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BREAKING: A D.C. court just saved millions of acres of untouched natural forestland! The decision shot down Alaska’s challenge to the Roadless Rule, which protects 50 million acres throughout the United States from logging and road-building. Read more about the win in our bio!


Pronghorn have been springing across this continent for approximately 17 million years. America’s tallest bird, the whooping crane have inhabited our wetlands for at least 33 million years. Polar bears, leatherback sea turtles, freshwater mussels; ALL of these species have existed on earth for hundreds of thousands of years, and now the Trump administration's actions may push them to extinction.
Learn more about why it's imperative to protect these special species, and what we can do to help them, by following the link in our profile.


In vulnerable pockets across the globe, women are benefiting themselves, their children, and their larger communities by learning how to harness renewable energy.

Legga village in Rajasthan, India has been electrified with solar power installed by barefoot engineers. Read more about these women's incredible work in our profile link.


Todd Wilkinson reported his first wildfire story in 1987, one year before covering the historic fires in Yellowstone National Park. Thirty years later, the Bozeman, Montana–based environmental journalist and founder of @themountainjournal still focuses his writing on the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem and keeps a close eye on wildfire trends.
This year’s blazes have been particularly difficult for Montana, where an area one-fifth the size of Yellowstone has burned, with $30 million poured into putting the fires out. (Across the West, a total of 8.3 million acres have burned and at least 21,000 firefighters are still battling blazes throughout the region.) Cool Montana summers are becoming distant memories as the state faces more extreme heat events and drought. And unless we combat climate change, it’s looking like firefighting will become the new normal across the West. “We started out the winter with a pretty decent snowpack along the Northern Rockies, and we had a wet spring. All the weather predictions were that cold temperatures would play out into the summer, that we probably escape wildfires. But what actually happened was that we got these pretty intense heat events. They were first noticed out on the plains, this thing called a flash drought—a term I had never heard before in 30 years of reporting. Montana’s plains were hit with fires in the grasslands really early on. Then moving forward, it quickly started to dry out. As of July 29, nearly 12 percent of the state was in exceptional drought. The predictability of water availability is what drives agriculture, what drives the fishing economy. This year really challenged these old paradigms of basically how you can plan out water allocation in the summer. Meanwhile, the forests were drying out west of Montana, and we saw this eruption of wildfires.” Photo credit: Thomas D. Mangelsen


NRDC Trustee Leonardo DiCaprio laying down the facts 👏👏👏 #Repost @time
Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) stopped by the Yale Climate Conference in New Haven, appearing onstage for a discussion with former Secretary of State John Kerry about climate change. The actor, environmentalist and 'Before the Flood' producer drew a substantial crowd of 2,500, making pointed statements about the Trump administration's stance on and recalling his attempt to sway the then-President-Elect when he visited Trump Tower in December. "We should not have people in office who do not believe in facts and truths and modern science that are able to manipulate and risk the entire future of this entire generation," DiCaprio said. "We are at that turning point right now, and we are going to look back at this point in history, and frankly this administration, and certain people are going to be vilified for not taking action. They really are. And it's up to this generation, it's up to all of you to get involved and make a difference." Video source: Yale University


#tbt: Back in the 1970s, the newly formed U.S. EPA began to spearhead research efforts to understand water ecology and combat the industrial hazards harming America’s beaches, estuaries, and bays. Much of that work has led to cleaner water and thriving coastal economies. But all those gains could be lost—if the Trump administration follows through on its pledge to slash the EPA’s budget by 31 percent. It's more important than ever that we join together to urge our lawmakers to save the EPA! Click the link in our bio to take action.


It’s estimated that fewer than 200 Florida panthers remain in the United States. And now, between oil and gas development encroaching on this animal’s habitat in the Big Cypress National Preserve and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service threatening to strip its Endangered Species Act protections, the Florida panther could soon be extinct. Learn more by visiting the link in our bio.


Preventing the worst effects of climate change wouldn’t cripple our economy. In fact, if we’re smart about our investments, it would add just 1 cent to every dollar spent on energy over the next 35 years. Just one cent! And we’d make it back sevenfold in reduced heat waves, extreme weather, and climate-related illness. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Read NRDC’s new report in our bio for more info!


BREAKING: We’re thrilled to release a new study that shows the US can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% (‼️) by 2050 by implementing technology that’s already in use today. That means we have the tools we need RIGHT NOW to start making a significant impact against climate change. Ready to get started? Click the link in our bio to read our plan, and check out our story as we chat through the details!


We've partnered with art collaborative Luftwerk to show the sounds, scale, and scope of climate change through a public art installation. If you're in Chicago, swing by and check it out!
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@luftwerk's 'White Wanderer' #installation at the @expochicago this past weekend in #Chicago plays with light, shadows and angles using shards of mirror on the ground. It almost seems like you're walking amongst icebergs. ❄️ \\\ Created in collaboration with @navillus_woodworks


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke advised President Trump to shrink the boundaries of at least four national monuments, according to a leaked memo. If Trumps acts on this, we'll sue.

This would open some of the nation’s most cherished public lands and waters to drilling, mining, and other destruction. Fight back by visiting the link in our profile.


Quick reminder: you may feel temps dropping but the first day of fall isn't until September 22nd, so get out there and enjoy the last days of summer while you can! Pictured here is Washington Square Park in NYC. Where are your favorite places to get outside?


As Houston begins to pick up the pieces following Harvey, we hope they're soon able to return to beautiful scenes like this: a field of Texas bluebonnets at the height of wildflower season.
In order for our communities to recover and become more resilient, we need to Trump administration to take climate change seriously. Click the link in our profile to take action.


No one would benefit from drilling in the Atlantic—except oil companies. The Atlantic ocean economy produces more profit and jobs in the coastal tourism, recreation, and fishing and seafood industries than drilling ever could. Atlantic coast drilling is the ultimate special interest giveaway. Take action, and tell Interior Secretary Zinke to keep our coasts permanently off-limits to oil and gas drilling by visiting the link in our bio.


We were at Senator Schumer's office this afternoon to rally against the Trump administration's steep cuts to the EPA's budget. Our community came out strong to let Schumer know that the EPA's work is more important now than ever. To add your voice to the fight, visit the link in our bio and help #savetheepa


For the past 47 years, it's been the mission of the EPA to protect human health and the environment. Now, the Trump administration is proposing steep cuts to the EPA's budget. The America that existed in the years before the EPA was dirty, dark, and dangerous. The EPA saved us. Let’s return the favor now.

We're rallying outside Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's office today at noon to oppose any and all cuts to the EPA’s budget, and to fight back against the Trump administration’s assault on our environment. Ready to join us? RSVP in our profile link. #SaveUSEPA #savetheepa
[Photo info] (1/2) Water and sediment sampling during the EPA response to the Enbridge oil spill in Michigan, August 2010 (2/2)The EPA supervised a pumping operation which removed 1,200,000 gallons of acid water and oil from a pond in Ogden, Utah in 1974.


Hurricane Harvey ripped through Houston area two weeks ago, devastating entire communities and bringing an enormous amount of human suffering.

The region’s biodiversity has taken a hit as well. The Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge is located in Houston, and is home to the last 42 of these birds known to exist in the wild, making them one of the most endangered birds in the country. Read more about the uncertain fate of this species in our profile link.


Feeling anxious about where our planet is headed? You’re not alone. The “climate change blues” are very real, but luckily our own Kim Knowlton has rounded up some positive ways to address them. She's got some pretty great suggestions; spending time in nature, connecting with other environmentalists, dancing (yes, really💃🕺) but to read her full story, click the link in our bio!


Terrrific news: a new report shows that nearly 600,000 Americans now work in clean energy in the Midwest alone (WAY more than work in fossil fuels, btw). Clean energy also is one of the region’s (and the country’s) fastest-growing sectors, growing FIVE TIMES faster than the rest of the workforce in the Midwest.
So don't let the Trump administration tell you our nation’s energy economy is dependent on coal and petroleum. Clean energy jobs are growing strong 💪. We've got the full report in our profile link! #cleanjobsmidwest


Not all beachgoers have packed up for the season! Piping plovers make their nests in the sand and gravel beaches of the Northeastern coast (and you may have heard their distinct call interrupting a beach nap you were trying to take). These birds are in danger of being displaced by the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Please visit the link in our profile to help protect their home, and ours.


Our thoughts are with Florida (Key West, pictured here) and all communities impacted by Irma. In this time of crisis, local organizations like @newflmajority, The Cleo Institute, Miami Workers Center, and Fanm Ayisyen nan Miyami will all be providing support to their local communities. Please consider supporting them and their important work.


The Trump administration is delaying fuel economy penalties for automakers.
So we’re suing.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is unlawfully delaying a rule that would increase penalties for carmakers that violate fuel economy standards. As Irene Gutierrez, an attorney with NRDC’s Energy and Transportation Program states, “President Trump is attacking our successful clean car program from all sides.  If the federal government won’t do its job, NRDC will step in to protect public health and uphold the law.” Read more about the case in our profile link.


#tbt: Fifty-seven years ago, President Eisenhower permanently protected 75 square miles of coral reefs, calling them a natural wonder that must be preserved for future generations. And so America’s first underwater park was born: John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park off Key Largo, Florida.
Today, instead of protecting our oceans, marine life, and coastal communities, President Trump and his buddies in the oil industry are working to open additional waters to oil and gas drilling. Visit the link in our profile to help stop them. [1973] Many species of coral and marine life live in the protected waters of the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. Photo via @usnatarchives
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ICYMI: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation just rejected the Valley Lateral Pipeline, citing the need to disclose greenhouse gas emissions as a primary reason for the denial. This isn’t over— the pipeline builders will likely appeal the decision in court. But we, and the grassroots community leaders who have been fighting this project for five years, are ready for round two.
UPDATE: The Federal Regulatory Energy Commission is now attempting to override New York State’s rejection of the pipeline, claiming that the state waited too long to make a decision. This is just the beginning—the federal courts will ultimately decide whether New Yorkers have the power to protect their environment.


Donald Trump has staffed his administration with oil executives, lobbyists for big agriculture, and consultants to pipeline builders. Do any of these men speak for you? We didn't think so. Take action by clicking the link in our bio to stop Trump's assault on our environment.


NRDC stands with these young people whose parents brought them here to pursue the American dream. They were granted permission to live and work legally in America. They have passed background checks. They are our neighbors and co-workers, our friends and family. As Hurricane Harvey reminds us, we are a country of people who help one another in crisis. We don't turn our back. We don't close our doors. We need Congress to stand up to the president and do the same. - NRDC president @rheasuh
#HereToStay #DreamAct


On Labor Day, we'd like to thank all of you all for all the work you do in your communities; helping to raise awareness of issues impacting our environment and taking action to protect them. Your voices are heard, and the work you do to protect our natural resources matters. Thank you.


It's been an amazing year for green jobs. A new report states that in Pennsylvania alone, there nearly 70,000 clean energy jobs to date (woohoo!). Read the full report in our bio, and join us in giving the Keystone State a huge high five! 🙏


With science denial on the rise in DC, responsibility for climate action has fallen to state and local leaders. The northwestern states have proudly picked up the mantle. Find out how states like Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming are leading the way in climate action in our profile link!


America’s troops are embracing solar and wind energy, which will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and help the fight against climate change. Their commander-in-chief, however, is moving backward. Take action by visiting the link in our profile.