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Check out my adventure to Antarctica with @airNZ👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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Finally I can share the incredible journey I had! Filming in sub-zero conditions was intense, but it was an adventure I will carry with me forever.  Check out my Instagram Story to get a little look into a project I worked on with @airnz.  I can’t wait to share my experience of being in the upcoming #AirNZSafetyVideo with you.


I’m here to work (it).



Put up your dukes. (Photo: @matthewcalvis )


Hugs abound down here in Mexico. I visited a girls orphanage "Casa Hogar Madre Luisita" and one for the boys "Albergue Infantil Atotonilco", such dear, sweet children, full of life and love. It was so hard to imagine not adopting one day.



I’ve found love...and this is a long-term, committed relationship! Make the ocean your Valentine and breakup with single-use plastics today for #CleanSeas. Open your heart and protect what you love...before that love is lost. 🐠💙 Tag me and @UNenvironment in your posts! (Link in my bio)


(Click link in my profile for an incredible story) You know how much I love to support people, and how much I love art. And you know how obsessed I am with my dog. This is where those three things converge in a beautiful story of talent, Pip and human perseverance. Meet Ted, he’s been living in his car after running into some tough times, and has been painting IN HIS CAR, and working to find a place. I fell in love with his work and commissioned a piece of Pip, which is when I learned of his story. Here’s where you can help, give a couple bucks to the campaign to help him get out of his car and into a spot if his own, where he can work and make more awesome art. (Link in my profile!) #art #helpinghand #giveback


Yes, thanks. #mexico



I like me a good suit. Flashback Fashion Friday.


Tonight! I’ll be at @Samsung837 with @ariannahuff, @marcfmath, & @lauriesegallCNN talking about the importance of setting boundaries with technology. Come by to learn more about unplugging with @thriveglobal. RSVP here: (photo: @matthewcalvis)


Touch-and-go here in New York. I’m gone before long, but while I’m here I’m col’ chillin’ #nyc #cold #snow #home #brooklyn




The Super Bowl is only fun if you have someone to root for, duh. And though I’m not much of a football fan, I’m gonna have to go for @tombrady cause he convinced me to take my first golf swing - on the day we shot this episode, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Go #patriots


It’s Friday, let’s fly.



I spent some time with my mom this week back in Albuquerque where I was born. I am so proud of her for taking charge of her business and always doing whats compassionate, not just the lucrative thing. Here she is getting an award for giving so much to her family in need which she was doing a lot of this week. Love you mom. Love to all my aunties and uncles and cousins and of course grandma, who is in the throes of Alzheimer’s but though she may forget the details, she remembers the love and the sassy comebacks.


I’m proud to share the third film I’ve produced with my partner @matthewcookeofficial, who has directed such an exciting and powerfully visceral experience. Don’t miss the Pre-order on iTunes - link in my profile... “You're more likely to go to prison in the USA than any other country in the world, so in the unfortunate case it happens to you, this is the SURVIVORS GUIDE TO PRISON.” #survivorsguidetoprison


Do we have the courage to think outside the box of incarceration? Can we escape the mentality of the prison model? When we fail to solve the roots of criminal behavior and instead seek punishment with no compassion, not only do we create worse, more hardened criminals, we fail ourselves; we incarcerate our hearts in a spiritual void; damning our minds to the prison of fear and vengeance. #survivorsguidetoprison



Is the United States’ approach to crime truly serving justice, or just creating more criminals? Does paying $30,000+ for each of our 2 MILLION inmates give us the best ROi on rehabilitation when 75% of inmates end up right back in jail after their release? Maybe a better investment is in free education, or jobs, or community outreach services, or minimum base income, or any number of things...I don’t know, just a thought. Maybe you can suggest a better use of our money. Thoughts? #survivorsguidetoprison


Leading up to a big announcement on #Monday, I’m going to share some stats on the American prison system that will challenge everything you thought you knew about justice in our country...please share your thoughts and stay tuned. #survivorsguidetoprison #cut50


I don’t have any brothers by blood but I definitely have them by laughs...thanks @shaul_shaya for the cut ✂️


Stumbling through the look... (photo: @isaqbrito)



I admire people who use their words wisely, who articulate wisdom and use the power of their expression to inspire justice, freedom and intellectual and spiritual growth in others. Words become thoughts; become action. Those that use their words to denigrate, insult or generally abuse the listeners with vile, divisive and crass rhetoric do a disservice to humanity because they literally create hate. Black and White isn’t enough of a distinction, that difference is negligible; the real disparity is between the language of dark hearts and compassionate ones, the words of greed and generosity, the expression of mindfulness and ignorance. God bless those that spread love with words, beware of those that use their platform to spread fear and hatred. #martinlutherking


Check out @pipthepup to see which way she swiped. What do you think, left/right?


#weekendvibes - tag a friend you have the most fun with - what are you doing this weekend? Me I’m hanging out with @arigold


By nature I’m a homebody, I want to nest and make cozy, but it turns out that my life has made me a #Jetsetter - see you around 🌏🌍🌎


Me by one of my favorite artists: @leahtinari #drawingsofadriangrenier


Breakfast & good light are my favorite meal of the day; except maybe for all the others...


I’m in awe of great photography. To capture a whole story in a moment. Tension, pathos, an entire world in an instant. @isaqbrito one of my all time favorite photographers has so many incredible shots from the last 30 years! Check it out, thoughts? @isaqbrito