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Thank you John Kerry for hosting today's #YaleClimateConference. We must all work together to combat #climatechange.
Photo c/o: John Hassett


"This round of grants comes at a critical time. With a lack of political leadership, and continued evidence that climate change is growing worse with record-breaking heat waves and storms, we believe we need to do as much as we can now, before it’s too late. ” – LDF CEO, Terry Tamminen
At LDF, we’re so proud of the incredible work from our grantees that continue to fight for our planet. Click the link in our bio to learn more about their work.


In a stunning move, #Britain announces its move to end use of #coal. The #UK will be phasing out its coal-burning power plants, with the last one slated to be shuttered by 2025, if not sooner. Great news for the #climate!


#Elephants in East #Africa are exhibiting a strange new behavior and researchers have discovered the sad reason why. The #elephant herds have learned to travel at night and hide during the day to avoid #poachers who are hunting tuskers into #extinction.
Photo credit: Creative Commons, Peter Prokosh.


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Let's do this, together. Call your assembly members today and let's pass #SB100 to get California to 100% clean energy for all.


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Support relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Text GIVE to 80077 to donate now. #Regram #RG @gettyentertainment: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx participate in the Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief telethon in NYC. Celebrities are joining forces in multiple cities to raise funds for recent hurricane victims. Proceeds will go to multiple charities assisting with relief efforts. | September 12, 2017 | 📷: @twargophoto | #HandInHand via #GettyEntertainment


A special thank you to @tiffanyandco for their commitment to saving the #elephants and the launch of the #TiffanySaveTheWild collection. 100% of profits will be donated to @elephantcrisisfund. Link in bio to learn more.
Photo credit: Susan McConnell


#Repost @leonardodicaprio The @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn is proud to be a long-time supporter and partner with @SavetheElephants and @wildnetorg in the @ElephantCrisisFund. Together we have funded more than 160 projects across Africa and Asia to stop the killing of elephants, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand for their ivory. Watch the video and visit the new website to learn more about how you can help protect elephants.

Link in bio. #ElephantCrisisFund #SavetheElephants #Ivory #NoPoaching #SayNoToIvory #ProtecttheElephants


We are proud to be a long-time supporter and partner with @savetheelephants and @wildnetorg in the @ElephantCrisisFund. Together we have funded more than 160 projects across Africa and Asia to stop the killing of the elephants, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand for their ivory. Visit the new website to learn more about how you can help protect elephants. Link in bio.

Photo credit Frank af Petersens, 2015
#ElephantCrisisFund #SavetheElephants #Ivory #NoPoaching #SayNoToIvory #ProtecttheElephants


#Repost @sierraclub 150 mayors across 33 states are #ReadyFor100% renewable energy in their cities! Powering their communities with 100% clean energy is good for people, jobs, and the economy and would reduce greenhouse gas pollution equivalent to taking 12.5 million cars off the road. Thanks to every person who has written to and called their mayors to get to this milestone!

Read more at sc.org/150mayors about why mayors from Honolulu, HI, to Phoenix, AZ, to Abita Springs, LA, share the same goal


#China has reached its 2020 #solarpower target three years ahead of schedule, after installed capacity topped well over its 105GW target.


#Repost @unitedway We’re deeply grateful for @LeonardoDiCaprio and @LeonardoDiCaprioFdn’s generous gift of $1 million to the United Way #Harvey Recovery Fund, which will distribute 100% of donations to the affected areas, community by community, in the months and years ahead. Remember, every little bit counts. See link in bio to contribute to recovery efforts. #LIVEUNITED #JOINTHEFIGHT #HurricaneHarvey


#Repost @oceana Happy International Whale Shark Day! What do you love most about these gentle giants? 📽: ©Oceana


#Repost @nrdc_org Governors of the nine Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative states announce a bold plan to cut power plant emissions by an additional 30% by 2030. 👏🌎👏
“In the face of the Trump administration’s ongoing attempts to undermine solutions to climate change, nine governors – Republicans and Democrats alike – doubled-down on a clean energy future for their citizens. #RGGI’s bold plan will significantly cut power plant pollution while creating new benefits to the economy and people’s health." - @rheasuh, NRDC President.
Read about this major milestone in climate leadership in our bio!


#Repost @mongabay Elliot’s Chameleon lives in the Eastern Arc Mountains. Experts say that if fragmented sections of forest are linked in the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania, it could significantly increase the odds in favor of ensuring species survival – and it’s a financially safe bet. Read about it on  mongabay.com #environment #biodiversity #animals #wildlife #forests #endangeredspecies #conservation


An amazing study led by Mark Z. Jacobson at Stanford University shows the benefits of 139 countries switching to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050.


LDF partner @100isNow went to Highland Park, Michigan to honor five #cleanenergy leaders with solar-powered streetlights. After one thousand streetlights were taken away from their city, residents were left in the dark. Now, instead of energy from a grid, city streetlights are powered by the sun, thanks to @Soulardarity. The 100% campaign is raising money on their behalf to keep building. Consider supporting today. Visit: 100isnow.com/SoulardarityShine #ONE100


Last day of the LDF #ArtAuction! Bidding closes on August 23rd, 11AM ET. All proceeds raised go to our LDF grantees that are working to build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems and communities. Link in bio.
Photo credit: Luke Ellis Craven.


Renewable energy isn't just cutting costs, it's actually saving lives. A new study shows that #renewables, particularly #solarpower and #windpower, have significantly improved air quality in the U.S. from 2007 to 2015. The increased use of solar and wind has resulted in thousands of lives saved.

Photo credit: Creative Commons, Master Wen.


Every city, no matter how big or small, can be part of the #sustainability solution. Studies of urban #wildlife that focus exclusively on large metropolises may overlook #biodiversity #conservation opportunities in smaller cities, according to a new analysis published in the journal Urban Ecosystem.


Protect our planet. Now until August 23rd, you can bid on exclusive pieces of #artwork. All proceeds go to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation grantees that are working to build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable #wildlife from #extinction, and restore balance to threatened #ecosystems and communities. Link in bio.
Photo credit: Patrick Zacharias


#Repost #RG @defendersofwildlife The jaguar is making its last stand along the U.S.-Mexico border, and this elusive and endangered cat desperately needs your help. After years of inaction, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has finally proposed a jaguar recovery plan. While the proposed plan signals a step in the right direction, it is far from what the jaguar will need to make a recovery in the U.S. Jaguars can recover and even thrive in the wild with our help - Take action at www.Defenders.org.

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Native American Tribes possess 10,000+ years of stewardship expertise. For the first time in history, #BearsEars National Monument in Utah integrates traditional tribal knowledge into the management and protection of 1.35 million acres of sacred ancestral homelands. Now Tribes are asking U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to honor their history and defend the first truly Native American national monument against political attack. Help Tribes teach our next generations how to care for these lands and visit with respect. Bears Ears National Monument is America’s chance to listen! #StandWithBearsEars

Follow Utah Diné Bikéyah to learn how you can help: @protectbearsears

#MonumentsForAll #KeepItPublic #HonorTribes #HealingInAction #DearNativeYouth #NativeResilience #PublicLandsInPublicHands #DefendTheSacred

Photo by @blakemccordphoto


#Regram #RG @greenpeace On this #WorldElephantDay, let’s celebrate and protect these incredible animals 🐘❤️ Tag someone who loves these amazing pachyderms!
#nature #wildlife #naturisamazing #elephant #greenpeace #photooftheday


#Regram #RG @lionrecovery Lions are known for their beauty, power and ferocity. But few know that they have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Help us turn up the volume on this quiet crisis - REGRAM this. And to give, please visit lionrecoveryfund.org or follow the link in the bio. Thank you so much! 🦁

#WorldLionDay #SaveLions #lion #lionking #lions #bigcats #cats #catsofinstagram #wildlife #animals #wildlifephotography


If the parks and reserves of Africa’s savannas were properly resourced and effectively managed, we could have 3-4 times the number of lions we have today. Today on #WorldLionDay, LDF and @WildNetOrg are launching a powerful coalition for #lionconservation--the @LionRecovery Fund. Find out more at lionrecoveryfund.org - link in bio


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Today, let’s demonstrate gratitude to our indigenous sisters and brothers, and join the United Nations to celebrate its International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. We are all indebted to these communities for their hard work and sacrifice to make our planet a more livable place. And we stand with them in the fight for a more equitable world. #IndigenousDay


According to a top analyst at leading global investment firm Morgan Stanley, green, #cleanenergy will overtake #fossilfuels by 2020. The economics of #renewableenergy could soon make it the world's most affordable #energy source.


We’re losing #snowleopards at an alarming rate due to habitat destruction, human-wildlife conflict and #poaching. Sign @world_wildlife’s petition and urge the leaders of snow leopard range countries to #SaveSnowLeopards. Link in bio.

Photo credit: Creative Commons: Mark Dumont.


Nine-year-old Hawaii resident Robbie Bond recently launched 'Kids Speak for Parks,' a nonprofit focused on protecting our #nationalmonuments from the Trump Administration. He plans to take his message to all 27 monuments targeted by a pair of executive orders signed by Trump in April. "I want to make sure that our national monuments are available for my kids and for future generations.”