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Barbra on Vancouver Island Current Fosters: Marsh, #theWaterKittens, and Mr. Chumley Forever: Lunar, Ruby and #blindNikko Our Amazon Wishlist:

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I got an update from my cat sitter and this is what she said: "everything is good. Chumley doesn't want to come down from his favorite spot. Mama Marsh is such a wonderful kittyβ™‘ I have successfully applied meds to Lunar (last night and this morning ) and I even got to meet Ruby and guess what! he let me pet his head!" (This photo of Bay and me was taken about a week ago) #TheWaterKittens


Listen! #purring #MrChumley By the way, I'm on a little holiday so won't be live streaming again until Friday. See you then! πŸ’•(I do have a cat-sitter looking after everyone, but she doesn't do Instagram)


Cutest clips from the past week #justcute #TheWaterKittens #age3weeks #thiswillmakeyouhappy #volumeon


Mr Chumley loves to be brushed πŸ‘


This is how I give Lunar his thyroid medication twice a day. The medication is called Methimazole and the applicator is called a transdermal pen. #easypeasy #hyperthyroidism #seniorcat



I see eyes! #Cove #TheWaterKittens


Caption this please! #Fjord


If you were going to get only one piece from #thecatmod climbing system, I'd recommend the hammock (the piece Chumley ends up in at the end). It's been by far both Chumley's and Meadow's favourite. It's $40 if I remember correctly. @catastrophicreations #ad #MrChumley #handmadewithlove


No hissing this morning! Still waiting for purrs🀞🏽#MrChumley


Here's a nice clip from the livestream with Chumley. It's been a wonderful day of firsts for him: playing with a toy; interacting with me in the floor; and this... (see video πŸ‘πŸ»)


First time playing πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #MrChumley



WINNERS of the @onepethubpillow custom made pet pillow keychains! There were 219 entries, so I thought of five random numbers between one and 219, and these are the winners:
@the_thirsty_whale @kaffipapu @happyface_to_many Congratulations to the winners and their fur babies, thank you to @onepethubpillow for sponsoring the giveaway, and most of all...thank you to everyone who participated! Winners, please check your DM's for details. #onepethubpillow


I've often thought I should make a compilation video of kittens falling asleep. After watching this it occurs to me that I should also make one of kittens waking up #bigstretch #toocuteforwords #TheWaterKittens #day22


First time sitting upright like a big girl! #growingup #Raindrop #day22 #TheWaterKittens


Me: would it be mean of me to wake everyone up for a livestream? .
Cove: MEW! Translation: you have to ask?? Geesh πŸ˜‘
Me: I'm going to do it anyway. .
Cove: ...mew... *sigh*


He's a character. #MrChumley #useyourwords


If only my ears would let me fly like Dumbo. *sigh* >>>caption by @izzyandbenny 😊#TheWaterKittens #Raindrop #day22



From now on, I'll never be able to look at raindrops without thinking of this precious baby. And that's a wonderful thing. #feelingblessedπŸ˜‡ #TheWaterKittens #Raindrop #day21


Mr. Chumley! Blanket by @kittenknittin Hammock bed by @catastrophicreations #thecatmod


Marsh is only 10 months and on her second pregnancy. That's been Marsh's life so far. She first got pregnant at five months, and got pregnant a second time while still nursing the first litter. That's why 1) #spayandneuter is so critically important, and 2) Marsh will be spayed as soon as she weans these kittens. How do I know her background? She was an owner surrender and the man told me her history. >>> Please spread the word about spay and neuter.


Bay might be the smallest, but she is fierce at protecting her milk bar turf! #TheWaterKittens #day20


I'm thrilled with Mr. Chumley's progress today. He has discovered the @catastrophicreations climbing wall, and interestingly has chosen the same hammock as Meadow did. This is day 10 of his time with me and things are progressing faster than they did with Meadow! (The sound in the background is his radio, which is tuned to a talk radio station to help him get used to human voices) #thecatmod #feralcat #orangetabby #MrChumley


Mr Chumley is feeling comfortable enough to climb on the @Catastrophicreations wall. #outintheopen #unsureEars #thecatmod


This is why I get absolutely nothing done all day πŸ˜‚ #TheWaterKittens #day20


GIVEAWAY! 5 prizes of an adorable personalized key chain made by @onepethubpillow. Yes, that's my little #WhiteTail from last summer. All you have to do to enter is comment below with the name of the kitty you'd like on your keychain. Oh, and by the way… This is an equal opportunity contest: dogs and any other animals are fully welcome to participate! And yes, it is international.


Someday I'm going to make a compilation video of #TinyKittens falling asleep. #TheWaterKittens #day20


Proof that Cove actually has eyes! #betterlight #day20 #TheWaterKittens #trianglehead