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Today I brought six feral babes from @northcentralshelter to a parrot sanctuary in west LA. After they acclimate to the space, they will be doing some rodent control. Look how comfortable they are to be outta the shelter and outside. My heart is so happy for these little bugs. This makes 13 cats saved with @therescueteam this month and we're saving another two later today 🙌🏻


Eva and her blep




Noah's cute when he's angry


Start 'em young @westla_shelter


Where do you think you're going 😾


This is other beautiful mama to all those kittens. Almost all the kits have been adopted and now it's the mama cats' turn @westla_shelter


This is the mama to some of the beautiful kittens I've been posting. She is so friendly and sweet. I love her so much! Adopt her from @westla_shelter


Eva 😋


Toby is only four months old, but she's spent two of those months in a shelter 😭 She is so cute and playful and she shouldn't be spending her kittenhood in a cage. Adopt her from @westla_shelter


Three weeks ago, my friend Jenna (@therescueteam) and I started a "working cats" program. As of today, we have saved seven "unadoptable" cats, including Smokey, Bobby, and Stewart. Each cat had been waiting at @westla_shelter for months (Yonder had been there since JANUARY!) with little chance of adoption because of their behavior or personality. Now they are all safe and working as mouser cats for businesses in and around Los Angeles. I am so happy for them and so grateful that we were able to give them a chance at a better life. There is honestly no better feeling than saving the life of an animal. ❤️


Cheddar 💕 @westla_shelter


Handsome ❤️ @westla_shelter


So many beautiful kittens are looking for homes @westla_shelter


💗 @westla_shelter


This happy little guy is so freaking cute. He's ready to be adopted from @westla_shelter


Stella Rose 🌹 scoop her up from @westla_shelter


How cute 😻 all these babes are ready to be adopted from @westla_shelter


Tracy is the cutest little bug I've seen in a WHILE. This one-eyed dilute baby is the runt of her litter and will be available for adoption from @straycatalliance soon


Valentine and her toes ❤️ a few weeks ago @milos_sanctuary saved this sixteen year old beauty queen from @westla_shelter. Valentine is such an amazing cat. She is so calm, loves fresh air, and lazing. If anyone wants a senior pal, you can scoop her up from Milo's.




Gimme gimme


Denny @straycatalliance


Jack says, "Get me the heck outta this cage." 😾


Hangin out at @straycatalliance


Matty and Jackson are two angels with CH who have been at @straycatalliance for months waiting to be adopted. I first met them when they were tiny babes and now they're big ole boys still looking for a home of their own. CH is not a big deal; they can get around on their own and use a litter box so there's no reason not to adopt these two dudes 🙌🏻


@milos_sanctuary saved Sally from Egypt, where she became blind as a result of being beaten, and now she is a happy little loaf with whiskers for days ❤️


#tbt a tiny baby saved by @kittenrescuela last year. I'm very fortunate that I get to work with such an amazing organization where I learn so much about saving kittens' lives and have access to all the cats and kits I could ever want.


This lucky babe gets to enjoy the outdoors safely in a catio while he waits to be adopted from @purrfect_pals


When I put a sweater on him, I accidentally broke this kitten 😹