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Here’s the third hardflip of the day inside a day that’s gonna start with a hardflip and end with a hardflip and have a whole lot of famous (and not so famous) hardflips and different versions of hardflips in between. So if this is the first hardflip you’re seeing then you should go to the page and see the rest. The man who gave me the thought to start a whole hardflip day in the first place, @devinbagnoli, showing us all how to catch that thing right. Not for nothin, this is a good advertisement for Shake Junt, eh? Have you sent me your hardflip yet? You might be next. - sb #berrics #BerricsHardflips


Here’s the second hardflip of the day inside a day that’s gonna start with a hardflip and end with a hardflip and have a whole lot of famous (and not so famous) hardflips and different versions of hardflips in between. Hardflipping down, off up or into something is one thing but hardflipping straight over a picnic table is another and only a man with pop like @toreypudwell could be elected to that position with both the popular and electoral vote. Have you sent me your hardflip yet? You just may be up next. - sb #Berrics #BerricsHardflips #SkateboardingIsFun @toreypudwill 👏


We are going to start the day with hardflips. We are going to end the day with hardflips and we’re probably going to put a lot of famous (and not so famous) hardflips in between. Today... just might be a day for hardflips. This one from @chrisjoslin_ just might be one of the best ever. What do you think? If you haven’t sent me yours, well, you should now. - sb #Berrics #BerricsHardflips #SkateboardingIsFun @ChrisJoslin_



1) Like this photo and 2) tell me who has the best skate shop in the world? - sb #berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


These guys sure had a good day. Saturday's are for skating with friends. What’s plan for tomorrow? Hardflip day? #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun
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If you haven't guessed the theme by now here it is... #skateboardingisfun, especially when you're @mikeytaylor @seanmalto @atibaphoto and @chriscobracole 🎥: @eminem



Saturdays are for having fun and skating with friends just like @deeddz and @maxgeronzi. 🎥: @bobaj ♻️: @gronze #SkateboardingIsFun


Saturdays are for skating with your friends... tag a friend who wouldn’t kick your ass for doing this to them 😂 - sb #berrics #SkateboardingIsFun ❤️: @chuckmull @alejandro_hinojosa


Saturdays are for #SkateboardingIsFun. Let’s see your crew. - sb #berrics @tumyeto



Saturdays aren’t just about skating wtih the boys, they’re about skating with the girls too. Give @rachellevinberg and all the girls at @theskatekitchen a follow and some ❤️ for their film premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this week. There are some new stars on the horizon. - sb #berrics #theskatekitchen #🙏🏽: ❤️: @crystalmoselle


I think for almost everyone who steps on a skateboard, even the professionals, even in the pursuit of greater ambitions, the thing that will be most remembered and held onto are all the good times with good friends that were made. We can complain about the industry, the fashion, he mall stores, the trendy tricks and people who don’t do it for the “right” reason but at the end of the day we’re all just trying to live by the only absolute that may exist in this universe, and that is #SkateboardingIsFun. Today is Saturday, time to go skate with your friends. Tag all the friends you’ve met through skateboarding and appreciate them for the good times. - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun
♻️:@itscooley 🙏 @karl_watson_ @dlakastan @lavarmcbride @yorkatron & Billy Valdez, @averageyoungman


Tag your crew! Who are you going skating with today? #SkateboardingIsFun #Berrics ♻️:@t0mkn0x



it's Saturday! Go skate with your crew! Tag them in the comments‼️ #Berrics #SkateboardingIdFun #Saturdays@ryan_alvero@toreypudwill📲:@justinschulte


I have one question... you seen this yet? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


No lists this time, just tag your favorite. - sb #Berrics #GripTape



Damn, @matttomasello is at it again!! What the hell is goin on here?? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


Jumpin into this weekend like...


The earth now has approximately 7.13 BILLION people on it. How many of them do you think could do what @kechaud just did right here? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun



Tell em this isn’t one of the 💦💦 clips you seen someone fuck with in a long time? - sb #Berrics ♻️:@playfactory @_jamiegriffin #SkateboardingIsFun


Persistence on given course is what separates @yurifacchini and your normal run-of-the-mill humanoid. - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


If this @austyngillette line isn’t art then, man.... I don’t know what is. Who has your favorite style? - sb #Berrics 🎥:@smlwheels #SkateboardingIsFun


It seems Brazil wasn’t happy enough with making the most beautiful females in the world, some of the best fighters and most of the best futbol/soccer players, they had to start making the best skateboarders too. This is @gabrielfortunat and he’s from Brazil 🇧🇷. - sb #Berrics @quadrasupply #SkateboardingIsFun


Does @awwniggadontmakemeroast get the title for longest boardslide or the longest Instagram name? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


I came across this really cool artist this week named @murked and curated a little photo album of some of the stuff he creates. Give him a follow and see if you can't put your full skate knowledge to the test and name everyone in these pieces in the comments below. - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun


Just like last night and the fakie flip... At some point in a person’s skate life, if they wanted to show the world they got a trick, I mean GOT a trick, there were a few places they could take it to. Wallenberg in San Francisco. Carlsbad Gap in San Diego. The Fountain gap at Love in Philadelphia or the 16 at Hollywood High, about 2 blocks away from where they have the Oscars. That moment in @dangus_khamov's skate life has come and he has decided to show the world what trick he has. Holy shit! - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun 🎥:@noguf, @_ibm5100


At some point in a person’s skate life, if they wanted to show the world they got a manual trick, I mean GOT a manual trick, there is one place they can take it to and be heard; the Santa Monica courthouse stage. Who do you think that sounds like saying "holy shit!" in the background while @jamesespinozaa lets the world know he's got this fuckin trick down. And what's your favorite manual ever done on the stage? sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun 🎥:@thejoeface


Me: Is that regular or switch?
Sewa: Yes.
BATB 11 is coming and BATB 8 champion and BATB X runner-up, @sewakroetkov doesn't seem to have lost any of his flatground has he? What would you like the theme for BATB 11 to be this year?? - sb #Berrics #BATB11 #SkateboardingIsFun


We just restocked up on the new @numbers collection. If you're lucky enough to grab one we'll throw in something to keep you warm out there in the cold cruel world, but only for the first ten orders. ❤️❤️ - sb @berricscanteen #Berrics


Remember, before there was @numbers Eric, before there was @girlskateboards Eric, but just after @hstreetskateboards Eric, there was @101skateboards Eric and that Eric was very much like all the other Erics... he could pretty much do anything and he pretty much did it before anyone. It has always been a sight to see. Which Eric has been your favorite? - sb #Berrics #SkateboardingIsFun @erickoston


A few days ago I posted @_jordanmourning doing a tre flip crooked grind, nollie tre out, then asked everyone to comment a trick they wanted to see him do next. So, he did a frontside taislide lazer flip out. So, then I asked you again to leave more tricks in the comments for him to do. Well, here’s another one. I told him he had to do five so feel free to keep the suggestions coming! It’s kind of like playing a real life version of Skate 4- sb #Berrics 🎥: @dgfilms1907 @donny_bo_danglez #SkateboardingIsFun