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Sylvester is doing great on his bandaged legs. He's returned back to foster care to undergo physical therapy ❤️


Selene ❤️ Rescued from the Harbor City Warehouse hoarder case. She is available for adoption and is the ultimate lover girl!


Mallory, our paralyzed kitten, met with her surgeon yesterday and she gave us some options. We could do the surgery right away and allow her a small chance of regaining feeling.... But they said the risk was huge at her current weight. OR we could wait until she weighed 3-4 lbs and potentially lose the chance of regaining feeling in her legs. We chose the latter. Her survival is the MOST important. Surgery is postponed for a few weeks during "Operation get her fat". The surgeon is also ordering micro tools to assist her.

Yesterday, before her appt, she cried and cried until her foster Mama lifted her up and let her see the world. What a beautiful soul


Our little man, Sylvester, is having some issues walking so he will be in bandages for a few weeks ❤️❤️


Please welcome Banshee to the rescue!


Welcome Harvey! He was going to be killed today! Luckily, he is now safe and sound at our vets office


Mallory, our paralyzed kitten, was scheduled for surgery last week but it was postponed. Blessing in disguise though as she wasn't feeling well. Rescheduled for this week!


ZOMG it's time to PARTAY! Will you join me?? -Bentley


Doby says Happy Friyay!



Tala is our amazing mama kitty to our Hawaiian litter. She has an incredible story! Mama was a stray kitty who had a litter of kittens outside. Seeking safety for her babies, she found a doggy door entrance leading to a kind person inside the home! Tala KNEW this was the right place to bring her babies! One by one, she started bring each kitten inside the home via doggy door until all 5 babies were safe and sound. The kind person set her up with a box and blankets and gave her some much needed food and water! He then reached out to some rescuers and a rescue/foster was found for the family!

Mama's instincts led her to this kind person and now her and all 5 babies are safe and sound.

She is a beautiful, friendly, happy girl who'd love to be adopted with one of her kittens!

She is available for pre-adoption!



Lee and his sister, Harper, were found outside of South LA Shelter in a cardboard box! Lee is a WONDERFUL kitten who loves kisses, being snuggled, and playing with all of his foster friends. He romps, plays, and runs around with a ton of energy! He does well being held, is totally friendly/social, and enjoys time with humans!

He is ready for adoption and has not yet been pre-adopted! Message us for an application for this purrfect panther!


Dyson is growing like a weed! Our only puppy in the rescue ❤️


Yay! We caught Mallory's Mama and brother finally! (Mallory the paralyzed kitten)


Mallory and her brother love one another so much


Mallory needs our help! She will need surgery to stabilize her broken spine! You may donate via PayPal at or via PayPal email


We found a kitten with a broken back and need EMERGENCY finds! Please donate to thank you!


Meet Gambit!

Gambit came from the Harbor City Warehouse Hoarder case! We wanted this adorable boy since we first saw his photos! His sweet and gentle face stood out amongst the crowd of in need kitties. He followed one of our volunteers everywhere asking to be pet. He is the SWEETEST boy you will ever meet! His main goal in life is to head butt you constantly (and anything in your hands) which makes him super hard to photograph! He tested positive for FIV but we all know that's not a big deal whatsoever. FIV kitties live healthy, normal lives and can live safely with negative cats. He is about 4-5 years old and is almost over his upper respiratory infection and giardia.
Once completely vetted and healthy, he will be up for adoption! He is, however, available for pre-adoption!


Meet Espurr!

This lovely lady is one of our bottle babies found at just 2 weeks old! She's absolutely adorable with the cutest little white patch on her forehead! The kittens are all thriving in their foster home and LOVE to play and have fun!


Happy Tales for Sirius!

Our adorable kitten, Sirius Black, was adopted over the weekend to a wonderful home! He will have some new kitty siblings to play with, an epic cat tree (as seen) he immediately loved playing on, and lots and lots of snuggles! He's gunna be one very loved and spoiled boy. We are so happy for you Sirius!


Happy Tales!

Sweet Pea, from the Hesperia 25 hoarder case, has been adopted by her foster! She has really made herself right at home with her foster and has truly thrived in their care. She knew she was home <3 We are so happy its been finalized and is now official! Happy tales!!


Meet Meowth!

Meowth is the only boy of his litter and is one of our bottle babies found at just 2 weeks old. This litter was extremely messy and he was no exception! He would dig his entire face in his food bowl as if he had never eaten a day in his life! He's absolutely adorable, sweet, and loves his sisters. He will snuggle up right with them or join his fosters to hang out as well! He loves to play play play!

Once fully vetted, he will be up for adoption and is currently available for pre-adoption!


Meet Mowgli!

This adorable little blue/gray kitten has the SWEETEST FACE EVER. She was rescued from the same location as Bagheera but is older. She had a severe eye infection when we rescued her but is doing fantastic! She is sweet, playful, and loves her cuddles! She enjoys playing with Bagheera and checking out her foster mama's dogs! She is currently pre-adopted and will be going to her forever home in a few weeks!


Meet Yeti!

Yeti is an ADORABLE medium haired white kitten with the cutest little black dot on the top of her head! I have a feeling it will fade with time as it appears to already. Yeti came to us from Cat House on the Kings as part of a transfer agreement. She was super skinny, flea infested, and had an upper respiratory infection. Her sister, Alaska, had an upper respiratory infection as well but seemed to have a great appetite. Both girls are extremely friendly cuddle bugs! They LOVE everyone and have made friends with their foster's kitty and doggy. She is doing great and has gained some weight!

Both girls are currently preadopted by their Foster


Dyson puppy training. He already knows that 'no' and 'uh uh' means he needs to stop so he goes under the chair to bite his chew toy instead. He also knows the "leave it" command and "sit".


Meet Squeaker!

Squeaker is one of our bottle babies found at just 3 days old. He was found near a road, alone, and crying. He was given his name by his finder due to his ability to yell quite loudly! He has taken his name to heart and is quite the little chatterbox. He loves to yell for food and is HUGE for his age. He will be a very tall, large kitty when full grown. Squeaker is a very sweet boy who loves his adoptive sister, Hermione. They enjoy playing and snuggling in the cat tree. He loves to come up on the bed for snuggles in the middle of the night and purrs super loud.

Squeaker and Hermione are pre-adopted and will be going to their furrever homes!


Meet Juniper!

This little nugget with the biggest eyes ever... was rescued with her mama from Devore shelter in San Bernadino. They were both on the kill list to be euthanized! Thankfully, with the help of a few rescuers, their foster, and Kitty Devore Rescue, they were saved! Juniper is very sweet and loves to play with wand toys. She is TINY for her age with a small thin frame despite having a huge appetite! Juniper originally snap tested positive for FIV (as her mama is positive too- no big deal) but we now know it was just her mama's antibodies. She has re-snapped negative.

Luckily for her, she is pre-adopted! We hope this is her furrrever home!


Meet Wolverine!

Wolverine came to us with his sister Storm from Cat House on the Kings as part of a transfer agreement. Shortly after he arrived, he became extremely ill with Calici virus! High fever, trouble walking, not eating, etc. Luckily, after some meds and TLC, he made a full turn around! Now this little guy is happy and playful! He loves his doggy friend and is super attached to his sister. He is available for adoption as a bonded pair with Storm! He is a beautiful flame point siamese with stunning ice blue eyes.


Meet Purrloin!

This stunning girl has always been one spunky little nugget. Her and her siblings were found abandoned outside at about 2 weeks old. They were bottle fed for a few weeks and are now weaned. These little guys do really well on limited ingredient diets for their sensitive tummies. Purrloin, since she was itty bitty, was quite loud and playful. She enjoys romping around with her siblings and loves humans!

She is still available for pre-adoption!


Meet Riddler!

Born into the rescue with fever coat. This adorable little munchkin is such a sweet soul. He loves other animals and has always been a little cuddler. He has the most beautiful markings with deep black stripes. He is going to be adopted by his foster!


Meet Godiva!

Godiva has quite the story to tell. She was at Downey Shelter along with her 3-4 kittens. The kittens were being networked for rescue separate of mama with no attention paid to finding her a rescue willing to save them both. She was thought to be a black kitty and that "no one would want her and it was easier to focus on rescuing the kittens first". Of course, we stepped up for the entire family. However, the shelter allowed all the kittens (that were only 5 weeks old and still nursing) to be adopted and taken from her. As we originally intended to rescue the entire family, we still made sure to show up and pull her from the shelter.

Godiva was spayed at the shelter while still completely engorged with milk. She became depressed without her kittens. She was on the verge of developing mastitis from her overproduction.

And then it happened. Someone needed help with 6 orphaned kittens. Normally, our policy is to not introduce unrelated kittens to a mama. However, with mama's severe depression and the babies too young to eat solids, we paired them together. She immediately resumed mama duties and took excellent care.

Unfortunately, shortly after, everyone became ill with a massive upper respiratory infection. Mama and babies had to be force fed and on a cocktail of antibiotics and antivirals. All survived and went on to foster care together. She continued to care for them, love them, groom them, and they became hers.

All 6 of her babies have since been adopted. She is currently pre-adopted and we are hopeful this may be her forever home! This lovely girl turned out to be 100% brown, not black and LOVES her belly rubbed! She's sweet, petite, and gentle. She is the perfect companion and has gone through so much. We can't wait until she's settled in her new home!