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Welcoming @megyntoday to the @todayshow family! See you on Monday morning ☕️⏰☀️


About last night... 🙌 Hope all our #Emmys winners are out celebrating!


"@monicaowusubreen penciled in a romantic moment for Manfred & Creek between slaying evil demonic presences. See what else is in store on #MidnightTexas tonight at 10/9c on NBC!" - @saraheramos


"Get over it, it's sand storm fashion!!!!" - @saraheramos #MidnightTexas


"@kstew222 aka Madonna breaking it down between takes on #MidnightTexas..." - @saraheramos


"Getting glammed up for the sand storm on tonight's episode of #MidnightTexas! #sandglam" - @saraheramos


"#BTS with my colleague during a long day of work on the set of #MidnightTexas. Exhausted tbh...." -@saraheramos


"Oh hi! It's me, @saraheramos from #MidnightTexas taking over...The Lovells are just like the Bravermans, only with more murder, betrayal, & lies."


Let's lend a hand to those affected by the hurricanes. Join us #HandInHand tonight on #NBC at 8/7c and learn more through our link in bio.


We can weather the storm together. From singing at shelters to playing bingo with evacuated seniors, @kristenanniebell brings a little joy wherever she goes. So proud to have you in our #NBC family!


An official guide to #LaborDay grilling from the one and only Ron Swanson, brought to you by @pablo.rochat. #ParksandRec


Where there's a Will, there's a Grace. 😉 #WillAndGrace | 📷: @eric_mccormack


Check out our Story for more #Marlon! | 🎥: @marlonwayans


We've got your #MondayMotivation right here! 🥊 Head over to #MidnightTexas tonight at 10/9c to watch it all come together. | 💪: @ariellekebbel


#ThisIsUs after watching #WorldOfDance. | 🎥: @derekhough


There can never be enough dance clips from @keonemadrid and @_marimadrid. #WorldofDance | 📷: @rjv_collectives


Everything is FALLing into place. 🍂 #SetLife


"This song 'Fall Away' closes episode 6, so myself & @flintstagram77 decided to make a video for it, with Luke MacFarlane helping us and Tristan being my AC. The video & song by @evora_music is now live - link on my Instagram account. Our crew & producers rock, allowing us to shoot the video between scenes and with their equipment. Love these guys and love you all for following along! Catch an all-new episode of the #NightShift tonight at 10/9c" -@eoincmacken


"There is no better fun than making stuff with your friends. I grew up with the lads from @evora_music & being able to make a video for them with their song featured on the first episode I direct & THEN making it with one of my best friends ever is very special. #NightShift has been good to us. Thanks for supporting us all the way and watching. Much love x" - @eoincmacken


"The best part of this was when @gabesachs and I realized we had to wreck the set to make it work for me. And they ALLOWED us to just destroy it. Kid in a candy shop. Cut to @instasuelos being a boss and running through flames followed by @jaxarticus - this music by @ryanpotesta is featured in tonight's #NightShift episode." -@eoinmacken


"It's hips out on the #NightShift. There are many things one has to do to get actors to respect you on set when you're telling them what to do. This is one of them. Actors are notoriously delicate beasts. Love these guys." - @eoincmacken


"Hi, @nbc. It's @eoincmacken from @NBCNightShift taking over today! You might think this is a professional tie made of love & silk, but @flintstagram77 made it out of bandages to take me more seriously on set. I don't think it worked. Catch the episode of the #NightShift I directed tonight at 10/9c."


Welcome home, outsiders. #MidnightTexas premieres TONIGHT. | 📷: @tvline


The cast and crew of @nbcmidnighttexas had a wicked good time at the #SDCC2017 panel. They even sang happy birthday to @parisafitzhenley with a room full of excited fans! #MidnightTexas


We've got a special message from Sendhil Ramamurthy from @nbcreverie, coming soon to NBC! 👋🏽 #SDCC2017


What a trip! The #MidnightTexas cast and crew join the fun at our #SDCC2017 activation. Join the outsiders at Tin Fish Gaslamp for a 4D experience, tarot readings, book signings and more! ✨


@ariellekebbel beckons you to join us at our #MidnightTexas activation at #SDCC2017! 🔮


Looks like the whole team is spending some time in the present for #SDCC2017! #Timeless


@saraheramos and @francoisarnaud are enchanting our Instagram Story! Follow along for exclusives from our #MidnightTexas #SDCC2017 activation.


See you at the #Emmys! We're so proud of our #NBC family ❤️