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“I heard a lot of firing and thought, ‘Hell, we must be in a hot zone.’ But after a couple of minutes we weren’t taking any fire, so we started walking toward the village. I saw what appeared to be civilians. Then I saw a soldier firing at them. I could not figure out what was going on. I couldn’t comprehend it.”
50 years ago today, the massacre at My Lai changed the course of the Vietnam War.
Combat photographer Ron Haeberle was there to document the atrocities that laid bare an appalling truth: American “boys” were as capable of unbridled savagery as any soldiers, anywhere.
Tap the link in our bio to see the graphic photos and read Ron’s exclusive, first-person account of the horror he witnessed.
📷: Ronald L. Haeberle/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images | #MyLai #VietnamWar #OTD


Looking back at a retro cool Michael Caine when he was just an up-and-coming star.
Visit ➡️ as LIFE photographer Bill Ray discusses his 1966 photoshoot with the English actor.
📷: Bill Ray/The LIFE Premium Collection/Getty Images | #ThrowbackThursday #TBT #MichaelCaine


Skiers carve through a mountain in Arêches-Beaufort for the 33rd edition of the Pierra Menta ski mountaineering competition in France.
📷: Jeff Pachouda/AFP/Getty Images | #PierraMenta



From quaint cottages and grand castles, to grandiose cliffs to cobblestone streets, Ireland has a lot to offer.
Visit @photos_dot_com and take a look at their latest #Ireland collection.
📷: Richard I'Anson/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images | #Dublin


Across the country on Wednesday, thousands of students walked out of their schools to protest the nation’s gun laws and pressure Congress to approve new legislation. The 17-minute walkout marked one month since the deadly massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that took 17 lives.
Swipe ⬅️ to see some of the moving scenes from youth-led protests on #NationalWalkoutDay
📷: Timothy A. Clary/AFP | Joe Raedle/Getty Images | Saul Loeb/AFP | #Enough


These snow monkeys have perfected the delicate art of relaxation.
📷: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images | #WildlifeWednesday #Monkey #Chill



"Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious." In loving memory of Stephen Hawking, who died Wednesday at his home in Cambridge, England at the age of 76. The legendary physicist was known for his expansive perspective, but also his sharp wit, big heart, and zingy one-liners.
📷: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images | #StephenHawking


7,000 pairs of shoes were spread out across the lawn at the U.S. Capital to represent the number of children killed by gun violence since the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012. Organized by the online activist group @avaaz_org, the shoes are intended to urge Congress to pass gun-reform legislation.
📷: @somophoto/Getty Images | #NeverAgain


Sweeping up the hillside, Barcelona is a city known for its trippy architecture, amazing restaurants, buzzing nightlife, and unwavering Catalan pride. But #Spain's second largest city, with a population of 1.6 million, is also known for its views.
Swipe ⬅️ to see some of the best sights this dreamy city has to offer.
📷: Yann Arthus-Bertrand/Getty Images | Gatsi/iStock | MasterLu/iStock | #TravelTuesday #Travel #Views #Barcelona



Imagery is the language of our time, but if you can’t be what you can’t see, then representation matters. Join Getty Images at #SXSW Interactive as we explore the power of imagery to re-picture concepts of gender, race, ability, orientation, and religion — and discuss how these robust visual stories can help drive conversation and change.
Event details below 🔻
A New Filter: The Power of Visual Representation
Tuesday, March 13, 5:00p at The Westin Austin Downtown
Speakers: Travon Free, Pam Grossman, Brooke Hinton, John Antoniello
📷: Rochelle Brock/Refinery29 for Getty Images | #RePictureUs


A visual observation of #NationalNappingDay in the Animal Kingdom.
📷: Erlend Krumsvik/EyeEm | Woodstock/iStock | Cristina Mittermeier/National Geographics | Daniel Ritz/EyeEm | #Animals #Wildlife #AnimalKingdom #💤


Bitter cold temperatures couldn’t prevent a stunning start to the 2018 Winter Paralympic opening ceremony in #Pyeongchang.
📷: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images | #OpeningCeremony #Paralympics



“It was all a dream…”
Honoring Biggie, the legendary rapper who changed the face of Hip Hop, on the anniversary of his death.
📷: Clarence Davis/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images | #Biggie #BiggieSmalls #NotoriousBIG #RIP


Sparks fly in the rural town of Xiaohu in eastern #China as villagers “eat” flowers for the New Year.
Hoping to cleanse themselves of evil spirits, bare-chested men shower in fountains of incandescent sparks in a spectacular display of fire and light. Opening their mouths to the fireworks, they pretend to “eat” the sparks, thus giving it the name “eating flowers."
📷: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images | #YearoftheDog #LunarNewYear


Monlam, or the Great Prayer festival, is the most important prayer event for many Tibetan Buddhists. It begins after the Lunar New Year and lasts for up to two weeks across the ethnic Tibetan regions of Western China. 
Pilgrims and worshipers join prayers, teachings, and rituals at the monasteries of the Gelug, or Yellow Hat, school of Tibetan Buddhism to pray for long life, peace, and harmony.
📷: @kevinfrayer/Getty Images | #Tibet #China #Labrang



Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with a look back at the female pioneers who broke barriers and refused to be defined by their gender ➡️
Pictured here:
Gertrud Ederle, first woman to swim across the English Channel.
Madame C.J. Walker, first woman to become a self-made millionaire.
Kathy Switzer, first woman to officially run the Boston marathon.
Jacqueline Cochran, first woman to break the sound barrier.
📷: Gircke/ullstein bild | Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images | Paul Connell/The Boston Globe | George Rinhart/Corbis | #WomensDay #ThrowbackThursday #TBT


What a difference one week makes in Cornwall, UK!
Just last week, the “Beast from the East” brought the United Kingdom (and other parts of Europe) to a standstill, shutting down schools and leaving thousands of homes without water.
Swipe ⬅️ to see Cornwall’s dramatic transformation from chilly to charming in just seven days.
📷: @mattcardy /Getty Images | #Weather #Winter #Cornwall


Get lost in the otherworldly weirdness of #jellyfish.
Swipe ⬅️ to see the striking colors these underwater aliens boast beneath the ocean’s surface.
📷: Yiming Chen/Moment | Corey Ford/Stocktrek Images | Ivanaok/iStock | #WildlifeWednesday #MarineLife #Underthesea



Au revoir Paris Fashion Week 👋
International Fashion Week — the bi-annual four-week affair that spans the world's four fashion capitals — has finally come to a close, but we're still not over the photos.
Visit ➡️ to see the striking #runway moments that made us say “wow.”
📷: @plsphotogetty/Getty Images | #PFW #FashionWeek


The floating markets in #Thailand have existed for centuries. Today, these markets preserve the country’s culture and heritage, promoting it to all who visit.
Follow ➡️ @photos_dot_com for some wall decor inspiration.
📷: Art Wolfe/Mint Images | #TravelTuesday #FloatingMarket


The Lantern Festival marks the end of Lunar New Year celebrations on March 2, as people get together to appreciate the first full moon of the year. In Taiwan, local and international tourists alike gather in the scenic village of Pingxi to light up the sky with thousands of lanterns. The tradition was invented during China’s Three Kingdoms period (220-265 A.D.) by renowned military strategist Zhuge Liang, originally to send signals and transmit information during war times. Today, people use this spectacular occasion to send their prayers for an auspicious new year.
📷: Billy H.C. Kwok/Getty Images | #LanternFestival #LunarNewYear #Taiwan #Pingxi #🏮


Sports icon Roger Bannister died Saturday at the age of 88.
Some athletes change the game. Even fewer change history. On May 6, 1954, Bannister, a gawky medical student from St. Mary’s College, did both when he lunged across the finish line at Oxford, England's Iffley Road track in 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds, becoming the first person to break the 4-minute mile. He will always be remembered for his remarkable achievements and lasting legacy.
📷: Norman Potter/Hulton Archive/Getty Images | #RogerBannister


It’s a small world after all…
The optical illusion created by tilt-shift #photography makes faraway objects look like tiny toy versions of themselves. 
Swipe to see more captivating #aerial photos created by this photographic effect.
📷: InkkStudios/Vetta | itchySan/E+ | Scanrail/iStock | #TiltShift #Travel #Chicago #Vatican #Prague


The glamour! The gowns! The glory!
Hollywood's best and brightest gathered at the Dolby Theatre to fete the year's top cinema.
From the red carpet to the closing credits, tap the link in our bio to see the best moments from the 2018 #Oscars.
📷: Mark Ralston/AFP | #AcademyAwards #JimmyKimmel #Hollywood


Stars stood out on the #redcarpet by rocking eye-popping color, unique accents and luxurious fabrics.
Pictured here:
Lupita Nyong’o turned heads with a gold detailing woven through her hair.
Zendaya looked like a Grecian goddess in a draped gown.
Daniel Kaluuya rocked a gold velvet blazer.
Margot Robbie stunned in white.
Oscars pro Nicole Kidman stood out in electric blue.
📷: Kevin Mazur/WireImage | Valerie Macon/AFP | #Oscars #AcademyAwards #BestDressed


We are all Jennifer Lawrence climbing over seats at the #Oscars.
📷: Kevin Winter | #Oscars2018 #AcademyAwards #JLaw #JenniferLawrence


Sing it girl!
🎤 Mary J. Blige made #Oscars history by becoming the first person to be nominated in both acting and music categories for the same film. She took the stage to perform her powerful song "Mighty River" from "Mudbound."
Tap the link in our bio for the best moments from the #AcademyAwards.
📷: Kevin Winter | #Oscars2018 #MaryJBlige


Stars slayed the #Oscars red carpet.
Visit our instagram story to see the most glamorous fashion at the #AcademyAwards
📷: @neilson___ | @frazerkh | Jeff Kravitz/Film Magic | Steve Granitz/WireImage | Kevin Mazur/WireImage


Did you know that black panthers are capable of leaping 10 vertical feet?
Celebrating #WorldWildlifeDay in images. Swipe to see more photos of the stealthy creature that has been called “the ghost of the forest.”
📷: Ibrahim Suha Derbent/Photodic | Aniket Mane/iStock |Jaroslav Frank/iStock | #Wildlife #bigcat


You may not know Arnold Newman by name, but you’ve definitely seen his photographs. From Marilyn Monroe to future president Donald Trump, his environmental portraits showed his subjects in their natural element, capturing an intimate side of the world’s most untouchable figures.
In honor of the late photographer's 100th birthday, swipe to see his timeless #portraits that still captivate viewers today.
Pictured here: Andy Warhol, Salvadore Dali, Marilyn Monroe with Carl Sandburg, Pablo Picasso, Truman Capote, JFK, and Donald Trump
Visit ➡️ for a closer look at his most intimate images. 
📷: Arnold Newman | #ArnoldNewman #Photographer #AndyWarhol #Dali #MarilynMonroe #Picasso #TrumanCapote #JFK #DonaldTrump