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Nike SB is Nike's dedication to skateboarding. Pure and simple. Respect the past, embrace the future.

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The Blazer, Deconstructed.

Stripped of everything but its classic lines while staying #TrueToForm.

At and local skate shops.


Forever in our hearts.

It's been five years since Lewis left us. Today, we remember, honor and celebrate the life of our fallen friend. Watch at Link in bio.
“He was one of those dudes that made you feel like you were friends for life and a very gentle and humble soul, like he was lucky that he was your friend. One of a kind." - @oliver54
“I remember being in the kids issue of #bigbrothermagazine with Lewis. I was about 14 looking at a sequence of his and knowing this kid would be something. Years later we were on an SB tour as the first ams. I never seen him skate in person, but as soon as I saw him skate I realized it was him. We became good friends and traveled the world with no worries in sight. Thank you for your gift to this world. RIP FOREVER." - @omarsalazar
"Lewis’ magic is made up of two parts: his love for skateboarding and his love for family and friends. I will never forget his unwavering commitment to skate anything, anytime, anywhere and with anyone. I will also never forget his compassion, respect and love he showed everyone he encountered. I am proud to say I have traveled the world with a true legend and I will do my best to share a little of that Lewis magic in every session. Love ya’ and miss ya’ mate." - @hntr_1
“There was no meeting him, you just knew him. He made you feel like you had known him forever and you were just picking up from the last conversation." - @khmedia
How do you remember Lewis? Let us know your favorite Lewis story in the comments below.

#LewisMarnellForever ❤️💛💚


❤️💛💚 #LewisMarnellForever

ℹ️ Lewis Marnell Memorial Skate Jam
📍 Riverslide Skatepark, Melbourne, Australia
📅 Thursday, January 18
🕰️ 4-9PM

Can't make it? Stay tuned to our Story and @nikesbau.



Session's on.

Join us tomorrow for the Lewis Marnell Memorial Skate Jam at Riverslide Skatepark in Melbourne.

#LewisMarnellForever #NikeSB #SkateYourDunks


"They're pretty tight. A bit of flare there, you know?" -- @lewismarnell

Lewis' commemorative Dunk Mid will be available Thursday in SNKRS and select skate shops.

Details at link in bio.

#LewisMarnellForever #NikeSB #SkateYourDunks


What's your all-time favorite Dunk?

Lewis rocked Mids, made 'em look the best.
Learn more about the commemorative Dunk at #LewisMarnellForever

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“Through skateboarding we build community. The more inclusive we are, the more impactful we can be. That's #EQUALITY.” -- @laceybaker



"Least amount of work to move." - Ishod

The Dunk, Deconstructed. Now available at and local skate shops.

See the Deconstruction Collection at link in bio.

#NikeSB | @IshodWair | 📷 @bencolen



True To Form.

@ishodwair, @olsonstuff and @zionwright_

The Deconstructed Collection, including Dunk, Blazer and Janoski HT, is now available at, SNKRS and local skate shops.

See more at link in bio.

#NikeSB | 🎥 @john1wilson


Strip away the unnecessary.

Deconstructed to its truest form, the latest SB Dunk Low is available in SNKRS and local skate shops.

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5-Oh snap. @zionwright_ steps to 15 in SF.

Look for the Deconstructed Collection, including Janoski HT, Dunk and Blazer, tomorrow at, SNKRS and local skate shops.

Learn more at link in bio.

#NikeSB #TrueToForm | 📸 @bencolen



The Janoski, Deconstructed.

A classic just got a whole lot more classic.

The Deconstructed Collection drops tomorrow on, SNKRS and local skate shops.

Learn more at link in bio.

#NikeSB #TrueToForm #Nike #Skateboarding


Slow your scroll for a minute and appreciate @olsonstuff's back smith. His feet. His hands. Jacket blowing in the Bay breeze. Even @john1wilson stopped to appreciate AO's bench barrage.

Some people just look good on a skateboard.

#NikeSB #TrueToForm | 📷 @bencolen


"As close to being barefoot." - @olsonstuff

The Deconstructed Collection, including Blazer, Dunk and Janoski HT, drops Thursday at SNKRS, and select skate shops.
Learn more at link in bio.
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#TrueToForm in the City by the Bay.

@IshodWair locked in to a 50-50 | 📷 @bencolen

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The Dunk, Deconstructed. #TrueToForm "Least amount of work to move." - @IshodWair

Available January 11 at and local skate shops.

See more at link in bio.
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@zionwright_'s December #CheckMeSB Skater of the Month pick 👉 @flexmontgumeri.

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#CheckMeSB December Tricks of the Month featuring @_chrismorales, @dylann_hilton, @angeles661, @chrisishoward, @regalmonster, @andrewscott742, @traptrayy, @darrenfeather, @lilsantos_, @jalenwillis, @sterlingsk8, @youngp.boy, @guiolimpio_skt, @ryzhov_andrey and @adamkay1994.

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Three icons of SB footwear take it back to the essence, stripping away everything but their classic lines while staying #TrueToForm.

Introducing the Deconstructed Collection, including the Dunk, Blazer and Janoski High Tape.

Available January 11 at, SNKRS and local skate shops.

See more at link in bio.


From the Land of the Rising Sun, Yuto switches things up with a back tail on the Interstate 58 Tour.

Watch at @thrashermag. Link in bio.

#NikeSB | @yutohorigome | 📸 @davidbroach


Luan sends a V chill V heel into the night.

Watch the Interstate 58 Tour at @thrashermag.

Link in bio.

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You seen the article. Here's the video proof.

The Interstate 58 Tour is live on @thrashermag.

Join the journey at link in bio.

@seanmalto @yutohorigome @karstenkleppan @luanomatriz @carlosribeiro91
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Karsten #GOES the distance.

I-58 Tour now playing on @thrashermag.

Watch at link in bio.

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Interstate 58: A fictional U.S. freeway through the midwest connecting @upriseskateshop, @alumniskateboarding, @calsurf_88, @familiask8shop, @subsect, @bbbskateshop and @escapistskate. Hop in the van as we traverse America's heartland.

Now playing on @thrashermag at link in bio.

@karstenkleppan @sssimsala @seanmalto @yutohorigome @theotisbeasley @luanomatriz

#NikeSB | 🎥 @anttravis @mattmullen916


Fernando Bramsmark, Hugo Boserup and Jacopo Carozzi session Barcelona’s DIY, Spotter.

Watch now at 🎥 @enriquemayor
@daaarkness @sssimsala @pufftuffandskatestuff

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🔀 @luanomatriz 👀

New Battle Commander playing on The @Berrics.

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Best of 2017: @shanejoneill

Full edit at Link in bio.

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Shane doing Shane things in China.

Now playing on @thrashermag.

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Best of 2017: Camp Pain with @IshodWair.

Full edit at Link in bio.

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