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A couple videos from a sick 12 dates up and down the UK with @rendcollective. Yooo to everyone we saw across the last few weeks. Thanks for coming out. Big up my family @lilmikedrums @its_jimmyjames @harrisoncosstick - sickest team to tour with. Also massive shout out to @stephendixon for getting me involved & @tomhester @chrisrend @smitchrend @patcollective @garethgilkeson @aligilk for the vibes. Big love to @tomredman for being a great stage manager with the worst banter, and love to @natalieevans25 & Brett for looking after everyone! Special mention to @tomsmithmusic and the SS crew for losing to us in the football match even though we were a man down 😘


‪What a legend. Inspired me and millions of others. Rest in peace Billy Graham. ‬


Allo Folkestone 👋🏾



Allo Eastbourne 👋🏾




Allo Southampton 👋🏾



Allo Guildford 👋🏾


Allo Cambridge 👋🏾 👉🏾



Allo Huddersfield 👋🏾


Allo Newcastle 👋🏾 Sorry that I shouted ‘make some noise Liverpooooool’ 😂


Allo Derby 👋🏾



‪Great to be at such a special and eclectic recording for @bbcradio2 - Pleasure meeting @mrdanwalker too. Tune in on Good Friday at 8pm to hear a couple tunes and other great artists. ‬


Allo Liverpool 👋🏾


Allo West Brom 👋🏾



Allo Bath 👋🏾


Allo Stoke 👋🏾


Tour starts in a couple days. Can’t wait to be back on the road with the crew @lilmikedrums @its_jimmyjames @harrisoncosstick 🚗 Supporting @rendcollective & there’s a few tickets left for some dates so grab ‘em while you can✌🏾



‘God wants you to have life, and life to the full’. Always used to hear that in church growing up and I interpreted ‘life to the full’ to mean everyday being the sickest and experiencing good times 24/7. Now I’ve lived a bit, that statement has a new meaning for me. I feel like ‘life to the full’ means the fullness of it all. Every emotion life has to offer. The good times, the bad times, the happy times, the sad times. I reckon all of it works together to make us better and stronger people. 📸 - @solomonmagazine
Check out the article I did with them by clicking the link in their bio. They got some good stuff coming out!


Come on then 2018, give us what you got 🤙🏾


I grew up hearing so many sick new year statements like ‘Next year is gonna be your year! All your dreams are gonna come true etc. ’ Then i’d pray to God and ask Him to make all my wildest dreams come true and all that good stuff. But 2017 has been a weird one for me. It’s been a year of extreme highs and extreme lows and to be honest the lows have taught me more than the highs.
Sometimes we get gassed by the glamorous stuff. For example, success in your career, more money, more plantain & chicken or whatever other things you want to see happen in your life. But this year has been my most successful because it’s been my worst , but i made it through.
I don’t know much but my bit of advice: if 2018 doesn’t work out how you planned, just try to make it through and don’t give up. Sometimes it’s not where the journey takes you, it’s who the journey makes you.
This is the most depressing New Year’s message ever init? 😂 I’m working on having a more positive outlook on life. I know God’s got our backs through the good and the bad. Have a good year and try and be grateful for all of it because no one owes us anything. Take the rough with the smooth, keep ya head up and give thanks EVERYDAY! ✌🏾


My 2017. Link in bio.


Today I got a Christmas card in the post from my friend who passed away 2 days ago. She must have posted it that very morning. I’m inspired to try and always go the extra mile for my friends because you never know what it could mean for them. Gonna cherish this card for life.


‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind.’ - @msdaisymorgan
My family since year 7. Rest In Peace you beautiful soul 💔❤️


My lil bro @joelryanb went to Leeds Uni. In his 1st year he started a media company with my lil brother from another mother @robbrucek. (@spiceukonline) In their 2nd / 3rd years they both got jobs at BBC Introducing while still at Uni. By the time they graduated, Joel already had a job as an A&R at Kobalt & Robert as a presenter on Capital Xtra. These two are special and I’m too proud. The truth is bro didn’t really have to go uni, but he did it because he knew it was important to Mum & Dad. Just wish pops was here to see this. ❤️🙏🏾


Had to bring this back. Get innnn! ⚒️ #coyi


A million. Mad ting. Thanks everyone! When we wrote this modern version of a classic hymn we had no idea we’d hear so many amazing stories of people connecting with it. Definitely one of my proudest moments 🙏🏾


Real. Everyday lyrics up on @genius


Yooo I’m back with that new new. You can now check out my brand new single ‘Everyday’ along with the music video. This one means a lot to me & it’s out on all platforms right now! 💥 Link in the bio my g’s 👊🏾


I’m putting out some new music next week. Haven’t put anything out in a while so I’m looking forward to sharing some again. In the last few months I’ve learnt that life doesn’t always go according to plan and it’s really tested my faith.
Previously I’ve always felt the pressure to have it all worked out and for my life to be in a pretty good place before I can share my art. You know like the “I used to struggle with this but now life’s great.” kinda vibe.
Recently I’ve learnt that there’s beauty in the struggles that life brings and there’s strength in vulnerability and honesty. So now it’s more like “Sometimes I still struggle, life isn’t great again yet, but I’m trusting one day it’ll get better.” Come along on the journey if you fancy it. My new single #Everyday is released on November 24th. P.s I read this the other day. It’s sick.
Why am I almost never satisfied with what I have, but always wanting more? Why does absence make the heart grow fonder? Why is the pursuit of achievement often more enjoyable than the achievement itself? Why does loss, hard times, and suffering often produce the best character qualities in us while comfort, ease, and triumph often produce the worst?
The more you desire something, the more you will be satisfied when you get it. It is through mourning that we know the joy of comfort. Emptiness makes us seek and wanting makes us ask.
Sometimes the tougher times help mould us into the people we need to be.