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It’s been one year since the Women’s March showed that women will lead the resistance—just as they did at the turn of the 20th century to win legal rights for women to participate in elections. The Belmont-Paul National Monument, which tells the story of these women, is not only a place of huge cultural and historical importance but also an invaluable teaching tools. And a threat by the current administration to rescind ANY national monument establishes a threat to all national monuments. Take action via the link in our bio! [Film by: @experrinment]


The good news: The Delaware River Basin Commission has banned fracking in the Delaware River Basin watershed (pictured here)! The bad news: these regulations aren't enough, and could still potentially contaminate drinking water sources for more than 15 million Americans. Tell the DRBC to ban ALL aspects of the dangerous fracking process via the link in our bio.


Scott Pruitt’s management of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is a disaster. But don’t take our word for it: Listen to what his Republican colleagues have to say about him. Until the EPA is free of Pruitt’s polluter-first agenda, none of us will be able to breathe easy. Visit the link in our profile to take action!



One year ago today, NRDC joined millions of women and men to stand together in Washington, D.C. with @womensmarch. We marched to defend our families and our basic rights against threats posed by the Trump administration and congressional leaders. We marched to say that we would not be silenced. We marched for a vision of unity, respect, decency and kindness. One year later, we are still standing strong, together, and fighting back every day against these attacks. Ready to stand alongside us? Sign up for NRDC All In to join the fight [link in profile!]


Our country’s prison industry has little regard for where its jails are located—even if that means building on noxiously polluted ground. Prisoners across the country are too often trapped in toxic conditions with contaminated drinking water and polluted air. Dozens of facilities are built on or next to mines, landfills, and Superfund sites. In these areas, the connection between mass incarceration and environmental justice are inextricably linked. For more info, read our full story in our profile link. [Art by Bruno Mallart]


Trump’s EPA chief Scott Pruitt just said the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is NOT to protect the environment. He couldn’t be more wrong. Tell Pruitt to do his job to protect our health and environment by visiting the link in our bio. 👊



What if we told you this mural was painted with air pollution? @gravikylabs, an India-based startup, captures deadly air pollution, purifies it, and transforms it into inks and paints. Learn more about their incredible process in our profile link!


Enough is enough. Scott Pruitt and Trump are destroying our environment. Add your name to join this fight in our profile link!


Big news. We recently launched the new NRDC All In app, where local activists (like you!) can plan events, share resources, and take action instantly. It's a great way to get involved, to #resist with other people in your community, and you can join in now using the link in our profile!



Without federal protections, the Canada lynx population in the United States won’t likely survive the century. Now, the Trump administration is moving to abandon a recovery plan for them. Take action to save the Endangered Species Act in our profile link! [Photo: USFWS]


A Northern Hawk Owl in Hawk Ridge, Duluth, MN


None of our oceans is expendable. We need to protect ALL of our oceans, coastal communities and all they support. The harms of offshore drilling—from oil spills to carbon pollution—impact every American, whether they live in Myrtle Beach or Colorado. Visit the link in our profile to stand up to the Trump administration's dangerous offshore drilling plan, and to save our oceans!



The Delaware River Basin, which spans five states, is a vital water source for more than 15 million people. The good news: The watershed may soon be protected from fracking. The bad news: Related dangers may still be permitted in the fine print of the draft regulation. Visit the link in our profile to tell the Delaware River Basin Commission to ban all aspects of the dangerous fracking process!


As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to eliminate the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “in almost every form.” As president, he’s showing us how he’ll do it. With the help of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, Trump is draining the agency of its expertise, its scientists, and its funding—and changing the EPA’s mission, from preventing messes to reacting to them. After four years, Trump and Pruitt will leave our most important environmental guardian as a shell of its former self. Visit the link in our profile to take action 👊


Need some good news to brighten up your Monday? Click the link in our profile for five (incredibly satisfying) times the Trump administration’s attacks on the environment completely failed. 🙅‍♀️ #stablegenius



A dall sheep looks for some frozen breakfast in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska.


The Trump administration's new offshore drilling 5-year plan includes 7 new drilling leases in the Pacific Ocean, from California to Alaska, which has been off limits to drilling for decades. We need to protect our treasured coasts. Visit the link in our profile to take action!


If you've ever spent time in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, chances are you've heard the song of the varied thrush. Here, one rests in the snow in Nooksack, Washington.



Yesterday, the Trump administration opened up 90% (‼️) of federal waters—in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans—to oil and gas drilling. Now, virtually NO area of U.S. coastline will be spared from dirty and dangerous offshore drilling. We need to fight back. Visit the link in our profile to take action!


With a winter freeze hitting the East Coast, our morning commute felt like a dip in the freezing waters of Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskill Mountains.


BREAKING: The Trump administration wants to open huge swaths of off-limits waters to offshore drilling by oil and gas companies. NRDC will fight to defend our coasts and oceans.
We need your help to raise a national outcry to keep our coasts and oceans permanently off-limits to oil and gas drilling! Visit our profile link to take action.


2018 resolution: snuggle more. [Photo: A young polar bear cuddles with its mother in Barter Island, Alaska.]


As we look back on 2017, we want to thank each and every one of you who stood up to defend our health and our environment. You inspire us and motivate us to work harder, to raise our voices louder, and to never, ever be silenced. Here’s to an even stronger 2018.


We're wishing you bright skies for days. Happy 2018! [Photo: Bryce Canyon National Park]


In a tribute to the individuals—and movements—who stirred our hearts and minds during this dramatic year of #resistance, we thank all those who stood up to defend science, public health, sacred grounds, and the planet. You marched for respect and recognition, for democracy, and for future generations. Whether your Goliath took the form of a pipeline or a president, you reminded us that when we stand together, our voices cannot be silenced. Here’s to every one of you who motivates us every day.
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These three grizzlies deserve protection, and in 2018, we're committed to fighting hard to make sure they get it. From now until midnight, your donation to NRDC will be triple-matched, helping us defend our environment and stand up against the Trump administration every single day of 2018. Click the link in our profile to make your donation today.


Are we seeing double? Now is the time to double the impact of your donation to NRDC. All donations made before midnight tonight will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to our $250,000 goal. Visit the link in our profile to donate today. [Photo: Gray wolves watch the snow fall in Yellowstone National Park]


A snow-covered moose stops to inspect his icy path in Jasper, Canada.


A crisp winter day at Tibble Fork Reservoir, Salt Lake, UT.


Stay warm out there! A young bison snuggles up to its parent in Yellowstone National Park.