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Barbra on Vancouver Island. Enjoy my foster kittens and consider becoming a foster home yourself! Please spay and neuter. Amazon Wishlist:

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Good night from #TheWaterKittens and #TheIslandKittens 😘


Monet's kittens are three weeks old and starting to show interest in the world outside their nest. Now is the right time for me to start taking them out and handling them so that they become socialized. Get ready for some cute! #TheArtistKittens #FeralCat #FosterKittens


Sweet Carmanah has left to go on to the next stage of her life. She will be spayed this morning and then go to a foster home for five days to recover. Then she will be returned to the farm that she is familiar with, and start her job as a barn cat. She will have a clean dry room, daily food, and a cat door to go in and out. Trap, neuter and release (TNR) is the best possible outcome for a #feralcat βœ… #TNR #TheIslandKittens


I love these little guys so much. From left: Ukee, Bernie, and Tofino. They are seven weeks old today! Can you believe it? #TheIslandKittens #fosterkittens


Who is this: Carmanah or Monet? #sistersforever


Carmanah or Monet? Can you tell the difference? #sistersforever


A parade of adorable kittens, one after the other. It's going to be a good day in the neighbourhood #WhatCouldBeBetter #TheWaterKittens #FosterKittens


Bedtime for #TheIslandKittens πŸ’•


Monet is doing those "Carmanah eyes" 🀣 #theArtistKittens


A lovely look at #theArtistKittens. They look like #triplets but of course they are not - they just look like it :) #fostering


Now I've seen it all. As soon as Cove was neutered, the girls started showing a persistent and enthusiastic interest in...ahem...him. πŸ˜‚ #benefitsofneuter?


Bernie is definitely going to have to have a cat sibling in her forever home. #TheIslandKittens #FosterKittens


A whole gallery of Frida 😍 #MonetsKittens #theArtistKittens #fostercare


Kitten skills. They take time. #TheIslandKittens #Fostering


The moon and stars aligned, allowing me to get a rare video of Carmanah. This patient feral cat is leaving on Thursday – she will be spayed and returned to the farm that she came from. She will have a lovely room in the barn with lots of cosy sleeping places, daily food, and a cat door for her to come in and out of. In another month or so Monet and the third sister will be joining her. #farmlife is #bestlife for #feralcats


I think the the designer of this toy would be delighted to see Bernie playing so sweetly with it. The toy started out with a plastic butterfly but #TheWaterKittens chewed it off in about two days. I've attached a piece of #ducttape and it still works fine. #toyhack #TheIslandKittens #Bernie


Raindrop: Come here little kitten, I will give you a cuddle.
Bernie: oh, thank you. You're nice and fluffy.
Raindrop: Bug off, Fjord! This is MY kitten.
Fjord: But I want it, too!
Raindrop: Finders keepers, losers weepers.


Can't believe I used to call this gorgeous kitten "Alien" 🀣 #itsTofino #TheIslandKittens #rescuekittens


Ukee has the last laugh - from Hamster Boy to extraordinarily pretty kitten. Just goes to show that you never know! #TheIslandKittens #rescuekittens


All lined up... #TheIslandKittens let me know when they're ready to go back in with mama. #stillbabies #fostercare #sixweeks


Yesterday #TheWaterKittens got spayed and neutered. Yay! That means there is no chance Bay, Raindrop, or Fjord will ever have an accidental pregnancy. And Cove will not fight over territory or females., and be far less likely to spray. The surgeries went great, and the kittens are being really good about not licking their incisions. #spayandneuteryourpets


And today she sounds like a ________? #funnyMeow #Bay #TheWaterKittens


We haven't seen a photo of Monet for a while, but today she let me get close enough to take this nice shot of her with one of her babies. The kittens are two weeks old today! #theArtistKittens #rescuecats


These little squeakers crack me up. #TheWaterKittens


I think Raindrop has lost her sad-eye expression. What do you think? #TheWaterKittens #10weeks


UPDATE: "Hi Barbra! Meadow (we call her Moo) is doing great! Getting bigger and is very frisky! Runs around the house, up onto the couch, flys in the air to the other couch, down the hall... She will play with paper balls and hair ties for hours!"
I found it most interesting to learn that Meadow is getting bigger. That tells me that she was still a kitten when I had her. (we had thought she was about one year old, but now I'm thinking she was younger than that). Can you believe this is the same cat who cowered in a corner and trembled when I held her? #fosteringsaveslives #thankyounewfamily


I must admit that for the past month when #TheWaterKittens have had "gastrointestinal problems" (you know what that is don't you? 🀣) I've spent most of my time washing floors and haven't had a lot of time to just sit and enjoy these babies. Now that they are feeling better, I'm really looking forward to enjoying fun times together before they go to their forever homes on May 28. Are any of them being adopted together? You'll just have to wait until the big reveal on May 28! #rescuekittens #fostering