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One of my very favorite cats at @milos_sanctuary isn't a special needs cat at all! Wally is cool as heck and friendly beyond belief. He loves hugs and will climb all over you for cuddles. You will never be sad again if Wally is your cat. He is incredible and, while he has an AMAZING home at Milo's, I'm sure he would also love a home of his own so he can get even more attention and snuggles. He and his brother Pippin, who is equally handsome and awesome, would like to be adopted together. ❀️


I really can't believe how unlucky Rigby is. He was at the vet Wednesday morning to yesterday afternoon then last night he was vomiting so we rushed back to the vet. His X-rays were clear but they don't know what's wrong with him. He has barely eaten in two or three days and is now under two lbs again. He is vomiting and has diarrhea. He was negative for pan leuk on Wednesday, but these are all symptoms of it and it's freaking me out. I just want him to be ok. I made a Go Fund Me if anyone wants to contribute to my little man and the link is in my bio. πŸ’—


HALP! πŸ™€ Alfie getting a bath at @milos_sanctuary. (He is paralyzed and wears a diaper and he gets a lil dirty sometimes so he gets baths)


Daisy 🍐 @milos_sanctuary


Oh, Rigby! This sweet boy is going to give me a heart attack. He didn't feel like eating last night and was being extra sweet and snuggly and this morning he had diarrhea so he's back at the vet. The good news is he does not have pan leukopenia. He's getting some more tests and some medicine and my little dude will hopefully be feeling better soon. I was hoping to get him neutered this week and adopted this weekend, but that will have to wait. Today was also the first time I saw him making biscuits. What an angel πŸ˜‡


Sweetie is available from @westla_shelter πŸ˜‹


Skimble with that #ttt @milos_sanctuary


This is Atticus. @milos_sanctuary saved him from Mexico where he was being abused. His jaw is wired shut and he is covered in stitches and staples from where he was beaten. His nose is so wide because it was broken. Despite all of this, he is the sweetest, friendliest, most handsome cat. You can see he is making biscuits in the photo. Atticus is amazing and he has a long and expensive recovery ahead of him. If you want to contribute to his care, you can donate at the link in my bio. ❀️


Smokey is so handsome and regal πŸ‘‘ He loves attention, gets along with other cats, and is chilling in the community room at @westla_shelter while he waits to be adopted


Scratchy is a ten-year-old beauty queen who is endlessly entertaining. She is friendly and happy, loves treats, and desperately wants out of a cage and into a home. Adopt this amazing lady from @westla_shelter πŸ’—


This beautiful angel is Fennel. She has a cleft nose and palate and is the cutest, tiniest calico sweetheart. She was surrendered to a shelter a few months ago and @milos_sanctuary swooped in and saved her. I've wanted to meet her ever since and yesterday I finally did πŸ’˜ Milo's is my favorite place and they do truly amazing work saving special needs cats. I'm so privileged to be able to work with them and meet and photograph these beautiful creatures and help share their stories. If you want to support Milo's you can donate at the link in my bio.


Going to @milos_sanctuary today to visit @sirthomastrueheart and friends πŸ’—


Rigby has one week left with me in foster care. Who wants this little stink?


The mayor of Grump City


Waverly workin' it for the camera @waverly_mctinybeans


Baby boy trying @meowforciao for the first time went well


My tiny terror turned into a handsome model ❀️ thank you @iandloveandyoupet


Hello, ladies 😽


Rigby is officially two months and two lbs πŸŽ‰ 🎈


Hahaha @petcube


Lazy bones


Gimme gimme


This is @waverly_mctinybeans 🐱 She was saved by a dog who carried her in his mouth and delivered her to a neighbor, who became her foster mama. Waverly was paralyzed, but after a month of physical therapy, acupuncture, and a whole lotta love from her foster mom, she can now walk. She is amazing. If you want to help Waverly continue to improve, you can donate to her recovery at ❀️


I'm meeting a very special @kittenrescuela kitten today! 🐱Here are two other lucky babies living at their nursery


Takin a snooze


Eponine voice: 🎢 I love him 🎢


Baby boy


Watching Rigby on my @petcube makes my day so much better 😹


Two weeks ago when Rooney died, the vet told me that the odds of Rigby contracting pan leuk and dying were so high that I could have him euthanized then too. I thought that was insane, told her I don't euthanize healthy kittens, and decided I'm never going to that vet again. Rigby is not only a gorgeous kitten, but he is happy, healthy, socialized, and worthy of a long and beautiful life. And look at that A+ belly 😻


Rigby wants a friend 😭