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Would you like to see this Bridge in January for free?
If so, check out my previous post for competition details as @thetechcreative and myself will be taking one lucky winner to see this bridge, as well as a bunch of other amazing locations on a week long road trip around Europe.
Everything will be paid for so you don't need to worry about flights or hotels/ travel!
We will be traveling and representing @artofvisuals .
Going to countries including Germany, Slovenia, itally and Austria!

Last time I saw this bridge, I took this photo that went viral and literally changed my life.
If you win the competition, I'll teach you everything I know about photography and you can find out how I took and processed this weird, extremely over edited image 😅


Travel giveaway - $3000 in value.
@thetechcreative and I are going on an adventure around Europe from January 5th – January 11th 2018.
The winner of this giveaway will get to join us on this once in a lifetime adventure. To enter:
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Giveaway details: Free return fights, free Transportation and free hotels.
If you win, we will fly you out from anywhere in the world
The winner will be announced on December 25th


I'm on my way back to London for possibly, one of the most important meetings I've ever attended.
So to mark the moment, I thought I'd post an image from my old @london city photography archives :)



A cool boathouse on a lake stunning lake in snowdonia. Multi post Friday is back 😅


Currently back on the train, making the great escape back to Bristol. I love London but I have so much to do to prep for the new year that I had to leave. Potentially back on Monday though 😅.
I'm also going to edit a load of new content this evening so I might finally have a new image to show.


Second time lucky.
I posted this last night but my Instagram went weird. This is a stunning bridge called Bastei (I believe) in Saxony Germnay. Taken during the summer time at around 4pm 🙂



Ok last one from here for a while I promise 😅. I just wanted to post it after finally making it to durdle door for a sunrise.
You can see my bro @j__sp a bit further down on the hillside. I think this might be my favorite view I've seen in England so far.


Who would you sit around the fire with while watching the sun set? 🙂


With photography or video, it's funny how sometimes, you get so caught up in the moment, it's only when you return home, that you realise you didn't for fill your potential.
The realisation comes like a plague of thought that can't be erased but in hindsight it helps you learn faster than anything.
I don't ever want to come home again and think to my self "why didn't I do that" or "if only I had done this".
From now on, I want to know that I've taken my time to do my best in every situation.
This image taken last year for example.
Why didnt I just spend 5 minuets setting up filters for a long exposure?
I was probably obsessed with getting as many shots as possible rather than making sure I was happy with the shots I'd captured.
Anyways I'll shuddup now.
Happy Friday humans 😀



Would you like to win a trip to visit this place with @thetechcreative & myself in January?
If so, go to my stories (or my previous image with the round reflection bridge) to find out more info 🙂


I may have pushed the limit of my eagle cam with this shot đŸĻ… .
I lost signal a few times and at one point, it almost flipped upside down due to the high wind speeds.


This year has been absolutely mind blowing. I find it hard to take everything in so I just carry on trying to improve and progress.
I've not posted many city shots over the last 6 months as my passion for landscape & nature photography has taken over my life.
This doesn't mean I no longer like city and architecture, I just feel more at home when I'm chasing clouds than I do in the city these days ☁ī¸â›…ī¸â›ˆī¸đŸ˜ŠđŸŒ§ī¸đŸŒŠī¸đŸŒ¨ī¸



Ok, so this is quite different to what I usually post.
I'd love to know your honest opinions on wether you'd like to see more stuff like this or wether I should stick to what I've been doing :)


The rock formations in Valle Versasca have to be among the most stunning on earth.
Not to mention the crystal clear ice cold glacier water.
Damn I'd love to go back here one day.


It's 6:30pm and I'm off to sleep 😅.
Tomorrow I get to finish a job I've been working on all week and then finally edit some landscape stuuuuf.
For now though, here's one of my older images from the first trip to see the Matterhorn.



Maybe in 2018, I'll actually take advantage of my favorite season of the year.
Anyway, I'm back and ready to share some new content as well as some exciting news, including some huge competitions/ prizes & giveaways.
Seriously, @thetechcreative and I are working on somthing absolutely ridiculous and I can't wait until we're allowed to announce what is currently being planned.
I think Chris is on the verge of disowning me as a friend due to the mad few weeks I've had that including a Turtlebay tour & having two amazing weirdos, force their friendship on me (you know who you are 👀).
However I'm back and I'll be working harder than ever before.
I hope you've all been ok! :)


I'm very excited to be attending a #CreativeMeetUp with @Adobe tomorrow evening!
You can tune in and watch the session via a live stream from 6:30pm.
Watch my stories tomorrow for the link! 😃 #ad


Not sure about this one but ill leave it here for now. Can't wait to go back there with softer light and some planning :)



I'm back to normalty after a crazy @turtlebayuk tour.
Much love to my homeslices @crissycriss & @mojozoco for arranging it all and to @yawnocsecnarflehcar for just being amazing.
Can't forget @caraselmc @theprototypes @therealharryshotta @basslinesmith @mixandblen & everyone else who brought the madness to each and every location.
Video edits to come later this month. đŸĸ #Furkle (New content incoming!)


Another view of Harry's Hallstatt hideout ⚡ī¸đŸ‘€


End of the line


Climbed back up this big hill.
Made me cry.
I need to excercise more đŸ˜Ģ


That's me upon the rock. Looking as majestic as a seahorse 🌊🐴


Yesterday I spent the day driving around the Jurassic coast with a team of top gents, including @kris.avery @mrjamierhodes @ryanmsearle @mrbenadams & @alka.lloyd .
It was possibly the most successful photo day so far as we had great weather and managed to hit so many locations along the way.
I'm fortunate to call these guys friends and that's another reason I have to thank Instagram.
I'm very much looking forward to future missions around the U.K :) In this photo, @mrbenadams or "Badams" as he is known, is taking a photo at the stunning Man-O-War beach behind the legendary Durdle Door :)


Just spent the day exploring blaise castle in Bristol on an @igersbristol photo walk. I got to go inside a castle that I've always wanted to go in. Then I found out it wasn't even a real castle đŸ˜Ģ. Also I've been a bit slow on Instagram lately, however it's all part of my plan. I'll be back with some fresh content very soon.
Anyway I'd better get back home and send some presets to @thetechcreative before he gets mad at me 🌱👀🌱


Ok, last image of this bridge for a while I promise 😅. I just wanted to re edit it as the fade in the old version was anoying me


Phase 2


Currently planning the next adventure. Where would you recommend ?


23 is my favourite number. So when I saw this boat at Pragser Wildsee, I was quite distracted to say the least 😁


Brizzle Blaise