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Happy Holidays from Jubilee! Our amazing sweet girl is looking for a patient home with someone who understands it takes some time for her to develop trust. Email us at for an application!


Oh Christmas Tree... Oh Christmas Tree... Our boys are still looking for their forever home. Email us at for an application!


My heart is so damn happy today. Yesterday I was overwhelmed. Today I'm happy.

First and foremost, we received an amazing donation just in time for the holidays. I was able to buy a bunch of meds, pay some of our bills, and have money for some spay/neuters. So incredible.

And then...I receive this photo. This is Godiva. We rescued her from Downey shelter after her 4 kittens were all adopted (at just 4 weeks old AND STILL NURSING). It should seriously be illegal. It was going to be our first time rescuing from Downey Shelter. We planned to rescue mama and her 4 babies. Instead, mama was left without any kittens, engorged, depressed, and just spayed (so extra sore). She was networked hard because she was black (or so we thought) and they feared she'd be euthanized now that her babies were adopted. So of course we pulled her (along with several other kitties- Eminem, Hayley, Violet, Amaya, Winter, and more)

She remained severely depressed so we decided to give her some babies to take care of. Normally, we have a strict policy against unrelated babies being placed with a mama but she was so depressed and so engorged, we took the risk. She immediately cared for them. All 6 babies. The kittens became known as our Candy Hearts litter. Twizzler, Licorice, Skittles, Taffy, Gummy Bear, and Hot Tamale. Mama loved those babies and off they went to their forever homes.

Surprisingly, mama was not a black kitty but instead a brown one. We thought she'd be adopted quickly. What we didnt know was...her perfect home was nearly a year away. I always say...a cat goes where they are meant to. She was meant for this home.

This weekend, we finalized her adoption to be a friend to a senior kitty who recently lost their buddy. Immediately, Godiva started grooming his face and he wanted to snuggle her. They are already best friends. The perfect adoption story.



Who wouldn't want a little present as cute as Brie? 😍💞


Jingle bells, Santa smells, Robin laid an egg! Hehe! Are you bringing me home for Christmas?


Mama Tala is ready to be your Christmas present ❤️🎄🎁 Email us at for an application



Swiss, the little runt 😍


Brie is getting so big! 🍼💕🍼💞


Christmas mischief ❤️ Brosnan, our super playful and very toy motivated boy is looking for his forever home! Email us at



Is it Friday yet? -Maui

This gorgeous boy is available for adoption as a pair with Tala ❤️


Mallory is doing well and moving around quite a bit. We are hopeful she will make a speedy recovery. Once recovered from the surgery, we can get a better idea if she has increased function of her hind legs


Beautiful rare male calico/torbie, Clover, is available for adoption ❤️❤️ email us at



Mallory update!

Mallory, our kitten with the broken spine, has finally had her surgery. She was also spayed at the same time. She is in pain but is doing really well considering such an intense surgery. We will update you as she heals and is feeling better. Feel free to also follow her foster Mama @hollywood_rescues


Bingo, the male Birman, we pulled from WestLA shelter.


Gypsy, one of two Birmans we pulled from WestLA shelter after a breeder surrendered 14 Birmans.



Jubilee, one of our semi ferals rescued from the Harbor City hoarder warehouse, is making amazing progress. She is learning to enjoy pets and playtime. She's even started making biscuits! When her time comes for adoption, she will need someone patient who can help her trust ❤️


Mystique has been waiting for her furrrever home for a few months now. She's one of the most social kittens you'd ever meet. Personality A++


Tweety 🐦 wants to wish you all a happy Caturday



Sweet love Oracle is unfortunately being returned to us from adoption by no fault of her own. We are looking for a foster or forever home for this love ❤️


All I Want for Christmas is Youuuuu - Weston


Good morning from Anya!

She's our Mama to Hank, Sophia, Brosnan, and Mallory (our paralyzed girl). She is looking for her furrrever home with Brosnan ❤️


Sylvester is growing into such a handsome boy! He is looking for his forever home ❤️


Stunning Brosnan is looking for his forever home! He's playful and quite the purr baby.
Email us at


Happy Tabby Thursday!

Tweety is a stunning ticked tabby almost resembling a squirrel. He is available for adoption as a bonded pair with Sylvester.

Email us at for an application


Mercedes was feeling left out when I was photographing her sister ❤️


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Clover is checking out Weston's sweet moves!

Both are available for adoption! Email us at


Monday...we need to have a talk.... -Clover

Clover is available for adoption! He is fully vetted and extremely sweet. He just wants to cuddle 24/7. He's 9 months old


Muenster is ready to tackle the day!


Just a week later and eyes are nice and open 😘😘