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Just delivered four “unadoptable” cats to an amazing ranch in Goleta with an ocean view. These lucky babes will patrol the workshop and the garden and live among pigs and chickens and a family with four little kids who love them already. Everyone’s favorite cat was my 15 lb grumble, Mijo, who had been at the shelter since August. I am beyond happy for these grumpy angels. This makes 30 cats saved with @therescueteam since September 🙌🏻



Look at this nerd and his snoot 💗 @milos_sanctuary


My girl Ash has been waiting to be adopted from @westla_shelter since July. She’s 9 years old, gets along with other cats, and likes to meow. I love her 💗



Visited my favorite puppet yesterday 😻@winkysmeowcloset



Emmit is the cutest @milos_sanctuary


Briar had two siblings that we also rescued and they will be available for adoption as a bonded pair through @milos_sanctuary. Meet Matthias and Eloise 💗



Sometimes I leave work for hours so I can go home and snuggle this little monster and if my boss calls me I just tell him I had to go hug my cat and he gets it ❤️


Not sure how this lil lady hasn’t been adopted yet, but she’s waiting patiently at @northcentralshelter a1734894 #a1734894



The hardest part of rescue is not being able to save them all. I just read all the comments from yesterday, thank you ❤️😭


It’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world 😹


For the past week i have been trying so hard to save my baby boy Briar, who was mistreated, abused, and starved, but his body was too broken so today i held him as he died. My heart is shattered and i am so angry that this beautiful creature wasn’t properly loved and cared for. He was the most magical kitten and he purred, made biscuits, and nursed on me in the last hour of his life. i gave him a million kisses and when his breathing grew labored and his meows went silent, i let him go. He was the cutest, sweetest baby and he deserved a better life than he had. i am forever grateful to @milos_sanctuary for giving him a chance. As always, you can support the incredible work they do taking the hardest medical cases at


Cooper is the cutest @northcentralshelter a1735090 #a1735090


love this cat! Someone go save her from @northcentralshelter a1732200 #a1732200


Colixo is a super friendly 13-year-old Siamese angel waiting to be adopted from @northcentralshelter


Yesterday @lovemeowsite wrote a nice lil article about Imogen and how much she changed my life 💗


Edgar Allan Purr @milos_sanctuary


Eclipse was found wandering the streets so @milos_sanctuary took her in. This beauty queen has no special needs so she’s ready and waiting to be adopted. Come n get her 💗


@thecatdaddy has a new book coming out tomorrow! It’s very important to me to read a lot of books and articles about cats to learn how best to help them. Jackson is obviously an expert on cats so his books are a great resource to use if you want to learn how to understand and work with cats. He’s also going on a US book tour tomorrow if you wanna meet him. 😎#totalcatmojo #jacksongalaxy