purchase. 💙 Just in time for the holidays, all of our 2017 limited edition bracelets are available. 👍 With every bracelet purchased, 1 pound of trash will be removed from the ocean. ♻️ Get your favorite colors now at 4ocean.com. #4Ocean #LimitedEdition #SmallBusinessSaturday


Our cleanups are possible thanks to all of the support we receive and we wouldn’t be able to do it without you 💙 #4Ocean #BeachCleanup #JoinTheMovement


12 months. 12 bracelets. 12 causes. 12 pounds removed. 💙
Join the movement now and subscribe to The Clean Ocean Collection to receive a new limited edition bracelet every month of 2018. 👍 Click the link in our bio to learn more on our website. #4Ocean #CleanOceanCollection #JoinTheMovement


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Your biggest contribution yet: The Clean Ocean Collection. 🌊 Know that with every monthly limited edition bracelet you receive, not only are you removing 1 pound of trash from the ocean each month, you are also contributing to conservation causes that are making a difference for our oceans and the animals who call it home. 💙
Start your cleanup journey today at 4ocean.com/products/clean-ocean-collection. 🙌 #4Ocean #CleanOceanCollection #CommitCollectConnect #JoinTheMovement


If you didn't win our contest last week, don't worry! NOW AVAILABLE for a limited time are all of our 2017 limited edition bracelets. 👍 Head to 4Ocean.com to get your favorites NOW, just in time for the holidays! 🙌 Which color are you most excited to have back?! 🤗 #4Ocean #LimitedEdition #JoinTheMovement


Introducing The Clean Ocean Collection. You can join our movement for cleaner oceans one pound at a time, all year long! 🙌 Each month, you will receive a different colored bracelet that you can proudly wear to show that you are making a difference toward cleaner oceans. 🌊 The Clean Ocean Collection is a way for you to display your collection and tell your story about removing 12 pounds of trash from the ocean. Watch as the image of a clean ocean appears as you fill in the collection with each month. 💙
Click the link in our bio to get yours today! 👍 #4Ocean #CleanOceanCollection #JoinTheMovement


This Thanksgiving we are most thankful for the amazing support we have received since we first launched in January of this year. 🙌
Because of YOU, we have been able to remove over 200,000 pounds of trash from the ocean in just 11 months! 💪
So from our team to you - Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 #4Ocean #Thanksgiving #Thankful
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