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When Rosie gets your best tickle spot 😂


Sonny has a very special and exciting announcement to make this morning, the pack will be welcoming their FOURTH human member, due 1-24-18!! ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️


Just a couple bros playing with a tea pot 😂🙈


The faces of Monday blues and a heat advisory! Getting our time outside in before it gets unbearable!


Keepin cool in our new shade tent this morning ✌🏻


Happy Saturday morning! Lots happening around the Boggs household! 🌞


We woke up like this ❤️


When they realized it was Monday... 😂


A boy and his best friend❤️


6 months ago this little human came into our lives and made life better than we ever knew it could be. We love you so much Sonny love ☀️❤️☀️


Summer ready ☀️❤️☺️👌🏻


When we told them the reason they couldn't go on vacay.... proof was sought and packing logistics got ridiculous...I wonder if TSA would approve 😂🙈


We are back home!!! And mom says we are kicking our tooshes in gear and will be back to our usual posting!! We missed you all so much! ❤️💙


Hey it's us! Did you miss us?! Our mom is such a slacker 😂 been feeling very under the weather lately and apologize for our absence! We are gearing up for a beach vacation and we're just over here practicing our best beach bum look! 🌞✌🏻💧


I love their love ❤️💙


Today's adventure in the backyard. Follow our other snippets on our story! ☺️ Sonny is in @becobaby, our go to pack. #becobaby #becoyourbaby


Squad harder than us ✌🏻


Just a little dude, his bff, and his duckling ✌🏻


Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives 🌞


What do you feed your pets??? We are new and proud supporters of @earthbornholistic pet food. For the past couple of months we have transitioned over to their line and are now 100% integrated. I am loving the changes I am seeing in the pack's energy levels, coat and poop details! Yes, that's right! Poop! You can tell a lot by your dogs health by just looking at their 💩👌🏻 I have always been a bit weary of what I feed them and was hesitant to switch after feeding them the same line for 5+ years! I'd love to hear all your opinions on pet food and what you feed in your homes! And if you have any questions about @earthbornholistic , I would absolutely love to answer any! ☺


Where there is balance, there is peace. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Just like a human, pets require attention to three different areas; mind, body and soul. Without one or the other, there is no balance. Just my ✌🏻cents 👌🏻....and for all you crate haters out there, doors are open, they have couches, beds, anything to lay on or in and this is where they choose!


When you bodyguard... you get on the job patio naps 😍


In case you missed the introduction on our story, this is a duckling we took in that unfortunately was rejected from the flock. She was actually pinned by a full grown drake and her neck was almost snapped, my husband and I were present and were able to rescue her just in time. Since then we have taken her in, away from the duck house and nursed her back to care, of course with the help of the pack. Unlike any other duckling I've owned she has become quite independent and has bonded to me. She loves the pack, but she has taken a special liking to me. All of my ducks are quite friendly, and most of you know of my special relationship with Gerdy our male pekin. But, even Gerdy was not this taken to me. Thinking she is going to pull through just fine and won't be short of lovins. Ever. ☺I think mama Jay has some really awesome memories coming back from when Gerdy and Don bonded to him ❤ I reassured him we can share duties!


I couldn't keep all this Monday love to myself. Hope it brings warmth to the soul ❤ Gerdy loves grooming Rose after swimming in the creek, he meticulously cleans the mud and debris off her beautiful coat ☺


Happy 4 months of life to our beautiful little Son man ☀️ every day with you is the best day of our lives 💛


On rainy days we Mozart and book club ✌🏻


Earth day dudes, earth day 🌎✌🏻💙


A lullaby to rest your eyes too, sweet dreams world 🌎❤🌚


Happy FriYAY 😍