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My husband sent me this photo of Nikko and Ruby watching the iPad screen as he FaceTimes with me. He says they stare intently at the screen (well, I guess #BlindNikko *listens* intently πŸ’•πŸ±#longdistancelove


This is Bruno (Mr. Chumley's brother) and he has found his forever home! Every adoption is exciting, but Bruno's story has a particularly heartwarming twist. You see, due to living on the streets and getting cat bites from infected cats, Bruno is FIV+. Here's an explanation written by @jennifercalexander and @chaunceysk for CatNap's newsletter: "Bruno is FIV+ and so he will need to be an indoor-only cat. Don’t let the letters FIV scare youβ€”it’s an autoimmune condition; FIV is not (in and of itself) lethal. It just means that his immune system isn’t as strong as a cat without FIV. Most FIV+ cats live long normal lives, whether it’s as the only cat in the household or with other (FIV-) cats. Transmission can only be spread to catsβ€”not humans or other animalsβ€”it is not easy to transmit. A very bad bite from another cat is required, a VERY bad bite. Studies indicate that it isn’t transmitted by sharing bowls, water, litter, or grooming another cat. There are thousands of FIV+ cats that live full, long lives with FIV- cats. If you have heard of internet sensations Cole and Marmalade, then you have seen an FIV+ cat living with a FIV- cat!

Up until recently, FIV+ kitties have been deemed "unadoptable" because of a discriminatory fear of the condition. Sadly these kitties are usually euthanized right away because of the incorrect stigma that is behind the letters FIV. CatNap is among the rescues that are trying to help break the stigma surrounding FIV, in the hopes that lives can start to be saved. We need people to open their hearts, homes, and minds so the fear and stigma will endβ€”and kitties’ lives will be saved. The website is a great resource if you would like to learn more." πŸ˜‡ I am so grateful to the family who opened their hearts and home to Bruno. #stigma #FIV #changingminds #changinglives by the way, if you are interested in receiving CatNap's newsletter, you can sign up here:


ADOPTED! Foster dad dropped Harlequin and Harper at the adoption centre, came back a few hours later to check on them and they had both been adopted! (but not together) #theHARkittens


Adopted! Hartley has been adopted by my nephew and his partner, who contacted me on the weekend to say they had fallen in love with Hartley. This was a happy surprise for me, as 1) I didn't know they followed my Instagram, and 2) I didn't know they were thinking of adding to their cat family 🐱🐱Hartley had a ferry ride last night and is now at his #foreverhome in Vancouver. My nephew tells me that he is adjusting very well and getting to know his big brother Willow (yes, I know - another of those "oops" names πŸ˜‚) Because I am in Paris, foster dad handled everything (foster dad is the greatest 😘) My nephew says they like the name Hartley, but are also thinking of some Viking inspired names, such as Ragnar or Floki. I'll let you know what they decide! The girls go to the adoption centre on Wednesday morning. #theHARkittens #adoptionrocks


Hi from Paris! I got this wonderful update on Polly, Molly, and the #HometownKittens from their new foster family: "Polly and her family are a lovely group. The kittens are friendly and healthy now, gaining weight every day." >>>I'm very happy to hear the kittens' tummy problems have cleared up. Oakley is still pretty tiny next to that boot, though 😻#fosteringsaveslives #FiveWeeksOld


I must be crazy to leave this heaven but I really do need a break. This way I'll return with renewed energy for fostering βœˆοΈπŸ—ΌβœˆοΈπŸ‘πŸ±πŸ˜Š


Remember when? These three little nuggets, their mom Polly, and Aunt Molly went to their new foster home on Monday evening. I'm pleased with where they've gone: Mela and her husband are experienced foster parents with lots of time and love to give. You should have seen Oakley march out of the carrier and immediately run the length of the two rooms! I felt really proud of her. Molly came face to face with another cat who looks just like her (mirror!) it was clear that everybody was going to settle in just fine. I'll be keeping in touch with Mela (and asking for photos) so I will keep you updated on how they are doing. #HometownKittens #fosterkittend


Adopt me! Honestly, if you were looking for a kitten could you resist Hartley? #theHARkittens are being spayed and neutered today and will be going to a local adoption centre next week. Since I'm leaving for my trip tomorrow, Foster Dad will be looking after these kittens for a week. This is the photo and bio I've written for Hartley:
Hartley is a gentle lovebug. He's a 10 week old male orange and white tabby. He is pretty much the perfect kitten: friendly, outgoing, playful, curious, and very affectionate. Like his sister Harper, Hartley likes to comfort himself by suckling on your neck, but he is not persistent and can easily be deterred. He is very well socialized and would fit well in any home. He loves playing with children and is very comfortable with other cats. He has not yet met a dog but would probably do just fine after proper introductions.


As I mentioned in my previous post, the last couple of days have been a whirlwind of tying up loose ends before leaving for my trip tomorrow. I've just finished sending off the adoption photos and bios for #theHARkittens. Here's what I wrote for my elegant Harlequin
Harlequin is an adorable 10 week old "torbie" (combination of tortoiseshell and tabby) female kitten with a distinctive heart-shaped black nose. She is a real sweetheart - playful, friendly, curious, and very affectionate. Of the three kittens in her litter, Harlequin is the most calm and polite. She's not a "suckler" like her siblings, waits her turn for food and cuddles, and seems to "think before she acts" (unusual for a kitten!) Harlequin is a real lap-cat who loves to cuddle and purr. She is very well socialized and would fit well in any home. She loves children and other cats. She has not yet met a dog but would probably do just fine after proper introductions. (You can distinguish Harlequin and her sister Harper by the colour of their noses: Harper's is pink while Harlequin's is black)


The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of tying up loose ends before leaving for my trip tomorrow. One important thing is to get adoption photos and bios done for #theHARkittens. Done! Here's what I wrote for my little monkey Harper:
Harper is an adorable 10 week old "torbie" (combination of tortoiseshell and tabby) female kitten with a cute little pink nose. She is the boldest of the three kittens in her litter - always the first to run into a new room and check it out! Harper is very playful, friendly, curious, and affectionate. In fact, she is so affectionate that she will enthusiastically suckle your neck while purring ecstatically and "making biscuits". Most people find the suckling endearing, and she will most likely grow out of it, but if it would bother you then she's not the right kitten for you :) Harper is very well socialized and would fit well in any home. She loves children and other cats. She has not yet met a dog but would probably do just fine after proper introductions. IMPORTANT NOTE: Harper does not like to be left alone; she needs a cat friend or a human who is home a lot. #adoptdontshop


Seriously, I just can't say no to her #Harper #fosterkitten #theHARkittens


Franklyn pays careful attention to mama's litter box lesson, and then immediately puts it into practice - with gusto! #FosterKittens #hometownkittens


How to know if you are a true cat lover? You watch this video (where nothing much happens) right to the end and wish that it was longer πŸ˜‚#noaction #justpurring


Contrary to popular belief, Energizer Bunnies do eventually wear out. #Harper #Harlequin #torbie


Polly starts it. Molly wins. Every time. #sistertime


Polly loves to play with #theHARkittens under the door. Sometimes they pass a little toy back and forth. It's so sweet but interferes with my hygiene efforts! #stillakitten


Harlequin is such a beautiful name. So why do I keep calling her "Black Nose"? πŸ˜‚ #affectionate #theHARkittens


Who wants ice cream? #theHARkittens #FosterKittens


Not that I would ever have a favourite #Selby #hometownkittens #FosterKittens


We still have some tummy issues, but they are nursing and gaining weight which is wonderful. As you can see, they are feeling playful, too. #hometownkittens #FosterKittens


Sweet baby Oakley has gained back all the weight she lost and then some. From a low of 315 grams five days ago to 400 grams today! You go Oakley πŸŽ‰πŸ’• #hometownkittens #fosteringsaveslives


There are no words to describe how cute Selby is. #HometownKittens #FosterKitten


My little poopers started nursing overnight!!! Mama Polly had dried up because they weren't nursing when they were sick. I almost cried when I felt her full mammary glands this morning. Hopefully this means no more bottlefeeding. More importantly, a return to robust weight gain. Please see my story today for details about what had been making them sick. #relieved #hometownkittens #fosterkittens #giardia Correction: that's Polly (not Molly as I originally stated).


Vincent (Oreo) update: he is absolutely loving his forever family, and as you can see, feels perfectly at home now. I'm so grateful to his adopters for seeing his potential. A week ago I messaged Candy to thank her for being patient with him, and this is what she replied: "Of course! It's more satisfying when you have to work for it :) he's very playful and sweet- just needs to get to know that we love him" πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’• Some people are just beyond wonderful. πŸ“Έ: Candy #formerfoster #oreothefostercat #feralnomore


How many seconds of Hartley does it take to make your heart swell? Here's four... #theHARkittens #fosterkittens


You've heard of awkward family photos? That pretty much sums up my photo shoot today! #fosters #hometownkittens


Good night from three little purr machines #theHARkittens #fosterkittens


Every family needs one: "The Fun Aunt" #hometownkittens #fosterkittens


Update: Aunty Molly (pictured here) and Mama Polly had a faecal test and it showed a bacterial infection (I'm not sure with what - I need to clarify that with the vet). So now both adults and the three babies are on an antibiotic called Metronidazole (brand name is Flagyl) for five days. I am relieved to find out what is causing Oakley's diarrhea, and I am looking forward to having all this cleared up soon πŸ™πŸΌ


Everybody is content, although Oakley continues to lose weight and the other two are just holding steady - not gaining. The only logical explanation is that mama Polly is producing little or no milk. It's possible that although the kittens are nursing, they're not actually getting any milk. For this reason, I've started bottlefeeding them KMR (kitten milk replacement) every three hours. They are three weeks old today, so in another week or so they should start eating solid food. Thanks for all your concern and support… I'm a bit stressed but all indications are that we're going to get through this OK. And @whiskersnpurrs has offered to come over and help if necessary πŸ’#hometownkittens #3Weeks