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Road Trip Travel Lyfe: Away Luggage—WoW3 “Dexter”—MCM Wizpack—Headphones—Shades—Mercedes hat from my guy @lewishamilton—Water and some snacks(Healthy ones)


We have work to do!


TheWades #LANights @cottoncitizen



Ol what a night!! The laughs. The topics of conversation. The Respect of others GREATNESS was on full display. I enjoyed having a seat at the table fellas. Next time dinners on Kevin🤷🏾‍♂️. #LANights


The Hate is strong and The Love is real!!! I’m just living this thing called life!!! #Wadeness


“Moments” #WoW6



Black Panther is more than a movie, it’s a movement. We partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland, Miami, Omaha & Watts to send 100 kids from each club to see #BlackPanther & we gave each club a donation to help provide opportunities for the children they serve in our communities. If you can be a hero in someone’s life, be one. #wakandaforever✊🏾 #BlackPantherIsMoreThanAMovie #BlackPantherChallenge


Seize the “Moment”! This #WOW6 was inspired by the gratitude of my fans’ support. Check it out Saturday in LA and come hang with me! Link in Bio!


Big thanks to @selfpaid_keyzo & @sub_000 for allowing us to be apart of their lives and tell their stories. “Shot in the Dark” is the first of many for ZZ Productions and it was an honor to have my very first Executive Producer nod on this project. Catch it on Fox on 2/24 #Shotinthedark #ZZProductions



Started off ALLSTAR weekend the right way talking Sports & Society with my brother @cp3 @angelarye Valerie Jarrett & Alvin Herring.


MINE!!! ❤️


This may look like good Defense but—JRich(aka Rook2) fouled me after this shot 😂😂. Great first day with my new squad on the practice court. Each day is about getting 1% better and we definitely did that today. #Heatnation @miamiheat #TheR3turn



Check out the exclusive trailer for SHOT IN THE DARK, a @FoxSports MAGNIFY film. I’m proud to executive produce this inspiring Chicago story alongside @chancetherapper. Airs 2/24 on FOX. #shotinthedark


Get you a “woman” who supports you—even if you take her out of her newly built dream home and the sunshine in Miami— and take y’all to below zero weather😂😂. Happy wife—Happier life is what i live by. #BonnieandClyde #TheWades


I can’t make this up—It’s already written—Gods Plan!!!



It just feels right!


Soooooo...🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ I’M BACK!!! #WadeCounty 🌞🌴🌴 🌊🏀 ❤️🏆🏆🏆🔑 (insert rug emoji) #letsgoheat




What a GREAT day!!! ZMan1️⃣6️⃣ @zmane2


Happy 16th BIRTHDAY young KING @zmane2 — I don’t know whose more excited for this day you or I—16years ago i promised myself that i will do everything in my power to make sure you had every and anything you needed and about 75 percent of the things you wanted haha. I love you more than life it self. Keep growing kid— I can’t wait to sit back and watch you flourish. #TheFirstBorn #ZaireWade


Rasual and i my rookie year in Miami. This was my first public appearance and i was nervous to go along—So Sual joined to make it easier on me. That’s who he was—A great individual that was always there for people when they needed him. Today is a sad day—Sual’s family, his wife’s family and his NBA family mourn the lost of a great man. R.I.P philly boy Rasual Butler!


Dear Hank,

I’m writing this letter to you as i cry both tears of SADNESS and tears of JOY. I know— i know—i can hear your voice saying “Come on my man”you got this! I can picture your face and feel your hugs in so—so many moments in my life. Whether it’s you hugging me and saying how proud you are of me or congrats on winning a NBA championship or you hugging me and saying everything’s gonna be alright—we will get thru this. I can’t thank you enough for these last 15 years. You should be so proud of the job you did on this young misguided kid from Chicago. I was a young 21 when we met and i needed a Man’s love. My dad and i had things to work out and i was leaving my father figure Coach Crean—so you stepped in right away and became that MAN i desperately needed. I hate saying my “agent” because you have always been way more than that to me. I cry these tears because selfishly i wanted you to be there when i got my jersey retired or when i gave my hall of fame speech or when i had a daughter. I got so many questions on how to raise a strong, confident, intelligent, independent black woman. I hope you don’t mind but i will still be calling on you for guidance. I love you Henry(Hank)Thomas—THANK YOU for loving me right back. Be at peace—We( your family)got this!!! Your son Dwyane!


30,000!!!! The youngest to do it!!! It was an HONOR to not only be in the building for this moment—but to be on the court as your teammate. In the midst of this darkness that we’re experiencing as a team—THANK YOU for this light!!! Thank you for showing my kids and so many kids around the world that looks up to you—that you can achieve anything you want—as long as you give everything to what you want! #Youabadmfer #brotherhood @kingjames


Tonite in the first half against Orlando i wore my #Wow6 sneakers that i named “The First Borns” in honor of my oldest son Zaire Wade!!! Thank you for being my inspiration 15+ years ago kid. #wayofwade


I’am incredibly thankful for the life that MY God has allowed me to live. If i can say so myself thee UPs & downs has molded me into a pretty decent human being. Thanks for all the birthday wishes from everyone that knows me personally and the many out there that never met me but feel or has felt that I’ve had an impact on there lives. As an athlete at 36 years of age it’s a lot of things you can’t do that you and your fans have become accustomed to but I’m thankful EVERY DAY to still be playing the game that has giving me and my love ones so MUCH and for the ones that still Rock with me! Happy birthday to that bogger noise kid up top!!!! I love you for being you!!!


Just a few of the reasons #TeamWade is family and everyone goes so hard for each other! The kids of @lisjoseph @mistadubb @unlawfullady @skynadi ( honorary member)


Bringing in the New Years with the bros!!! Name this group!!! @kingjames @isaiahthomas


Your journey has been nothing short of amazing and it’s plenty more to come HAPPIEST 33rd to my brother from another mother @kingjames


When life gives you lemons...you make lemonade!!! #Thefirstborn #Living #ZaireDwyaneWade


This will be the photo our kids-kids show their kids one day.