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I would be remiss to act as if GOD isn’t moving within my life. I’ve always wanted to work in my community, be a music artist and speak, but I never understood how to merge the three. I honestly thought I had to choose one and stick with it. GOD had bigger plans for me though. I was asked to speak during the @aigadetroit #LoveAndRisk event last night at @detroitisthenewblack and I was able to SPEAK on COMMUNITY, and end my speech with a RAP. How dope? Use your gifts to glorify the LORD in all times. Be bold and take risk! Oh, and I have the dopest, most supportive friends ever!

P.S. I was able to speak alongside @smashfizzle! You are AMAZING! & it was truly an honor to meet you and hear you speak!

Lastly, this is the LAST day to vote for me to perform on @therealdaytime! Please VOTE! [linkinmybio]


Speaking tonight at @detroitisthenewblack! 7pm 🖤


Happy Birthday to my peace.. you have encouraged me to pursue the impossible, with you on my side. You are my lady, my counselor, my chef, my accountability partner, my best friend, my biggest fan, my favorite person, and the love of my life! Today is YOUR day! I thank GOD everyday for the one day you were born.. because you were made especially for me, and I for you.. you’re turning 28 baby girl, it’s time to reach goals, travel the world, and have babies 👀... Okay, we can wait for babies but not for long. Ha.. enjoy your day beautiful and know that I’m so happy to journey through this thing called life with you. I love you. #LiveLoveReed 💍🎈



🎈Happy Valentines Day to the most beautiful lady on the face of this earth. You’ve lit a fire inside of me that ignites every time you smile; I never want it to vanish. & for that reason, I promise to spend the rest of my life making you happy. Tomorrow is your birthday and the day that I proposed to you last year. Let’s celebrate our love in this moment baby girl. & let’s celebrate the blessing that is you. I love you today and always. @shatarralanay 😍

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This morning I woke up to the news that I was on the front cover of @detroitnews! Our organization @beyond_thebasics has been working extremely hard to completely eradicate illiteracy. We’re finally receiving recognition after 18 years of existence. Every child deserves the opportunity to know how to read and we’re making sure they’re given that chance! Please take a moment to read the article and feel free to reach out and ask me how you can support. GOD Bless.

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“They say that dreams come true, and when they do that it’s a beautiful thang’” - Cole

Enough votes could change our lives forever. I know because, if given a chance to perform on @therealdaytime, I will never look back. I’m going to use this platform to continuously grow into the artist I know I have the potential to be. Thank you to everyone that’s been rocking with me! I feel confident because of your support. We’re in this together. Happy Monday my friends, make this an awesome week!

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// #Ladies // Don’t lower your standards for any man, especially as a woman of GOD. You have someone specially prepared for you, don’t settle until you’ve found that person. 🙅🏽‍♂️

Click the link in @shatarralanay’s bio to watch her new vlog! We told a BIG secret in this one! 👀 All my friends that are dating or looking to get married should check it out. Sha’Tarra dropped some jewels! 😍

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// #TeamJreed // The feeling I have right now is unexplainable.. it’s like I know I’m up next.. my time is now.. I’ve worked my whole life for an opportunity, and this is it.. I know it is! There’s no turning back at this point, so if you’re coming, come on! The world will know J. Reed by the end of this year.. that’s my word! Just pray for me! 🙏🏽

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// #BlackHistoryMonth // Proud to call this guy a friend and a brother. @jewelljonesmi is an example of Black History at its finest. “Neighborhood Hope Dealer” 👑

“Jones, D-Dearborn Heights, made history Nov. 8 when he became the youngest member elected to the Michigan House of Representatives, beating his opponent, Republican Robert Pope, with 65 percent of the vote. He’s no stranger to breaking age records. At age 20, the lifelong #Inkster resident became the youngest elected Inkster City Council member last year.” - @DetroitNews



If you want to know why I’m marrying @shatarralanay, it’s because she taught me what it meant to love hard. She taught me what it meant to physically see someone at their lowest, but choose to focus on their potential. Sha’Tarra, you are my light in this dark & cruel world. You are the epitome of what [happiness] means to me. You push me to go beyond what my eyes can see, and for that I am forever grateful. GOD surely blessed me when he sent you. I want to win this competition & perform live on @therealdaytime just so I can hear you say “I told you so”.. because you did. I love you baby girl. & forgive me for the long message, I’m listening to Drake. 😂

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// #TeamJReed //🚨I’ve been listening to @channel955 & @979wjlb for as long as I could remember! & now we all are working together to do something HUGE for the city! I need your VOTE my friends! Please click the link in my bio and VOTE! Comment “voted” below once you’re done! Help send @drdetroitradio and I to perform live on @therealdaytime! ‼️


// #TeamJReed // I’ve worked my entire life for an opportunity like this... I have the chance to perform on @therealdaytime.. man, if my Granny could see me on tv she would be so proud. Please vote for me to have this moment. The link is in my bio. I promise to make the city as proud as my Granny would be! 💯

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🔥‼️”But I’m hopeful that’s why you see me with @jewelljonesmi, that’s why you see me with @enjoydetroit, cuz being different is cool”

// #TeamJreed // I have some AMAZING news to announce on Monday! @drdetroitradio you ready bro?! 🗣️

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As you all know, Valentines Day is February 14th. My fiancé’s Birthday is February 15th. & If that isn’t enough, I proposed last year on her birthday, so the bar was set pretty high! 😓 So, this year I started early! 😉 I decided to go BIG for my sweetheart with this Perfectly Paired surprise! I told her to expect the unexpected because I’m going the extra mile this year, and that began with some fresh berries & flowers from @sharisberries that I surprised her with last night! 😍 💐 She loved the taste of all the different types of strawberries! (Me too 😂)

Gentlemen, I’m doing my best to give you pointers! 😂 I even have a discount for you to shop at @sharisberries! Use code INSIDETHEBOX for 20% off your order [link in bio]



// #TeamJReed// Last night was incredible! I got an opportunity to speak and perform for a group of young adults that are trying to navigate their way through this thing we call life. As you can see, many of them joined me on stage, and even sung along. Ha. Much love to my sister @justicecourt & her organization @detroitphoenixcenter for raising money to open a new shelter in Detroit! I was honored to be involved. Shoutout to my bro @kennyvalentino who had the event at a high level all night, as DJ! Great work bro! & lastly, I want to thank GOD for his unchanging hand. He has brought me through so much, but it’s probably nothing compared to some of these kids, so it was a blessing to be able to inspire them, if only for a few minutes. Happy Friday my friends! GOD Bless! #MorningMotivation #LetMeShine ⭐️ 🌟 💫

By the way, my Mom is 10 years Clean! She doesn’t mind me sharing her testimony. GOD has kept our family through the storms. 🙏🏽



// #TeamJReed // I’ve sat back and waited my turn for years. I battled with inconsistency, uncertainty, and fear. Being completely honest, I look back and realize I didn’t know myself. But I don’t harp on the past... I’m praying more these days, I’m looking at life from different perspectives, & I’m capitalizing on opportunities that I’ve worked extremely hard for. I have young kings that tell me they look up to me & I can’t let them down. So bare with me as I grind. I promise to be completely transparent throughout this entire process. I come from nothing, but I’m going far... GOD Bless...⭐️ 🌟 💫


So @shatarralanay & I are driving & thinking about some of the love songs we’re playing at the wedding reception for all the lovebirds! 😍 Here’s a few! #LiveLoveReed 😂 🎶


My sister @justicecourt called and asked me if I can help her raise money to open a shelter for the young #homeless adults that go through her program, that have no where to go once they leave. Of course I said “absolutely”... I refuse to stand back while our young people are living outside during winters like this. With that being said, I need you all to come out and enjoy a good night, for a GREAT cause! My guy @kennyvalentino is DJ’ing, and I’ll be performing! 🎤 If you can’t make it, the link to donate is in her bio! All money goes toward the new shelter! GOD Bless!



Pulled up on my brotha @drdetroitradio... got a million dollar plan, I promise.. 🤫


What do you pray for when you talk to GOD? I pray for a peace of mind. I ask that he protects my friends & family, and blesses my enemies. I pray for a successful marriage, and I ask him to bless my fiancé with the desires of her heart, if it’s his will. I ask him to bless me to be a blessing to others, through my words & actions. I ask him for strength, perseverance, and direction. & on my darkest days, I ask him to carry me through the storms. Today I pray that you talk to GOD. Only you know what you need to discuss with him. GOD Bless.


I was selected to be the “Sponsored Student” for @thebeeagency’s Winter Class. As many of you know; your brand is EVERYTHING when starting a business. I look forward to joining @beebrownpr & her team for the #BeeComing Your Brand Workshop! Let’s build in #2018! 📚🙏🏽


🗣️🚨‼️ These recent acts by @HM 🚫 made me realize these aren’t accidents occurring. // Our race is being targeted, and it’s because we possess so much power. // Please tag others below! We have to spread the word! Knowledge is powerful! //

#TeamJReed #PutYaBarsUp


//#TeamJReed// I’ve finally connected w/ the homie @keelyferguson to bring you some 🔥|| 2018 will bring continuous surprises! Stay tuned! & Double Tap if you’re excited for new music from me! I love you all! || Prod: @wavydavy87 || ✈️

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Happy New Year! 🎆🎊


🗣️What a time to be alive! Yesterday my brother/best friend proposed to his girlfriend and I couldn’t be more happier about his decision. I’ve known @antoniogreen13 all my life, and I’ve been blessed to witness his growth. This step was major though. We all try so hard to figure it all out before we marry the woman of our dreams, not realizing that marrying the woman of our dreams brings it all together. I love you both & I can’t wait to celebrate when you return. Congratulations sis @arielmartoia! 💍 🍾 😍👏🏽


Happy Birthday to a true King. Mr. Washington has always remained true to self through his art. Proud to have witnessed his era of greatness. #BlackExcellence 👑


I will be marrying the most beautiful woman in the world on May 19, 2018. I wasn’t raised by married parents, so all of this is new to me. But I promise to love, respect, and protect you for the rest of your life. & we’ll figure the rest out as we go. @shatarralanay 💍 Merry Christmas! #LiveLoveReed 🎄

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Today is one of the best days of my life. You all see us on social media and we’re always happy and sometimes things may appear as if they’re always good. However, please understand that they’re not. Behind the scenes Sha’Tarra has lacked faith, I’ve gotten frustrated, and together we’ve both given up on the idea of her creating her own brand to promote GOD, LOVE, & FASHION. But GOD... GOD has placed this mission on both of our hearts because it’s bigger than us. This is about @shatarralanay creating a platform so that HE gets the glory.. & she’s done just that. I’m marrying the hardest working, most passionate woman GOD has ever created. & I will do my best to see to it that #FollowerOfChrist becomes everything she imagined it to be. Please click the link in my bio to watch her first Vlog!💍🙏🏽😍

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I’m so proud of my baby. She is starting her own company. Your brand #FollowerOfChrist will be big, because you are amazing and genuine. Click the link in her bio to watch our full interview, where we told our love story and ANNOUNCED OUR WEDDING DATE! @shatarralanay 😍

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Young, black man, fighting the world... however, even in the darkness a smile appears... a genuine smile, that whispers “everything isn’t perfect, but it’ll all be okay, I promise..”

I seen this photo on @weareculturecrew’s page, and it inspired me in so many ways. They’re currently in Samoa & Africa delivering clean water. Thank you all for being so awesome. #BlackBoyJoy