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Currently planning the next adventure. Where would you recommend ?


23 is my favourite number. So when I saw this boat at Pragser Wildsee, I was quite distracted to say the least 😁


Brizzle Blaise


I'm sad to be leaving London.
This week has been absolutely amazing. @thetechcreative and I got to spend the week with @victorofvalencia @wonderboyprince & @realizevision . I'm happy to call these three dudes my friends.
Together along with legends @ryanxhoward @135project and boss man @kemeys , we set up and helped run a workshop which some people described as the best photography meet up they've been to.
Honestly I'd like to stay in this moment for while longer but it's not all bad when my home town of Bristol is looking Autumnal (like this old photo of mine that I might have posted before 😅) .
Anyway, thanks to everyone I've met this week. It's been the best 🙂


Last night was a great night with a great group of people but I'm feeling fragile now. I'd give a lot to be back in this perfect place with a pizza right now 😅


Calm in chaos


So last week I took the day off to visit the east coast line of the U.K. I spent the day exploring Leigh-on-Sea in Essex where I had my first ice-cream in years at the mayflower! Then I chilled out in a pub garden and got some nice food while taking in the sea views.
I couldn't believe it was only 45 minutes from Central London. I'm going to go back during the winter to get some shots of the old architecture.

Thanks @c2c_rail for an amazing day out! #c2crail #ad


This Saturday in London, @artofvisuals , @trappingtones & @lensbible are putting on a very special event!
For more information & to get one of the remaining tickets, swipe up on my latest story!
See you there 😀


So I woke up this morning and had reached 100k followers on Instagram.
I don't even know what to say but I'd like to say thank you.
The support I've had from you lot over the years has helped me in ways I can't explain. You've saved me from myself and I'm forever grateful.
Thank you so much & as always, whoever you are and where ever you are on this crazy rock, I hope you have a great week. 🌍💜 (PS I know I'm not posting as many city photos these days but I thought this photo of the dancing house fitted the moment. Reflect & dance 😃🎉)


That one hotel in Switzerland 🙂


This is not a drone photo. Believe it or not, this was taken from the top of a big hill with a zoom lense


Sunrise in Switzerland 😌


I've been to some strange places before but Glastonbury Tor tops them all 😂


Today I'm going on a mini adventure. Keep an eye on my stories to see what I get up too 🚂🙂


Take me back !


I'm back. With new hard drives 😅


Im going through all my hard drives as one of them has completely failed. I won't be able to recover any of my images taken in Switzerland last year. However I did manage to salvage this collaboration I did with @gettyphotography . Two of his images blended together by myself :)


While searching through my hard drives for images, one of my external drives has suddenly stopped working so I'm in full panic mode.
It has thousands of photos, holiday videos and music samples.
If I can't fix this, I might not be active for a while until I figure out what I've lost. Luckily I pulled this single image off the drive before it crashed.
It is possibky my favorite image I've ever taken and I don't think k it can be replicated due to such rare weather conditions.


The second the sunset strikes the side of the Matterhorne. I'll never forget this moment.


I woke up today at 3:30 feeling half human and drove to Glastonbury Tor, to try and catch a sunrise / some fog.
@ryanmsearle & @mrbenadams were already there, however the sun never showed as there was simply too much fog 😫.
I'm learning more and more lately that nature photography takes commitment and risks.
Simply put, if you don't go, you'll never know.


That round bridge in Germany 🤗


Im going back to bath this week so I can finally see this house covered in red :) Today however consists of trying to make a few important decisions. One of them involves trying to convince @thetechcreative that snow is not our friend and fog is much more fun 🌱👀🌱


I went out last night with @mrbenadams and took photos in my hometown for the first time in over a year.
It felt good to go back to one of my favourite viewpoints in Bristol. Although there was no colour in the sky, the views from "smoke a joint point", never fail to impress. I feel lucky to live so close to this location.
Anyway, I hope you had a good weekend.
Now let's get ready to kick Monday in the shins 😁


All the small things


😅 I'm sorry, I've been strong and not posted any city shots for a while. However this sunset was so cool and I've been contemplating posting it for a few days. This will probably be a temp upload as I've been enjoying my more nature themed feed lately. Anyway I hope you enjoy it for now. Happy Saturday! :)


Finding new views and angles are two of my biggest motivations. I'm not the best company to have on a photo walk as I'm constantly distracted with what's around me.
If I see any type of animal, I will immediately leave who ever I'm with in an attempt to try to make make a new fluffy friend 🤗


Lago Di Braies was one of the most stunning places I've ever seen. If you ever go, then make sure you get there early in the morning as by the time we left, it was full of tourists. So many tourists! 😐


This holiday last year was the start of everything for me.
It made me realise that I have to see as much of this beautiful planet during my lifetime as I'm able to .
I went here with four good friends who aren't all into photography, so we spent 6 weeks driving around just exploring and enjoying our time.
Now I'm taking photography more seriously, I hope to be able to drive the same route again one day and capture as much as possible.
I'd never change the experience I had with those friends though, as it was so funny and changed the way I look at the world.
Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!


Somthing about this tree makes me happy 🤗


Somthing a bit different for me.
I met up with @alixelay last week for a wonder around the stunning city of Bath.
I've wanted to see this colourful house for a while and completely forgot it even existed until we walked past!
Anyway, check out @alixelay page if your into stunning old architecture :) you won't be disappointed