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"When someone tells me a skincare product 'instantly' works, I often roll my eyes… I didn't know how I would honestly feel about a mask that claims to work in just five minutes. The odds were good in that I was already a fan of Fresh products. If you haven't tried any of its cult classics — such as the Soy Face Cleanser, Sugar Face Polish, and Sugar Lip Treatment — you're seriously missing out on some of the most beloved products at @sephora The brand does have quite a few masks — did it really need another one? Well, I sure did! Because the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask is freakin' awesome. I sincerely love it, and I'm going to tell you why:
🌸First of all, it contains a rock-star lineup of ingredients starring lotus flowers. In the mask, there are little lotus seeds infused in the creamy gel-like base. These are used to detox and exfoliate the skin. There is also lotus flower extract in it, which is known to offer antiaging benefits.
🌸I like to apply it before a shower, because the cooling cucumber-scented formula helps me to wake up. I can brush my teeth or shave my legs, and by the time five minutes have passed, it's ready to be removed.
🌸The next step is to massage the lotus seeds into your skin, taking off any dead cells. This is the part I like to do in the shower since it can get a little messy.
🌸After, my skin looks significantly brighter and feels smoother. I'm personally not a fan of doing acid peels or using cleansing brushes at home, because my skin is sensitive and both can be irritating. Using gentle scrubs has routinely been my go-to exfoliating method, so I like that the Youth Preserve Rescue Mask takes care of that while also combating any dehydration. The formula feels buttery and nourishing.
As I mentioned, the mask works in just five minutes. And it actually works."
- @laurenlevinson //@popsugarbeauty 💙


That cleanser though. Using Soy Face Cleanser is one of our favorite parts of the day. It's refreshing, it WORKS and has a cult-following for a reason


The skin around the lips is not only thinner than the rest of the face, it also isn’t equipped with the same defenses, like oil and sweat glands. Lips need protection from dryness (and bomb cyclone weather). Our Sugar Lip Treatments are packed with ingredients that not only smooth and protect but also prevent moisture loss.



Why is our new Lotus mask called the “Rescue Mask?" Because it will take your skin from meh to I-just-got-a-facial flawless in 5 minutes. How? It gently buffs, smoothes, and resets your complexion. Available at @Sephora.


Ingredient spotlight: the lotus flower. This natural wonder is the key ingredient in our Lotus collection because it defends against free radicals, has anti-aging benefits, and boosts hydration levels in your skin.


5 minutes. 1 mask. Amazing skin! 😍



“My favorite moisturizer for the winter time is @freshbeauty Lotus Youth Preserve Face cream. Leaves a moisturized feeling without feeling too heavy which is great for my combo skin ✨#Regram @nataliejeannem


#WednesdayWisdom: Just breathe. @mndflmeditation


Cannabis without the controversy. As cannabis continues to trend in the beauty and wellness space, our Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum is the perfect wintry scent to chill out with—it shifts and changes as the day wears on. A sensual woodsy fragrance, it has notes of bergamot, cannabis accord, vetiver, and vanilla musk. #regram @decouleurblog



Our newest face mask in its natural habitat. Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask is packed with lotus flower extract and lotus seeds, both sourced from Southeast Asia.


Introducing five minutes of skincare nirvana. We partnered with New York City-based meditation studio @mndflmeditation to bring you mini meditations to pair with our new Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask (aka our five-minute facial). It’s a self-care ritual with a skincare twist.
This week’s meditation theme: CONNECT. It’s for those times when you need to refocus on the present. Click the link in our bio for the full meditation. #ReviveinFive


Wake up your eyes this week with our eye essentials:
▫️Black Tea Eye Concentrate soothes, diminishes fine lines. Fresh tip: this won't make your under-eye makeup crease!
▫️Lotus Eye Gel is like putting cucumbers under your eyes--in gel form. Fresh tip: stick it in the fridge for a little extra refresh!



#SundaySkincare: Your skin can have its cake and eat it too with our deliciously indulgent masks. 🍰


#SundaySkincare: Our Lotus Eye Gel is one of our favorite products that features a cooling burst of cucumber extract. For an additional chill factor, @bellywellyjelly likes to pop hers in the fridge for a few hours pre-application.


#WeekendWanderlust: Whisk us away to Cambodia, the land of our lotus. #FreshJourneys



Have you tried our SugarBath Cubes? They are made with:
-Brown sugar, a natural humectant that prevents moisture loss and softens skin
-A bicarbonate of soda that creates bubbles to gently lift away dull, dry skin
❄️Drop these in for a winter bath session packed with moisturizing ingredients!
⚡️Fresh tip: We love to bring them to the nail salon when we get a pedicure.
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Every yin has its yang. After we mask, we always moisturize. ▫️Lotus Rescue Mask: your go-to mask for radiant, supple skin in five minutes flat
▫️Lotus Face Cream: a radiance-boosting 24-hour moisturizer perfect for all skin types
⚡️Fresh tip: this face cream is the perfect pre-makeup primer!


In Southeast Asia, the markets are full of our favorite bloom: the lotus flower. Every part of it can be used—there’s fiber in the stem that can be made into thread for fabric; the seeds are a great snack; and the root can be made into soups and delicious desserts. Bonus? The flower itself is Mother Nature’s masterpiece.



Did you know the lotus flower can only grow in water? This aquatic perennial is first grown at home and then placed into murky water to fully bloom into a stunning powerful flower.


Just say Kombuch-ahh! Shield yourself from everyday pollution with our refreshing new Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence. Your powerhouse prep-step proven to protect and prevent premature fine lines caused by smog and smoke. Available now exclusively in Asia, coming to the rest of the world soon!


Why is the lotus flower an amazing hero ingredient? We use two parts of the plant in our Lotus Rescue Mask: lotus extract, found in our radiance-boosting Super 7 Complex, and lotus seeds, which gently exfoliate the skin.


Does your skin need to escape from winter and the dry, flaky skin that comes with it? Us too. That’s why we are reaching for our skin SOS, the Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask. An exfoliating, radiance-boosting face mask that works in five minutes flat. #ReviveInFive


We’re in Asia this week for the launch of our Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence. First stop? Hong Kong. There’s a reason our co-founders Lev & Alina won’t go outside without wearing our new Essence, it fights pollution and provides antioxidant protection. This product is now available in Asia and will be coming to the rest of the 🌎 soon. Check out how we celebrated!


There’s a reason we dubbed our new Lotus Face Mask a “journey in a jar”. Come away with us to the land of the lotus 🌱. #ReviveInFive


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Start your week off Fresh 🥒 Just like the brand’s bestselling Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, @FreshBeauty’s new face mask is formulated with a blend of ingredients that target signs of aging, defend against wrinkles, deliver intense hydration, and boost radiance—all in five minutes ✨
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Suds up for #NationalBubbleBathDay! You know where to find us 😉


A sneak peek at our new Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, an Asia exclusive coming to the rest of the world soon. The anti-pollution powerhouse packs 8 benefits in 1 bottle. Stay tuned for more! #FreshKombucha #Regram @hammichelle


A new product is brewing over here...coming soon!


“I got to play with a lot of new @freshbeauty products this week during my stay at Big Sur. The Lotus Mask, which contains seaweed was one of my favorites. The lotus seeds and seaweed texture exfoliates and softens the skin. I personally love using this before applying makeup because my skin looks so smooth. I try and mask at least once a week and I’m excited to add this bad boy to my collection of masks. 🙌#Regram @simplysona 📷 @elizabethshrier