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Barbra, cat foster home on Vancouver Island

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Good night from Frida and Leonardo πŸ’•#theartistkittens #thehistorykittens


British Columbia (where I live) is in the middle of a wildfire emergency necessitating evacuations. #Animalrescue work is being done by the nonprofit group Pet Safe Coalition of Canada. If you would like to help, PetSafe is gratefully accepting cash donations either through email money transfer to or PayPal using the link on their website I have put that web link in my bio today, as well. Leonardo says "thanks for helping the kitties who are not as lucky as me!" PS I am not in any danger - so far the wildfires are several hundred kilometres from where I live. #bcforestfires


Caption this please! #Frida #theartistkittens


Winning caption: "I knead to suckle" by @jennifercalexander


It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a… phone cord! #thehistorykittens #catharina


This beautiful kitty is Reese. He's being fostered by another CatNap foster home. Because he is shy we've been having a hard time finding his purrfect family. If you know anyone on Vancouver Island or surrounding areas who is looking to adopt a beautiful gentle boy, please have them contact me. Here's Reese's bio:
This little cat is very sweet. It takes time for him to get to know you. But once he does, he's extremely affectionate and loves to be around people. He is very playful and loves toys. It would be best to start him off in a room for a few days so he can get to know his new adopters before introducing him to the rest of the house. Wet food seems to be his favourite and the easiest way for him to trust you. He has been around a couple of other cats, he didn't have any problems with the first but the second he doesn't seem to like much. His current foster home has 2 dogs which he has been curious about through a baby gate. I imagine he would do ok with an older calm dog but I believe he would prefer a dog free home. He is a very special cat that needs a very special home where he will get the love and attention he’s been waiting for and he will give back in return.


Time to start working on that "hands are for petting, not for playing" concept πŸ˜‰#LittlePanther #TheHistoryKittens #fosterkitten


DOUBLE ADOPTION!! Ash and Gracie have been adopted together! My husband was dropping off an item that I forgot to send with them, and the store manager said "tell Barbra the good news!" I'm pretty sure I know who adopted them, and it's an Instagram follower! I just want to ask her permission before announcing it, and I will also ask if Ash and Gracie will have their own Instagram account. I'll keep you posted. #doubleadoption #fosteringsavelives


I was pleased to see that this video was added to Ash's adoption profile. It shows how super-snuggly she is πŸ’•#graduationday


Getting lots of pets in with Ash before she leaves tomorrow #AdoptionIsTheGoal


Ash "captured" that Kickeroo toy right out of the Amazon box, and has hardly been without it since. When she's not playing (or sleeping!) with it, she puts it in her secret hiding spot behind her bed πŸ’• #adorable #touching πŸ’•


Ash is one of most affectionate cats I've ever had the pleasure of fostering. She and her sister Gracie are going to the adoption centre on Thursday, and I'm excited at the prospect of them finding their forever homes. Here is the bio I wrote for her:
Ash is a beautiful, gentle, and affectionate one-year-old female cat. If you are looking for a lap cat who will snuggle up with you and purr for hours, Ash is your kitty!
Ash is playful and her favourite toy is her Kong Kickeroo catnip toy. She also enjoys her orange "Tower of Tracks" toy and loves to play with it in the sunshine.
Ash is a quiet, polite cat - she has a sweet meow but you won't hear it very often. She would love to be adopted with her sister Gracie, but if that is not possible they would adjust to being separated
Ash is an undemanding cat who is good at amusing herself. But she will be most happy cuddling with you and expressing her appreciation with contented purring.


Since #theartistkittens have been sharing a litter box with #thehistorykittens for the past week, they will probably have picked up worms again. This is one of the many reasons why it's not a good idea to mix litters (This is the last time I'm going to mix litters - it's a bad idea for health reasons and I shouldn't be doing it!) I'll have to give #theartistkittens worming medication again. #fosterkittens


See how there is a bulge on each side of Cleopatra's tummy? That's what we call "worm belly". Whenever I hear someone say "awww...look at their fat little tummies", I think "uh oh". Kittens need to be six weeks old before they can have worming medication (#Milbemax). #Thehistorykittens were six weeks old on the weekend so I was able to give them their first dose. They will get a second dose in 10 days. How did they get worms? From their mother. #fosterkittens


Caption this please! #Frida #theartistkittens


Ash is such a gentle beauty. Her sister Gracie is also beautiful, but quite a different personality: she's a playful rascal.


This is the photo I have selected to advertise Gracie for adoption. I think it shows her off very nicely. #adoptdontshop


Ash and I having a cuddle. I'm going to use this video to advertise her for adoption. I think anyone who is looking for a cuddly little lap cat would fall for her.


We had a very lazy afternoon. #fostering


So little but so brave on the @catastrophicreations climbing wall #catmod #theartistkittens #thehistorykittens


Caption this please! #Catharina #thehistorykittens


Kittens meet Robot for the first time. >>>It's important to expose kittens to a range of sights, sounds, and people for socialization. If I kept them in a cocoon they would have a harder time adapting to their adoptive homes. These kittens were curious as well as cautious about the robot vacuum. #eufy #thehistorykittens #theartistkittens


Leonardo and Frida #theartistkittens #TheHistoryKittens


Ash is pleading "pleeeeze... no more medicine foster mom. I'm fine, really!" #antibiotics #7days #caesarian


Sound, touch and smell help #blindNikko understand and navigate her world. #perfectlyimperfect #BlindCat


Meet Canada's Next Top Meowdel. #thehistorykittens #rescuecat


Cats are often sleepy or subdued after they get vaccinations. #Jasper


This deserves a great caption, but my brain is just not coming up with anything. Please help me!


You'd think I never feed them! #motherlode #FosterKittens


Remember Baby Chloe (now Pippa)? Like Tikko, she recently started spraying in the house. With Pippa's family, "forever home" means forever...
So they first took Pippa to the vet. No medical problem. So they asked themselves, has anything changed in her life? What could be causing her stress? After a bit of trial and error, they wondered if she was feeling stressed being around her two boisterous cat brothers. They tried separating Pippa from them, and bingo: the spraying stopped. Now Pippa lives downstairs and the boys live upstairs
There's always a reason, and there's always a solution. #coppereyes #formerfoster